Jun. 30th, 2017

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I actually slept soundly last night and got about nine hours of sleep, including four and a half with the c-PAP. I remembered the Ativan this time, and it helped. I still woke exhausted and with a headache, but caffeine and food have killed the headache, at least.

Scott's going to be dragging today because he got an hour less sleep than usual. Cordelia and her friends went to a movie at Top of the Park last night, and he had to go and bring her home after. Since it's an outdoor venue, they don't start the movies until around 10 p.m., so they never get done before 11:30 and often finish later than that.

Last night's movie was Beetlejuice, so it was only a bit more than an hour and a half. Cordelia merely labeled the movie as 'okay,' but she said they all stayed put to watch. When they went to see Say Anything, the whole group of them got up and wandered away together because they were bored.

I wrote a bit over 1300 words yesterday. I think that, bar editing, that particular story might be done. I have a paragraph written that should happen a long time after what is now the main story, and I'll probably have to axe that because it doesn't fit at all unless I'm doing a second chapter. I'd intended to write the story set at that point with minor excursions into the backstory, but the backstory proved more interesting. Oh, well. The backstory fits the prompt equally well.

I haven't added up my word total for the month yet because I expect to write more today. I'm hoping I can finish and post, today, two treats for an exchange I didn't sign up for. Then, I'll look for beta readers for them, but I'm not going to worry too much about it. There are three offers on the DW posts for betas for the exchange who might do one but only one person who might do the other. Stories are due on the 3rd, and I'm not sure how long between the due date and the reveal. I'm sure I could find out, but I don't feel like digging for it just now.

I'm also hoping to start two stories for [community profile] pod_together today. I have three prompts to consider for one and a rather large list of fandoms to consider for the other. I probably ought to wait to hear back from the people I'm working with, but I really do need to start getting words out.

UCon is asking for GMs now. I want to run something; I'm just not sure what. Likely, I'll run Sentinels of the Multiverse again and then some sort of four hour RPG. Amber would be fairly easy, I think. I could even use the characters I made for last year's game, just with a completely unconnected scenario so that new players wouldn't be at a disadvantage relative to anyone who played last year.

It would save me having to pick another rules system and work out how to run the most recent version of it. Pretty much everything I've run before has gone through at least one additional edition since I last ran with it. Also, my tendency with rules systems is to use them as minimally as I can get away with and just use the dice for-- How to put it? It's not added flavor. It's the chance that something might go spectacularly right or wrong.

I'm just not sure if people will sign up for a game when I say, "I designed the characters in GURPS, but dice won't really matter much in the actual game."

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