Feb. 28th, 2017

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This cold is complete with a cough. I was really hoping to avoid that. At least, I’m not wheezing; my lungs seem to be clear. I’ve also mostly lost my voice. I can talk for a few seconds at a time but sound terrible.

I ended up listening to audiobooks yesterday afternoon. I’ve got a lot of them on my laptop, many of them paused at fraught points when I couldn’t quite make myself go forward and others paused at chapter breaks because I don’t want to get into what could be a long next chapter (and then I forget to go back).

I wanted a shower for most of the day yesterday, but I ended up waiting until after Scott got home and had showered himself. I was only about 70% sure that I was up to showering, and I didn’t want that 30% to hit when I was home alone or just with Cordelia.

I ran into problems yesterday with not being able to remember if I’d taken my routine medications. Scott was able to confirm that I took my dinner meds, but it’s still possible that my lunch meds got lost somewhere in our bed. I need to be up to shaking out the blankets to find out. I remember setting them down. I might have picked them up and taken them, and I might not.

I slept badly last night. I spent a lot of time partially awake in terms of being aware of my bodily discomfort but mostly asleep and dreaming. Somehow, I was convinced that I had an urgent to do list superimposed on my body, and I couldn’t budge the stuff on my torso, and the other bits kept coming back because I didn’t finish the job fast enough.

I think Cordelia’s starting to recover from her cold. She’s wanting to eat breakfast again.

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