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Nov. 19th, 2014 10:09 am
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Since I signed up for the most recent multi-fandom friending meme, I thought I should write a little introduction to myself, just in case anyone pops over here from there.

Note 25 Sept 2015: I'm dealing with breast cancer right now, and I talk about it uncut. I'm doing well and not in any danger, but I know that many people would rather not read about it. I should be past everything but the tamoxifen by the end of this year.

Bits and pieces about me. Possibly more than you ever wanted to know. )

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Jun. 19th, 2037 04:56 pm
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I mirror at least 95% of my content on LJ and DW. Read where you're most comfortable.

My friending policy is pretty open. If you want to read my journal, go ahead. I won't mind. I don't automatically read in return. I used to, but my time's a little more limited now than it was then. If you feel like dropping me a comment to let me know why you friended me, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes I have no idea at all and wonder.

If I'm reading you, I'm interested in something that's in your journal. I don't expect to be read in return but certainly won't mind if I am. I know that I have more time for reading online than most people do, and I know that my entries about my every day life, parenting, chores, etc. aren't of much interest to most people. That's all fine.

I don't lock very much. Right now, it's just an occasional post about my adolescent daughter. She's embarrassed by me talking about her online, so this is a compromise. My book logging, DVD logging and fic announcements will always be unlocked.

Also, if you stop reading my journal, feel free to take me off your list. I won't be upset. (Though if I think we know each other well or if we're acquainted offline, I may inquire as to why.) I may or may not stop reading you in response. It will depend on what sort of content you post and whether or not you lock most of of it.

I don't post fics on LJ or DW. I don't post fic fragments on LJ or DW. My fic can be found at my website or at AO3 ([archiveofourown.org profile] the_rck) or, for those things not explicit, at fanfiction.net as therck. I mostly write for Weiss Kreuz and The Chronicles of Narnia, but I've written a fic or two in a wide variety of fandoms for various exchanges.

I don't often use cut tags. Mostly, I use them for lists where I think people will only be interested in some items and for discussions of writing that go more than a paragraph or two or that have details that I think might bother some readers.
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I had trouble falling asleep last night. I think I got up four times in two hours at the start of the night. I didn’t wake up this morning until after 10:00, and at that point, I had a very hard time waking up. I’m still kind of groggy now, hours later.

I need to go out to deliver some stuff to Cordelia’s school this afternoon. The teachers rely on parent donations for tissues, soap, hand sanitizer, etc. Scott picked up a package of six boxes of tissues and some sanitizing wipes on his way home last night. Cordelia couldn’t have carried those to school because of the other stuff she needed to carry.

I wore myself out yesterday by cleaning out the spoiled food in the fridge. That meant that I didn’t go for the walk I had hoped for in the afternoon. I did walk at about 9:00 p.m., but it was much harder than it should have been, physically, because of how much I had done earlier in the day.

Hulu is giving me problems when I try to watch it via our AppleTV. Basically, I can’t stream anything there and get sound (I can get sound there with Netflix, so it’s a problem with Hulu). I can stream and get sound if I do it on my laptop. I just don’t like doing that because I can’t easily write while watching things that way. Basically, I can write on Gdocs on my phone while watching, but I need to look at my phone more than I need to look at my laptop because I can’t touch type on the phone.
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I ended up taking a longish walk (by my standards) last night when I went out to hack the church portal. It was nice and cool out, so I felt like I could walk further without sweating to death. I was in shorts and a t-shirt. I had a windbreaker, but I ended up taking it off on my way home. Of course, when I got home, I looked at the weather online and discovered that it was in the mid-40s F. The only part of my body that thought things out there were cold last night was my lungs, and it wasn’t cold enough to set off my asthma.

It’s in the 50s F right now, so I might go out for a walk before lunch if I can get myself out the door. I need to walk more. It’s just so damned hard to open the door and walk out. I don’t know. I have to take out the trash some time today. Maybe I can use that to get myself outside and then just not come back inside for a while?

We chose not to watch the debate last night. We agreed that there wasn’t going to be anything there that would make either of us change our minds about how we’re going to vote. Of course, Scott’s father watched and emailed Scott to encourage him to turn it on and see how presidential Trump was. I am not at all sure what Scott’s father might have been smoking. I suppose it may have been some form of vast wishful thinking because Scott’s parents are really terrified that socialists, brown people, non-Christians, and queer people are going to come and kill them and take all of their stuff.

They’re in their mid-70s. I don’t think that anything anyone could say to them would help at all. I know that all three of their children disagree with them and that everybody tends to go out of their way not to talk about politics/social justice in their vicinity. I remember Scott’s father giving us all on-your-heads-be-it warnings about voting for Obama, but mostly he doesn’t talk about such things with us, especially not in front of his grandchildren.

I have four library DVDs I want to watch this week if I can manage it. I just have a hard time starting and then end up pausing the dratted things repeatedly. I also have six library CDs that I want to listen to and a lot of audiobooks on my laptop.

Scott wants to transition to using our bread machine for bread for sandwiches now that it’s getting cooler. I’m hesitant because I really don’t like slicing bread. I’m the one making all the sandwiches right now, so I’d be the one slicing the bread. I’m also the one who would make the bread and clean the pan and all of that. It seems a pity to have the bread machine and not use it, and it would be less expensive, but… It’s a lot more work. With sliced bread, I can make both sandwiches in under five minutes. Needing to slice the bread might well turn the sandwich making into a two step process that requires a rest in the middle. Maybe it would help if I slice the entire loaf all at once?

Scott’s work called at 10:30 last night to ask him to come in early this morning. He said no, and they didn’t insist. He’d have been trying to work twelve hours on three hours of sleep.
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We finished that last episode of Star Wars: Rebels around noon yesterday. I really want to see season three now, but we don’t have Disney XD and can’t afford to get it.

Scott did the grocery shopping at about 2:00. We went to the library about 4:30 then finished cleaning up the portals at the science center. After that, Scott mowed the lawn and grilled some fish. I cooked some potatoes in the pressure cooker.

I have a pretty strong suspicion that I’m not going to be able to keep taking Zoloft. I’m getting bruises on my legs that I can’t remember sources for. I’m not absolutely sure that it’s connected as it’s only three so far, but bruising is one of those side effects that can be serious, so I’m going to pay attention and see if other bruises turn up.

I went into the bedroom at 8:00 because Scott and Cordelia wanted to watch Once Upon a Time. I gave up on that midway through season one, and, while I don’t mind it, I didn’t want to deal with Cordelia hassling me about how I shouldn’t watch until I catch up. I’m not likely to get around to it. I hit a point where I couldn’t deal with the things I could see were obviously coming in the flashbacks.

We have a mattress with adjustable pressure air bladders. I’m finding that the comfortable pressure for me to sleep on is absolutely not comfortable for sitting on. Basically, I need my mattress very soft for sleeping, but that leaves it so flabby that, when all of my weight is concentrated by sitting, my behind sinks far enough to hit the hard platform under the mattress. If I’m going to go in there regularly and sit, I think I’ll want to pump up the air bladder and then take it back down at bedtime.

I ended up not sleeping all that well last night. I slept okay up until about 4:00. After that, I think I had a few minutes here and there. I was awake from when Scott got up until Cordelia got up then drowsed while she got ready for school and then again after she left for about forty-five minutes. Most of this is related to needing the bathroom. Needing to pee every two to three hours makes for disrupted sleep, especially when the timing for my bladder doesn’t map onto the timing of other things that will wake me.

I’ve narrowed down my probable Yuletide offers to about fifteen things that I’d actually be thrilled to write. Three are things I’ve written before. I wouldn’t mind writing them again, but maybe I should just offer things I haven’t written? If I match on, say, the Chronicles of Amber, I might choke on having too much of that fandom since I’ve completed two fics in it this year and have two more I’m working on (plus, there’s the UCon game to write).

I also have two longish lists of things that I’d be interested in writing but that I’m not sure I can write well, either because of the voice of canon or because of the nominated characters, or that I don’t have ready access to or that are too long to review in the time I’ll have. At least one is something for which I’d love to write one of the nominated characters but don’t think I could offer any of the others. I always dither at this stage because I can see that it’s possible, in theory, that one of the fandoms I don’t offer might have a request that I’d adore writing. Experience tells me that I can’t/won’t write treats or NYR fics. I have old Yuletide requests from five or six years ago that pinged me enough for me to save them but not enough to actually, you know, write them.
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I’ve been looking at the current Yuletide tag list. I think there are a lot fewer fandoms I’m comfortable offering this year than there usually are. Many of those I’m willing to offer are things I’ve written before and/or things that always get more offers than requests. I’m trying to decide whether or not I’m willing to put in the work to sample the various nominated songs, videos, and commercials.

Cordelia went out for several hours yesterday. Scott and I didn’t end up doing anything because he was exhausted, and I was groggy. We kept bringing up things we needed to do and then not moving from where we were sitting.

I wrote a few words yesterday but not many. I also started watching about three different DVDs but didn’t get far into any of them. I just couldn’t focus.

After Cordelia got home, we watched most of what we had left of Star Wars: Rebels season 2. We have one episode left because Cordelia suddenly announced that she was done for the evening. One episode should be more than doable today.

The tamoxifen really has changed how I respond to temperatures that I would have found unpleasantly cold. It was in the 50s last night, and I thought it was beautiful for walking around in shorts and a t-shirt. Before the tamoxifen, that would never have happened. Of course, the downside is that we’re spending a lot on electricity to run our AC this summer because I can’t handle heat.

A group from the other Ingress faction came through and knocked everything over after I’d already done my usual walk. Scott and I ended up going and taking back a few portals, mostly at the science center. Coming back up the hill for a second time was a lot harder than I expected it to be. I had to stop a couple of times.
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Scott had to work 3:00 to 7:00 this morning. He went to bed around 8:30. I was up until about midnight because Cordelia didn’t get in until after 11:00. I was up every two or three hours all night, needing the bathroom, the same as the night before. I really hope this doesn’t continue. Usually, I can got four to six hours. I ended up awake at about 7:30 and gave up on sleeping any more.

I wrote about three hundred words on a story I hadn’t touched in months. I might focus on finishing that one because I don’t think it will be dreadfully long. Also, I’m writing to a prompt from someone else, and I promised them a story.

I did Cordelia’s UCon registration last night. I bought her some generics and two tickets for specific events. I haven’t been able to persuade her to look at the game listings to see if anything else would interest her.

I’m hesitating over mine for two reasons. The first is that I’ve already paid my $10 registration fee but that the site won’t let me buy event tickets unless I buy another registration. The other thing is that I have no idea how much energy I’ll have or exactly when Scott and I will arrive on Friday. There are things I’d like to try that start at 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. on Friday, but we may not get there that early. There are some things I’d like to try on Sunday, but they all run over check out time. I’m not convinced that we can get up, pack, and be out of the room in time to make a 9:00 a.m. event. Scott and I are both running games at 4:00 on Sunday, and given our interests, check out time, and what’s available, I don’t think we’re going to be able to play any games earlier in the day. I’d like to play at least one game with Scott, but I don’t think timing is going to work out. The things we’re both interested in are mostly at times when he’s running games or on Friday or Sunday morning.

Scott and I got carryout from Applebee’s for dinner last night. The food was okay. I wish they wouldn’t keep changing their menu and getting rid of the things I like/can eat. Their online order form also doesn’t have any option for making special requests such as me not wanting black pepper or Scott needing his food kept away from beef.

I did the last of the easy phone number changes yesterday. Monday, I’m going to figure out how to change the number on record with Social Security and Medicare. Neither agency has ever called me, but I’m sure that, if I don’t change the number, suddenly there will be occasion for it.
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Cordelia forgot her lunch today. I spotted it at about 11:55, and I was worried that her lunch period had already passed. I called the school anyway, and they said that 8th grade lunch isn’t until 12:20, so I took the bag over and left it in the office for her.

Now, I’m very overheated from all the walking. I did some extra just because it’s so very, very hard for me to leave the house. When I do get outside, I want to do a bit extra if it’s feasible. The crosswalk to the school is just before the church portal comes into range, so I hacked that. Then I went out the back of the school and hacked those three portals. It’s about three times as long a walk to get home from the back of the school than from the front.

I need to take laundry downstairs and bring something upstairs to thaw. I’m just trying to find the energy to do it. I’ve been home about half an hour, and that hasn’t been enough. I’m going to do that stuff before lunch, though, because breakfast was pretty late this morning. Other to do things—the grocery list and registering for UCon.
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I actually did a little writing last night. I think it was only about 150 words, but it broke through the block I had on that story.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. I think it took me two or three hours. I also woke every two or three hours, needing to visit the bathroom.

I gave away two boxes of mint tea to our cleaning lady yesterday. I still have two boxes of other types of mint tea that nobody’s going to use. I need to weed out the other teas that nobody’s going to use. There’s a ginger tea Scott bought that’s just plain nasty to me. I don’t know if anyone else would like it, but there’s a lot of it. Stash’s decaf chocolate hazelnut tea isn’t worth keeping, either. If it was caffeinated, I probably would, but it’s got all of the black tea flavor I don’t like without caffeine.

Scott tells me that, as of yesterday, work wasn’t planning to run anything this weekend. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that’s true because it would be really nice to have him home all weekend.

Cordelia says she wants to dye her hair. She has long, dark brown hair, so I’m not sure how feasible it will be without destroying her hair. She first said that she wanted rainbow colors in the lower half of her hair. Then she said maybe purple instead. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Hm. I made a list of my various WIP and of those plot bunnies that are more than just vague 'yeah, that might be interesting some day' things. There are eight things I haven’t started yet, four of them sequels. There are five things that are certain to be extremely long (hundreds rather than tens of thousands of words). Then there are about eight things that I don’t want to work on right this moment but that are already started and, at least in theory, finishable.

I’m putting the don’t wanna stuff down to the change in Zoloft dosage, mostly. I’m not sure why, if 25 mg a day kept me awake, 50 mg a day should make me want to do nothing but sleep, but that seems to be the way it’s going.

I’ve also got about a dozen different things that I want to have watched but don’t actually want to, you know, watch. I’ve got three Netflix DVDs and two library DVDs plus a library DVD lecture series (4 DVDs) and the second season of Star Wars: Rebels from the library. I really want to watch the rest of Rebels, but Scott and Cordelia want to see it, too. They just keep giving it very low priority. The set is due Sunday and can’t be renewed, and we’ve still got eight and a half episodes to go. Given that they want to watch Agents of SHIELD tonight and that Cordelia will be out tomorrow evening, I don’t think we’re going to get through them. It would take two or three months to cycle back through the waitlist again.
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I upped my dose of Zoloft to 50 mg this morning and am waiting to see how that affects me. It’s been a couple of hours, and mostly, I’m tired and unfocused. I’ve been trying to write this for over an hour and keep getting distracted. I just can’t tell if that’s the Zoloft or not.

If it weren’t Thursday, I’d probably have gone back to bed, but the cleaning lady will come soon, and I need to eat lunch before she comes. Maybe I can lie down while she’s here… Cordelia has an after school meeting, so she won’t be taking over our bedroom.

I’m a bit annoyed with Scott. I’m out of the tea I drink in the mornings, and I asked him to pick some up on his way home last night. He was adamant that he’d bought some when he did the groceries last weekend. I told him that, since I’m not going to stop drinking it and couldn’t find the box he bought, he should buy more. He had to stop for bread and yogurt anyway, so I wasn’t asking him to go out of his way. He was so sure he’d bought the stuff that he didn’t bother getting more, and neither of us can find the box that he— maybe— bought on Saturday. I have other black teas, so I had one of those this morning, but I’d rather have had something else.

We had a game session last night. We’re still focused on trying to do first contact work. Scott is hoping for something else to come up soon which is not unreasonable. There’s only so far we can go with just one plotline, especially one that’s going to advance by tiny increments. My character is fully engaged, but she’s the only one really designed for this sort of story.

I’m looking at all of my current WIP and not wanting to pick any of them up right now. Sadly, that probably means I need to work on something else entirely for a while, thus ending up with still another WIP. (I also kind of suspect that my current disinterest has more to do with being tired and spaced out than with anything else, and a new story won’t help with that at all.)

Cordelia’s teachers aren’t doing actual parent-teacher conferences this year. They’re having a three hour open house sort of thing with the idea that parents can drop in at any point during that window to talk. I know that this sort of thing is likely what we’d have gotten the last couple of years at a big middle school, but I really liked having that ten minute appointment that was ours exclusively with the teachers having Cordelia’s records and such on hand specifically.

There isn’t actually anything we expect to need privacy to discuss. Cordelia’s very good at school related stuff and doesn’t get into any trouble or anything (We are so hugely lucky!). I would have liked to ask for some input on high school options for her since we’ll have to decide by the end of the year. Of course, I have no idea if these teachers have a good feel for the local high school options.

Cordelia ended up putting the new shower curtain up yesterday. I knew there was no way I could do it, and she wanted to shower. She was dubious about doing it because she never had, but I explained the process to her, and she got it done.
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I just checked the status of my absentee ballot application. The website claims it was sent to me on September 24th.

I can only assume time travel.
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Hm. Should I make brownies and so heat up the house a lot or should I try to change the shower curtain? I’m not sure I can safely change the shower curtain because I’m too short to reach the hooks without standing on something, but the dratted thing desperately needs washing. We have three shower curtains, so changing them ought to be routine, but Scott’s the only one who can reach the hooks, and he can’t see the mildew spots when he showers, so he never realizes it needs doing.

The brownies are on my to do list for today, but I just showered and realized again how bad the shower curtain is. I don’t have the energy to do both today. I guess the first step is to look at my options for things to stand on and estimate how far I’ll have to lean if I use each one. I’m not going to stand on the side of the tub. I’d be sure to fall.

ETA: The shower curtain is down. It was a lot harder than I expected, so I think that the new one going up will wait for Scott or Cordelia. I came near to stopping halfway through because I was exhausted. I think I'm going to lie down now.
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I’ve been cold brewing some fruity herbal teas that are too acidic for me when brewed normally. It really does cut down on the acidity. I still won’t buy those particular teas again, but at least this way, what I’ve bought already won’t go to waste.

Our internet is blipping in and out or was earlier this morning. I can’t actually tell if it’s steady now or if I’m just asking for things at moments when we have service.

I managed to drop the Girl Scout stuff off at the school yesterday. I put it off for quite a long time but finally made it out the door at 2:00. I went out the back door of the building so that I’d have a longer walk home and get a little more exercise. I overheated quite a lot, unfortunately, and really wanted a shower by the time I got home.

I couldn’t shower, however, because, while I was walking home, I got a call from the folks who do maintenance on our furnace. They were supposed to come do a tune up today and wanted to know if it was all right for them to come yesterday instead. I wasn’t sure when the technician would arrive (three hour window) and really didn’t want to have shampoo in my hair when he did.

I heard back from my psychiatrist. She’s puzzled by my reaction to Zoloft because most people have the opposite problem to the one I have. She endorsed the Benefiber option but added that I’m the one who has to make the call about when side effects are too much.

I woke with a headache again today, but it was gone by the time my tea was done steeping, so I don’t know what was going on with that. Sleep last night was okay but interrupted. Scott’s cell phone alarm went off at 2:30 which is when he needs it for days when he goes in early. Then his alarm failed to go off at 5:00. Fortunately, I woke only a few minutes after it should have gone off and was able to wake him.

I think I was quite accurate about the Amber fic I just posted being an audience of me story. That’s not a complaint. I knew it going in. I just wonder, given that, why I want to write a sequel. I do, though. I have no idea where it might go, but I want to find out. If the words come as fast as they did for The Fruit of Your Intents, it’s not even a huge time commitment.

Right now, I need to work on my UCon game scenario. I’m currently trying to come up with names I like for the player characters. I want all the characters to be playable male or female since I have no idea what sort of mix I’ll get in that direction, and it’ll be easier if I can use the same names either way. There’s one character I want to be female, so I’m poking at that one to see what changes if the character were played male instead. I’d have to rename the character, but that’s doable.

The scenario is a mystery, so I have to plan clues and red herrings and to write up the backstory since I’ll be throwing the characters in relatively late in the sequence of events. It’s just that the first few things that happened weren’t taken seriously and weren’t publicly obvious. The scenario starts after something that’s big enough that it can’t be hidden or waved away as trivial.
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I’m planning to do Yuletide this year. Barring something awful happening, I’m certain I can do it, and isn’t it always 'barring something awful' for everyone who signs up? I ended up nominating. Two of my nominations have been approved (Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman and the Webmage series by Kelly McCullough). The third (the song Twilight Zone by Golden Earring) is still pending, but I couldn’t find any fics for it at all, so I think it will go through.

I’m considering signing up for the small fandom big bang, too. I have three story ideas for fandoms that ought to qualify (two Amber, one Sky High) and that are pretty certain to be over 10000 words. The writing period overlaps with Yuletide, so I’m hesitating. Stories aren’t due until January 30th, though, so I’d have all of January just for that.

I have a draft of my pinch hit on AO3. I’m still tweaking the notes and tags. Two of the tags I want to use are non-canonical, but I’m pretty definite that I want them. I’m more interested in them giving information to potential readers than I am about them being searchable. The other three tags are canonical. I’m going to hold off on posting it until closer to the deadline. The fandom’s not hugely active (compared to a mega-fandom), but a week is more than long enough to take a story off the first page. It’s ten days to the deadline plus however long to the reveal.
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I woke with a headache this morning that kept me from sleeping after about 6:00. I should just have gotten up to take something for it then, but I didn’t. I took Amerge when I got up for the day, and that seems to have done the trick.

Scott had to work early today. He wasn’t expecting to have to, but they called at 8:55 to say they’d need him because someone on third shift had called in.

I think that pinch hit is actually mostly done. I didn’t end up going where I thought I would with it because I found an end point before I got there. I’m going to go over it one more time to make sure everything is the way I want it. I also have to select a title. I’ve got four possibilities that I’m considering. I don’t feel like I need to post immediately because the deadline isn’t for ten days yet.

I never did get to the school yesterday. I plan to go today. I also need to take out the trash. Apart from that, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself. I’ve got several DVDs and a bunch of audiobooks, so maybe I’ll go with some of those.

I have emailed my psychiatrist about the Zoloft side effects, and I have added Benefiber to my daily routine. I’m not sure how much I need, and I don’t want to go overboard, so I’m experimenting. Of course, tomorrow is my last day at 25 mg before going up to 50 mg. I don’t know. Is this going to get worse?

For some reason, I’ve started getting Kohl’s emails on my old college account (which forwards to my Gmail). I have no idea why that address would end up on such a mailing list, and I’m not entirely sure they’re genuinely from Kohl’s. They appear to be of the print coupons and come to the store sort of thing which I’d expect to be less appealing/effective as a phishing technique. Possibly some sort of malware if one prints? I’ve marked enough of them as junk at this point that Gmail is dumping them there on its own. The address is public because I am still, by a technicality, considered university staff even though I haven’t worked there in fifteen or so years (I’m on long term disability), but I don’t use it for anything these days except emails from the university. At one point, I let it go six or seven years without me checking on it.
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We ended up going to the library about 4:30 yesterday. It was a little later than Scott had wanted to go, but Cordelia wanted to come along, too, to pick up her holds herself, and she wanted to finish the last few pages of the book she was reading (not a library book). When we got to the library, we had to park underground because some sort of concert was going on in the surface lot.

We got home and watched The Jungle Book (2016) immediately. It was pretty good, but I kind of wish they’d just left out the songs.

Near the end of the movie, I realized that I’d forgotten to return one book that was due yesterday and couldn’t be renewed, so we had to go out again. We combined that with a trip to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. I returned two other items to the library at the same time. Those two have been checked in, but the one due yesterday hasn’t yet. The library’s been open more than an hour now, so I’m a little concerned.

I need to go out today to drop some stuff off at the school. We never did anything with Cordelia’s Brownie sash or Junior vest, so we’re donated them to the Girl Scout troops at her school. She doesn’t want any of the stuff at all, no pins or badges or what-have-you, so I’ve put it all in a big Ziploc. The Girl Scouts have a mailbox at the school, and I already checked with the woman who oversees the troops. She said that they definitely could use the stuff.

I’ve got the dishwasher running. I think the only other must-be-done chore is making sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia. Well, and lunch for me eventually.

Scott keeps trying to sterilize plastic things in the pressure cooker and ending up melting them. I have no idea why he keeps doing that. So far, at least, he hasn't done it with anything that he actually needs and doesn't have an extra of, but... Why?

I ended up wide awake when Scott got up at 5:00 and was only just starting to feel sleepy when Cordelia got up at 6:30. I slept a little bit after she left and even dreamed in spite of it only being about an hour before I got up for the day.
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Cordelia went out last evening to play putt putt with a friend, so Scott and I had the evening to ourselves. We tried to go to Cardamom, a nearby Indian restaurant, but they had a twenty minute wait, and we had no idea how long Cordelia would be gone. We ended up crossing the parking lot to go to Saica, a Japanese restaurant, instead. That’s Cordelia’s favorite restaurant, so we had to get carryout for her.

After dinner, we spent a little time taking back some portals that had been captured by the other faction. The max time portal held for the last week didn’t tick over to 27 days today, so I guess it was that science center portal that I’d had for that long. I’m not particularly optimistic that I’ll manage to hold a portal for 90 days. It’s entirely luck.

I wrote a bit yesterday but not on the story I need to finish. I kind of wrote myself into a corner on that one and need to figure out how to get out of it. The problem that came up is genuinely one the character would have and would need to address. I could have her just not see it until it’s too late to avoid it, but I think that would be making her carry the idiot ball.

I made a decision about the issue I was having yesterday with the pinch hit. I’m going to avoid the option that I was considering problematic. Now I just have to get myself moving on writing that again. I want to finish by next weekend so that I have time to look for a beta reader.

I spent a little time last night working on my UCon Amber scenario. I got as far as naming potential player characters and a few likely npcs.

I slept very well last night which kind of surprised me. I’m just not used to that happening. I’m just glad that the sleeplessness from the Zoloft has been mitigated by taking it early in the day. I think the Zoloft is having an effect on my bowel movements. I’m not pleased by it because, if it’s this bad at 25 mg, I worry that it will be impossible at 150 mg.
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Title: The Fruit of Your Intents
Fandom: The Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Word Count: 32300
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Merlin/Luke (non-con), Merlin/Martin (consensual), Martin/Luke (non-con)
Warnings: Non-con. Revenge. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Dark, Shapeshifting, First Person POV, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Torture, Non-consensual Bondage, Angst, Captivity, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Introspection, Dark Merlin.
Summary: Merlin spent two years as a prisoner of his former friend, Luke, and of Luke’s mother, Jasra. Once he’s free, he realizes just how much of himself he’s lost and wants revenge. Partly Merlin putting himself back together and partly him taking Luke apart.

The Fruit of Your Intents at AO3

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