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The Small Fandom Big Bang, [ profile] smallfandombang, is looking for artists. Right now, they’ve got twelve artists signed up and expect to have sixty five stories. That ratio is not sustainable, particularly with small fandoms. The list of fandoms (which is longer than the number of stories because of crossovers) is here.

Stories have a 10000 word minimum (no maximum) and the rough drafts are due the 31st of January so that artists have time to work. The time for writers to sign up is long past, but artists are still needed.

Artist claiming is set for 7 February through 13 February, and final drafts for both stories and art are due 31 March with posting from 5 April to 30 April.

The parameters for what qualifies as art are: "Acceptable art includes: A fanmix with at least 8 songs, a series of at least 8 icons, a video, a podfic, a single piece of two-dimensional art such as a cover or banner (manip, drawing, etc), or title and chapter banners."

The artist sign up form link can be found in the community’s sticky post. The challenge rules are on the community profile.
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