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I think the additional memory is helping my laptop run better. Messages is still broken in that it can't deal with AIM, but everything else has been much more stable and much less prone to short freezes. I've had three sites that usually give Firefox fits open in tabs for two or three days now without getting script errors. I've got ten programs running, including iTunes which usually makes all sorts of trouble.

I more or less fell over from exhaustion yesterday. I'm not looking forward to the next couple of weeks which promise to be almost as hard as the last two weeks. I made next week harder by scheduling with Medequip for Friday morning to get the c-PAP fitted/set up. I didn't have any other appointment that day, and I really, really need to do this.

My primary goal for today is to nap. I'd like to finish making up a character for Scott's Firefly game and also sign up for Not Prime Time. I think the latter won't take too long because I can mostly just copy and paste. I'm just putting it off in case someone signs up with something I know I can write but hadn't intended to offer. I'm unlikely to edit my offers after I sign up, just because that would be extra effort.

I have figured out what I need to add to my Fandom5K story to tie it up nicely (it's fine as is. This would just make it better). My hope is that this will only add one to three thousand words. Longer would be fine as long as the words come quickly. I just don't want to spend more than a day writing the scene.

The FFnet troll has sent two more messages, this time trying to tell me that my plot has holes in it. The name on the comments is different but still a guest, but the (lack of) punctuation and capitalization is the same as is the general vocabulary. My suspicion is that they're trying different attacks, trying to see if they can come up with one that will make me respond.

Scott thinks I should pat the troll on the head and tell them that the name change is really cute in the same way that a toddler hiding behind a three inch sapling and expecting not to be seen is. I fail to see why I should take that much trouble over it.

I'm kind of curious at this point as to how many other angles of attack they'll come up with. I almost need a bingo card. Wonder if I can get a blackout?
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My physical therapist says that I may need more sessions and that he thinks I'm likely to do well because I have a good attitude. He wants to get me to 50% less pain from the tendinitis because he sees that as a point at which what we're doing would clearly be working. He gave me a set of more general fitness exercises, and I'll have to figure out the best times for those. Before breakfast would be ideal from one point of view, but I don't see a way to do that unless I get up with Scott. The exercises themselves wouldn't take that long, but right now, I get up about an hour and fifteen minutes after Scott does. I can sleep in that window, but I can't if I decrease it at all.

My gynecologist is going to talk to oncology about my test results. Neither she nor I think that there's anything to worry about at present, but the endometrial thickening is something to monitor because it can hide things. It's just that it's not an uncommon thing for women my age on Tamoxifen. She said that I shouldn't consider this a factor in my decision about whether or not to go back on Tamoxifen.

On the assumption that I won't be restarting the Tamoxifen, I scheduled a uterine ultrasound for early August (not, thank goodness, a hysterosonogram this time). I need to set up a return visit with the gynecologist for after that.

I had lunch at Totoro after the appointment at UHS and then took the bus up to the hospital. I discovered that, if I walked really slowly, the tendon didn't start getting cranky nearly as fast. I had hoped to do some Ingress, and I did, but not as much as I'd expected. The Ingress servers seemed to be having problems so that, half the time, I couldn't see anything at all in terms of portals. When I could see portals, it took minutes, sometimes as long as five minutes, for a hack to process. I ended up taking about half an hour to walk the four blocks from Totoro to the bus stop.

My phone ended up with a reasonable charge at the end of the day, and I'm pretty sure that the slowness of Ingress was a factor. I had a charger with me. Of the two I found, one worked, and the other didn't. The one that didn't has Scott's company name on it and was, if I recall correctly, some sort of swag for days without accidents or something of the sort. Scott's of the opinion that it was very, very cheap and that the surprise is that it ever worked at all.

Scott put more memory in my laptop last night. That means that I'm going to spend some time this afternoon seeing whether or not it gets cranky when I try to run certain programs. Messages is still rejecting my AIM login, though, which is probably not surprising but is annoying. I suspect that this also won't help my problems with trying to access IRC with Adium (I don't like having to run Adium for AIM and Colloquy for IRC at the same time).

I ate a turkey (lunchmeat) sandwich for dinner last night around 7:00 and started having reflux issues around ten. Given the way my body was acting, I'd have thought I'd eaten bacon, a lot of bacon. I put off doing anything but eventually took an Ativan. That helped; the problem went away entirely, so I only lost about an hour of sleep instead of the three I'd have lost if I'd taken Tums and sat up waiting for things to resolve. I'm still inclined to make myself more black tea to see if that makes me more alert.

I've got two hours now before my cab comes for OT. Since it's Thursday, mostly what I'll be doing during that time is household chores. I want to run the dishwasher and make sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia and move all of the things that shouldn't be out when the cleaning lady comes. I should be home at least an hour before she comes, but I might as well do that now as later. Most of it takes very little time.

I'm very glad that the Not Prime Time moderators decided to make the requests public. I've seen a few things in fandoms that I wasn't planning to offer that I'm quite sure I could write. I can tailor my offers pretty carefully. If I understand the sign up form correctly, one need only offer one character grouping. I hadn't looked at those fandoms at all because I felt that the requests were likely to be entirely things I couldn't write due to the size of the canons in question. These groupings fit into corners that I know reasonably well and/or could review quickly. I need to settle on two more fandoms to offer and to figure out what I want to request. Once I know what I want to request, I can write my dear author letter and then sign up.
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Pretty much all venting )

The chores I did yesterday were enough to make the tendinitis act up again, so I'm not looking forward to the walking I'll have to do today. Right now, my plan is to take a cab to UHS, get lunch somewhere nearby after the appointment, hang out somewhere (Espresso Royale, probably) until about 2:00 and then get the bus to the hospital. PT is 2:45 to 3:45, so I'll just wait for Scott to be able to pick me up after work. I really ought to make a lunch and take it with me, but I don't want to deal with that.

I've tried ice on the tendon. That hurts all the way up my leg. Right now, I'm applying heat. That's making my calf muscle ache, too, but I'm hoping it will loosen the dratted thing up enough that I can stretch it properly.

My left elbow has started giving me trouble. The pain is at the back of the joint and fairly pinpoint. It is, sadly, probably more tendinitis. I think it's stress from trying to compensate for not using my hands in the ways I normally would.

I didn't go with Scott and Cordelia to Cordelia's PT appointment yesterday. I was so very, very tired that I thought that staying home was a good idea. I haven't generally had the option, so that was nice.

Scott's avoiding pork products now. I'm not sure if he's going to try one more time to make sure that he didn't just have a bug last weekend or if he's just cutting all of that permanently. I think that, if it is an allergy, one more exposure won't make it suddenly as bad as the beef allergy, but I know that such things get worse with more exposure, so this isn't going to be something he can indulge in occasionally.

I'm working on clearing out all of the frozen stuff we've got that contains pork. Scott buys potstickers and spring rolls frequently, and he never looks to see what's in them as long as they don't say 'beef' on the front. It's resulted a few times in me not having easy options for feeding Cordelia's Muslim friends, so I've learned to check the freezer ahead of when I expect to have them over to see if I need to make Scott go out and buy something that will be okay.
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I ended up writing 2600 words of my Fandom5K story yesterday. I’m well beyond the minimum word count and am trying to decide how to end things. While I’m making up my mind about that, I’m editing what I wrote yesterday.

I don’t think I’m going to meet my Camp NaNo goal for this month. I’m at 11824 words out of my hoped for 25000. If I did nothing but write all week, I could probably do it, but I’ve got constant appointments all week with Tuesday the only day I’m likely to do much writing (that appointment is for Cordelia and not until 5:30).

I’m pretty sure that taking Ativan yesterday was pretty key in being able to write. It took that and Amerge together to kill the migraine, and I felt much, much better through the rest of the day. I’ve gotten more of the blood test results, but I’m still waiting about the hysterosonogram results.

I’ve decided to wait to sign up for Not Prime Time until I know what’s going on with the hysterosonogram results. If it’s clean, I can sign up if I want to. If it’s not, signing up will depend on what the next steps are and how long I’d have to wait and how long it would take me to recover after.

I need to spend some time talking to Scott today about things he thinks I might need advice about adaptive technology and strategies for. We went through a lot of my previous list at the last session, and I go back tomorrow. I’ve already set up the A-Ride both ways for it.

Scott spent some time poking at my laptop last night. He suspects that it’s simply that my hard drive is old and very, very slow. He thinks it’s a bad sign that I never hear it doing anything. He insisted on running Disk Aid again (I did it three days ago) and was more than a little frustrated that the results came up the same as they did when I ran it: nothing wrong.
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I’m feeling really really terrible right now. I don’t know if it’s some sort of post-stress thing or if the fact that I won’t have results from yesterday’s test until Monday at the earliest is smacking me hard. I woke with a headache that started heading very definitely migraine-ward with nausea and a desire for complete silence.

I took a cab to PT, and that meant that I really didn’t have much pain until I was walking back out of the hospital. I guess that from the entrance of the hospital back to the PT office is the distance I can walk without setting things off. The therapist taped things again, but that only held until evening before friction between my leg and the couch rolled the tape beyond remedy.

Scott’s sister picked me up about twenty minutes after my appointment, and we went to the Syrian place for lunch. They didn’t have the cauliflower salad that I love. The woman behind the counter said that it’s because cauliflower is too expensive just now, about $5 a head. She said she tries to buy local, from the Farmer’s Market. She said that a head of cauliflower makes about 1/2 pound of salad, so that she’d have to charge about $20 a pound.

I drank forty ounces of water between when Scott’s sister dropped me back at the hospital and when they called me back for my scan. I met [personal profile] evalerie upstairs about twenty minutes before the appointment, and we headed downstairs into the maze of corridors. The signage was adequate, so we didn't quite get lost, but my heel was hurting a lot by the time we made it to the right clinic.

I didn't feel like my bladder was full when they called me back, but apparently it was full enough because the technician said everything was good. The entire procedure took an hour because there were three different scans. The second and third would only work if my bladder was empty which, well, forty ounces of water. The third bit was a two person job with a physician doing part of it. That was painful, not beyond bearing but unpleasant.

They didn't tell me anything about what the scans showed, just said they'd send the results to my doctor and that they should be there by my appointment on Wednesday. I'm not happy about this because the doctor saw the scans. Technicians aren't allowed to say anything at all about what they see even if they know what they're seeing, but doctors are. I really don't want to wait until Wednesday.

In the evening, I got a message from the patient portal that test results were in. I was pretty cranky when I discovered that it was the completely unsurprising negative result on the mandatory pregnancy test they had me pee in a cup for before the third scan.

The appointment running so long meant that [personal profile] evalerie would be cutting things uncomfortably close if she tried to take me home before going to pick up her youngest. I ended up waiting about half an hour for Scott instead. That wasn't a big deal except that my phone was nearly out of charge. I was really angry when I realized that the dratted thing was downloading app updates when it had a 20% charge. It wouldn't let me stop the updates, either. By the time Scott arrived, I was at 10% and the phone was complaining about everything I did with it (just texts to Scott to tell him where I was, texts from Scott to let me know when he'd arrive, and an occasional check of the time). I had turned off the wifi connection to prevent it from starting any other downloads or from using charge maintaining the connection.

Scott wanted to go to the local March for Science, but what with things that have to be done and me feeling really, really terrible, there was no way to make it work. The Ann Arbor march started almost an hour ago. There's a march in Ypsilanti at 3:00, but I kind of suspect he won't make it to that, either.
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The virus scan took about sixteen hours. All it found was some stuff quarantined by Norton many years back (I don’t remember when I stopped using Norton, so I can’t guess how old those were), but there were a heck of a lot of files (10001) that it wasn’t able to check at all. Avast didn’t tell me which files or why, so I have no idea what’s going on.

I know I have a number of files that are no longer readable because they were created in the early 1990s. At this point, the OS thinks that they’re all Unix executable files. But there aren’t ten thousand of them, not even if I add in the things we still haven’t managed to update from AppleWorks.

Scott suspects some level of corruption somewhere on my hard drive. Disk Utility thinks that every bit of the drive is hunky dory, but… The stupid thing isn’t functioning like it’s fine.

I’m starting to really worry about my Fandom5K story. I’ve still got time, but it’s going nowhere. I think my brain is balking at transitioning from 3000 words of gen to straight up porn. I’ll put a chapter break in, but that’s not quite enough for my sense of the two bits being part of the same story. I also probably need to change POV but don’t quite want to.

It doesn’t help that I’m extremely tired and probably going to be more and more so as the week goes on. Thursday and Friday are going to be fairly awful in terms of physical and psychological stress because I will be out of the house for several hours each day. My sleep hasn’t been great any time in the last week. The last two nights, I’ve awoken an hour before Scott’s alarm and have needed to get up then and then again when Scott’s alarm goes off. Then my alarm goes off about an hour and ten minutes later. I have to be up for fifteen minutes. At that point, I could sleep again if it were quiet enough and if my mind would settle. It just isn’t quiet until Cordelia leaves for school a bit more than an hour later.
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My laptop is currently running a virus scan. It's been going nine hours already. I have no idea how much longer it will take.
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Aetna says they can’t give me any sort of idea about coverage for potential knee surgery without specific procedure codes. Scott and Cordelia weren’t out long enough for me to try to track down procedure codes because it would mean at least two more phone calls. As it was, they came in the door while I was still talking to Aetna.

I didn’t do any writing yesterday. I’m hoping today will be better, but I don’t know if it will be. I’ve got a headache and have since I woke around 8:30. How bad it is varies from moment to moment, so maybe I will be able to write later. I really want to because I hardly wrote anything at all on Monday, maybe 100 words if that.

Cordelia’s PT went okay. Scott and I are both now clear on what exercises she should be doing and how often, so she won’t be able to tell us that she doesn’t have any exercises that she’s supposed to do. I’m not sure why she’s so set against doing exercises. None of them take more than five minutes at a time, and most of them are only once a day.

I’m worried that my laptop isn’t going to last the two plus years until we can even start thinking about replacing it. A lot of things simply aren’t working right, and it’s heating up more and faster than it used to. I’m having problems with programs that are integral to the OS— Mail, Messages, Calendar— and things are freezing (temporarily) more often. I can’t, for example, load a webpage while Time Capsule is running a backup. I also have problems if I start trying to load a web page at the moment when iTunes is switching from one song to the next.

I’ve already hit the edge of the OS updates that my hardware will support. This laptop was made in late 2008 and so is almost ten years old (we bought it refurbished somewhere between two and five years ago).

We’re still paying off this laptop and the nearly identical one that Scott bought for Cordelia at the same time. Given that Scott is taking financial comfort right now in the idea that he could raid his 401K if things get worse… Well, yeah. We’re not buying new-to-us Mac laptops any time soon.

But maybe I could get something else if I ask everyone to give me money for my birthday and Christmas this year?

It’s been years since I used a computer that wasn’t from Apple. Would it be hard to move to using a cheaper, non-Apple laptop? Mostly, what I need is a calendar, word processing, email, chat/IRC, and a couple of web browsers. Being able to transfer my music would be nice but not a deal breaker if I couldn’t. (My old laptop still works, after all, and it would probably be fine just for playing music.) It would be a deal breaker if I couldn’t open my old files, though, or if I lost my email archives. Oh, and I’d want to be able to network with our printer, but I assume most (all?) laptops should be able to do that.

I don’t generally play games or stream video or muck around with photographs, so I’m not worried about anything required for those that isn’t also required for the things I listed above. I’m not wedded to any particular word processor; mostly, what I want is plain text. Page/word counts are nice, but I can do without both.

Scott and Cordelia use Mac laptops and both have iPhones and iPads. I don’t have either an iPad or an iPhone and don’t expect to, so cross compatibility isn’t really an issue.

I don’t have any idea how to do the basic research I’d need to do to look into this. I’m not sure if Scott will be willing to help me because I’m pretty sure he sees it as a failure on his part rather than as a result of me spending more than half my time on my laptop.
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I do not like the new user agreement for LJ. There are things in it that I'm simply not willing to sign on for. Sadly, unless I do, I can't access LJ at all, so I can't respond to comments or read PMs there. I'm not sure if it will stop me cross posting or not.

If you're on DW and I haven't followed you there and/or given you access, please let me know so that I can do that. You can reach me at Gmail as theredck, and I will keep cross posting as long as I can. Since I can't get into LJ, I don't think I can turn off comments there, but please don't comment there as I won't have the option to reply.

If you aren't on DW and want to keep in touch, email is viable for me. Just drop me a line.

ETA: And cross posting is not possible without signing the agreement. Um. No.
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I just tried Flaredown which I saw linked either on DW or LJ, and it can’t quite do what I want. It’s trying to get there, I think, but it really, really isn’t yet. I don’t know if what I want doesn’t exist or if I just don’t know the right keywords to pry it out of the vastness of the internet. My suspicion is the former, given Flaredown still being a work in progress.

Flaredown is designed for daily or less frequent check ins, and I rather want the option for as many check ins per day as that day calls for. Trying to remember dozens of different things from the previous day every morning just seems like too much. It would also be useful to see things like whether I do better with phone calls if I space them out the way I do physical activity or if it’s better to do two or three in rapid succession.

Flaredown tracks all symptoms by a five or six point scale from no problem with that at all to major problems with that. It’s useful information but doesn’t give me a way to track how many times some particular thing happened in a day.

For months now, I’ve been wanting something that would let me track about thirty different things, health-wise, plus subcategories for some of them, to see if I can spot patterns. All the programs I’ve seen, apart from Flaredown, are set up to track a scant handful of things and won’t let me see the sorts of connections I want without me doing a lot of work to make connections and chart things myself. All of this health related stuff interacts, so it’s extremely hard to figure out what’s a problem and what isn’t and what’s a secondary or tertiary factor.

I really don’t want to use ten different apps and then try to coordinate the data manually or to keep text records and then try to mine them for connections myself. The harder I have to work for it, the less likely I am to keep it up.

I don’t need a medication management program or a cycle tracking program or any of the other things I’ve been able to find. Tracking food, for example, is only helpful if I can link it to reflux, sleep, fatigue, IBS symptoms, rashes, headaches, and anxiety levels. And I want to link each of those things to each other and to exercise and passing illnesses and the weather and caffeine intake and… I want to be able to track what parts of my body hurt and how much and when it gets better or worse or if anything sets off my asthma or if I fall or otherwise injure myself.

I also want to track anxiety levels, stressors, time outside of the house, chores accomplished (since they take physical resources), menstrual stuff, my weight, breast self-exams, occasional medications, new medications, and likely things I’m not thinking of.

For a lot of the categories in the two paragraphs above, I want to track more than one thing about them. Exercise, for example, requires duration, time of day, and how I feel afterward. Headaches need type, possible triggers, time of onset, pain level, additional effects like nausea or sensitivity to odors, medications tried and whether or not they helped, and ultimate duration of the pain.

My incomplete dream list of things to track )
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All of the CampNaNo writing advice posts in the last few days have been full of things that make me flinch because doing any of them would make writing impossible for me. For example, today’s advice is to make the delete key unusable. I touch type. I’m moderately fast, varying between about 40 wpm and 60 wpm, but that includes about five backspace corrections per minute, too. If I can’t make those, I produce gibberish because the more I worry about not making typos, the more typos occur.

Admittedly, when I’m making things up as I go along, I tend toward the slower end of my scale, but I definitely don’t want to slow down beyond that.

Is it just that most people don’t touch type any more? I really adore the delete key because it’s so much easier and faster than correction tape or an eraser or whatever other method I had to use when I used a typewriter. My wpm rating went way up when I started being able to correct rapidly (without word count penalty) and no longer needed to worry about carriage returns.
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I started packing for my sleep clinic overnight tonight. Then the clinic called to ask if I could reschedule to Monday night and to a different location. I could, but it was sheer chance that it was possible. That is, if Scott weren’t on vacation all next week, it wouldn’t work at all. I’m hoping that the delay will give my back time to recover.

Expo was kind of tiring. I expected that, but I’d hoped there’d be ways of making it less so. Getting up and down the stairs was the hardest part. I wasn’t actually able to hear what Cordelia and the other two kids in her group were saying because there was a large table in the way of me getting closer and people in all the gaps where I might have gone around it.

The group had the battery they’d designed right next to their display about the Japanese internment during WWII. The bits of the presentation I heard didn’t go into the kind of depth that I’d expected. (I think my expectations were skewed by my having done a huge research paper on the topic during high school.) The kids didn’t address the fact that some of the internees weren’t US citizens and that that was because they weren’t allowed to naturalize. They didn’t talk about the internees losing all of their property or about several other things. I’m not sure if that’s because they had limited time or because they didn’t find that information.

On May 10th, the eighth graders will be visiting the high schools they expect to attend for about three hours of tours and what to expect talks. I can tell that I’m still cranky. I was irritated by the fact that the message about specifically mentions buses provided for the return trip but doesn’t say how the kids will get to the high schools. I’m also not happy that the plan is to have the kids eat lunch before they leave the school at 10:50 when their normal lunch period starts at 12:25. Cordelia’s usually very hungry by the time she gets home at 3:15, so I don’t much like adding an hour and a half to the time between opportunities to eat.

Scott had his annual check up today. He also has osteoarthritis in his hand. Right now, it’s only giving him trouble when he bumps it, but we’re not counting on that lasting.

I’m having persistent headache problems from spending so much time in bed. I thinks it’s part anxiety and part positional. It gets better when I sit or stand, but that makes my back worse.

iCal is still giving me problems. It crashes when I edit events. It eats events. Right now, it’s refusing to display any events at all and won’t let me click on anything or otherwise add events. I’ve quit and restarted the program twice. Restarting my entire laptop is the next option. Beyond that, I’ve lost a ton of information, some of it hard to replace.

ETA: Restarting worked. I'm just frustrated to have to do it so often.
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The timing on this back thing is really pretty terrible. I’ve found three things that help at all: lying flat on my back, alcohol, and a heating pad applied to exactly the right place. All three of those remedies are very temporary, and all have drawbacks. The heating pad is unpleasant given my general state of being overheated (I’ve been applying cold packs to other parts of my body, and I’ve got the ceiling fan going). Alcohol also makes me feel overheated, like the temperature in here has gone up at least fifteen degrees. Lying flat means about all I can do is listen to audiobooks. I’ve got a lot of those on my laptop, but I want to do other things.

I suspect that sitting in the living room might be better for me than sitting or reclining in bed, but of all things, the access to electrical outlets is the deciding factor. I can only plug in the heating pad out there if I unplug something else, and the powerstrip is on the floor, so swapping plugs is agony even when I’m feeling my current best.

In a little bit, I’ll call UHS to see if they can get me in today. I need approximately an hour to get there by cab (most of that is wiggle room for the cab to arrive. The actual drive is under ten minutes), and I need to be home by 2:00, so timing is difficult. I kind of suspect that there won’t be much that anyone can do, medication wise, but there might be some stretches or something else PT-ish.

I’ve put myself on hiatus in Habitica until my back is better. I just can’t manage everything right now. I thought about simply deactivating the dailies that are currently physically impossible, but that would remove a lot of them.

Feedly updated again last night and still doesn’t work. I’m more than a little ticked about that given that I’ll be out of the house some today. Reading those blog posts fills some time.

I wrote about 2600 words last night, and about a third of that was my thing with a deadline. I still don’t have the character voice the way I want it, but whatever. Get the words down then edit and edit and edit.
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Cordelia stopped using crutches entirely over the weekend. Today, she’s trying school in a light knee brace. She carried all of her things to school and didn’t want me along.

That last was just as well because my back spasmed last night and is still giving me huge problems when I move. I can sit as long as I sit still. I can lie down as long as I don’t change position much. It’s going to make the various household chores I want to get done today problematic. Right now, I’m applying heat to see if that will loosen things enough for me to do anything. It’s the muscles in my lower back, the ones just at and above my pelvis. When I stand up from sitting or lying down, when I sit down, when I turn over in bed, when I bend at all, that area hurts at about a 7 on the pain scale.

Last night, while I was showering, my right hand got so painful that I couldn’t move it at all. I’d call it an 8 or a 9 on the pain scale. It was better if I didn’t so much as wiggle my fingers. That made the process of drying off… interesting. I thought I was going to have to yell for Scott to come help me. My left hand hurt more than usual then, too. I couldn’t even put lotion on my leg without agony. I thought I should be able to because I could just use my fingers and not my thumb and because I had my heavy braces on.

The combination of the hands and the back has me wondering if I did something full body stupid. I can’t think what apart from, you know, taking Tamoxifen.

Feedly, one of the apps I use most on my phone, updated last night and now no longer works at all. Well, I can see that there are articles waiting for me to read them and what the titles and sites involved are. I just can’t open them at all no matter what avenues I try, including forcing the app to quit and restarting it.

We got bubble tea yesterday after our library trip. That was a nice treat. I miss having it weekly, but it is expensive. I’m pretty sure the price has gone up since we were last in there.

I wrote almost 1300 words last night. Sadly, none of them were for the thing with a deadline (though I just now added a sentence to that). I’m having trouble finding the character voice for that because I’m trying to write a character I don’t sympathize with at all. There’s just not much beyond cardboard cutout for the character in canon. I suppose that adding depth to the character that isn’t in canon isn’t a terrible thing. I just worry that it may not be what my recipient wants.
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And we have more snow today. There’s not a lot of it, just enough to coat everything. At least, Cordelia doesn’t need to walk to school today. If there’s ice on the sidewalks, it mostly shouldn’t affect her.

Cordelia was out for about four hours last night. She says they only watched about half an hour of the movie (the Studio Ghibli Earthsea adaptation) because it was boring. There were only three of them there because the others all had scheduling conflicts. Well, no. One of the girls had to stay home because her parents were worried that the (small amount of) snow would combine badly with drunk drivers due to St Patrick’s Day.

I haven’t made any progress on my Fandom5K story this week, and I’m starting to worry. I know I have enough time to do it; I just can’t seem to focus and find a way into the story.

I’ve been using loops of duct tape, sticky side out, to hold my laptop on place on the old stand. That’s actually working well enough that I’m not going to keep looking for a replacement. Everything I looked at was focused on the ergonomics of viewing rather than the ergonomics of typing, and I am vastly more interested in the typing side.

I tried to nap this morning but couldn’t get my mind to shut down. I was completely relaxed physically, though, so maybe those two hours weren’t entirely wasted.

Cordelia has gone to see Beauty and the Beast with her friends. Scott is going to drop them off and go do the grocery shopping nearby. It means he probably won’t pick up my prescription today, but I’ve got enough left to get through tomorrow, so that should be okay.
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I bought a new podium thingy for my laptop because my old one has gotten to the point that my laptop keeps slipping slowly off the front (I can still leave it overnight without it falling, but I worry), but the one I got (from Amazon) turned out to be too steep even at the lowest. The blurb said it started at 12 degrees of angle, and I’m terrible at judging angles, so I thought that would be close to what I’ve currently got. Sadly, it’s at least twice as steep in the lowest tilt position (I’m not absolutely convinced that it was really 12 degrees). What I’ve got now is exactly right for me to type without hurting my hands/wrist and without resting my wrists/arms on anything.

It’s also got protruding bits of metal to hold the laptop at the front to keep it from sliding off. Those stick out a good centimeter past the surface of my laptop and are right where my wrists want to be.

So I’m going to have to send back the new one. I’m a bit cranky about that. I’ve talked to Scott about the problem, but he’s kind of not interested in brainstorming solutions. I feel like it ought to be possible to keep using the old one if I can somehow increase friction between the pads and the bottom of the laptop because the problem seems to be that the plastic of those pads has gotten too smooth. Maybe duct tape?

Almost all of the podiums I saw online were flat and included fans that need to be plugged into the USB port in order to cool things at all. My current podium (which is no longer manufactured and out of stock) just lets air in under the laptop, and I think that works well enough. It’s also quiet and doesn’t drain my battery. So.

ETA: Amazon says they're refunding my $20 and that I don't need to return the stupid thing. I don't particularly want to pay postage to return it, but what on earth am I going to do with it? I suppose it's probably recyclable.

Scott agrees with me, though, that the thing I bought has a much steeper minimum angle than the advertised twelve degrees.
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Hm. Twice in the last week, things I’ve posted to DW have failed to crosspost to LJ. My most recent entry didn’t.

It’s not that DW is trying to crosspost and failing; when I go to edit those posts, the crosspost box isn’t checked even though it’s supposed to be the default for my posts and usually isn’t something I need to pay attention to. I’ve been able to edit the posts to get them to crosspost, but that’s something I shouldn’t have to do. I worry that I won’t notice something not crossposting.

Is anyone else having a similar problem?
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Scott brought home cookies, a pie, and chocolates for the whole family. Cordelia announced again that she doesn’t like chocolate any more. I know I’ve told Scott that more than once, but it hasn’t stuck because he can’t quite process the idea.

I’ve sent Cordelia off to school. Fingers crossed that she can stay.

I keep forgetting to stop by Facebook and then remembering after days have passed and putting it off because the backlog of posts seems too much. I kind of want to go back to Imzy, too, but I haven’t been there since November, so that’s difficult.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use IRC via Adium, but the things I try aren’t working. I need to investigate documentation to figure out what I ought to be doing to make it work. If I can make IRC work on Adium and like the interface, I can use Adium for both IRC and AIM instead of using Adium for AIM and Colloquy for IRC. My laptop really doesn’t like running both of those programs at the same time for some reason.

I over-walked yesterday. I had to go to the school to pick up Cordelia’s missed work, and I also went a little bit down the hill past the crosswalk to recapture the portal at the church. Those two things combined with taking out the trash were enough to leave me hurting a lot by evening. I ended up not eating dinner because I couldn’t face walking enough to prepare food for myself. Right now, I’m not doing too badly that way, so I’m going to try to get the dishwasher going.

I did some writing last night, a little bit on two different WIP. Maybe I’ll manage more today. I hope so.

I finally remembered to call my step-father on Monday evening. His birthday was Saturday, but what with Cordelia being sick, I kept forgetting to call. I left a message, and he actually called me back. I was startled by that because he and my mother are terrible about that sort of thing. He told me that they didn’t have any tornadoes closer than a few miles away but that some were in their parish.

Mom will probably come to Michigan in April. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on the yard of their house in Lawton before the dogs arrive. Mom wants to try to get some grass established before the dogs come, and she wants to fence them out of the flowerbeds because they destroyed those last year. My step-father will drive up, with the dogs, after his semester ends.
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I ended up going to bed quite early last night. I ate some crackers for dinner but wasn’t hugely hungry. I was also concerned that eating anything challenging would mean not being able to sleep. In spite of my exhaustion, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I was too warm, and Scott and Cordelia were watching TV and laughing. I had the bedroom door shut, of course, but it didn’t do much in that direction.

I ended up not getting back to sleep after Scott got up, in spite of being tired. I got up around 6:15 (normally when Scott leaves) to help him search for his wallet. I found it just as he was about to head out the door without it because he was already going to be late for work. It had fallen into a bag in the bathroom.

I’m very, very hungry this morning, and I suspect it’s due to not eating dinner last night. My current plan is to have a normal breakfast and then see how I’m doing. I don’t want to over eat.

The new bite splint looks different than the old one. I asked if it was just the age of the old one or if the materials are different, and the dentist didn’t know. Twenty five years seems likely to produce considerable changes in materials for that sort of thing. The new bite splint feels a bit different in my mouth, too, mostly because it’s less worn.

[ profile] evalerie and I had lunch at Jerusalem Garden. We got there around 11:30 which was a bit before the lunch rush started. When we left, people were lined up, waiting to be seated. We both had lentil soup. She had hummus with carrots and cucumbers for dipping. I had a spinach pie. That had pepper flakes in it, so I’ll have to remember not to order it next time I go there. I dipped pieces in my soup which helped a bit.

I was able to drop off that paperwork with my psychiatrist after lunch, so that’s taken care of.

I need to talk to Scott’s parents about the orchestra concert so that we can figure out logistics. Scott and Cordelia are urging me to go home after Cordelia’s school plays (they’ll be playing second). Cordelia is required to stay until the end (district rules), so Scott has to stay, but they’re thinking that Scott’s parents probably won’t want to stay for the whole thing and can take me home since it would be more or less on their way. I feel kind of like I shouldn’t do that, but it may be the most sensible course for me because I’m going to be exhausted by that point.

Other things on my to do list for today:

Baking bread
Dealing with the trash/recycling
Normal daily chores
Cordelia’s laundry if I still have resources after doing the rest (she asked me to, but she can do it after school if necessary)

Scott finally ordered a new power cord for my laptop. The one I’ve been using had been put aside because it only works some of the time. Last night, it stopped working. It’s working again now, but who knows for how long? My battery ran out to the point that my laptop turned off entirely. I’m at 57% now, and I have my fingers crossed that the cord will keep working for a few more days.

I did a little searching online to see if I could find my ideal bedside table. I didn’t. I found one that’s close that’s $170 plus shipping, one that’s close that has been completely discontinued and doesn’t appear to be for sale anywhere, and one that’s close that has been discontinued and is available for an unknown price if I’m able to drive forty miles to get it (and if no one else buys it first. The next closest is ninety miles away. After that, all of the distances are more than two hundred miles).

I need something that’s no more than seventeen inches wide and preferably more like fifteen or sixteen, with a deep drawer (at least three inches, preferably four or five) on that side, between twenty five and thirty inches long, and between twenty three and twenty six inches high. A power strip would be wonderful, but not having one isn’t a deal breaker. Sadly, I have yet to find a furniture site that allows one to enter the desired dimensions and narrow the search that way. By color, yes, but not by size.

Scott is really hoping that IKEA has something because that’s on his way home from work. Sadly, a search of their website turned up nothing that would work. I’m not absolutely certain that I used the right search terms. 'End table,' 'side table,' 'bedside table,' and 'nightstand' were all zero results, and I was reluctant to search 'table' unmodified because I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to sort through those results.

Okay, I’m moving 'nap' up my to do list now. I’m starting to get a tired headache. Hopefully, I’ll still have time for everything… Maybe getting bread into the machine and then napping?
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I go back for the c-PAP titration on the 31st of March which is a Friday. I’ve asked Scott to schedule so that he has that night and the next morning off. Hopefully, this time, he won’t forget. The Sleep Disorders people sent me a kind of snotty letter through the patient portal about how they’d been utterly unable to reach me. The woman I talked to when I called said that they have the right phone number. It’s my cell, and that hasn’t been out of earshot for more than five minutes at a time in the last week. It’s also been consistently charged. Even if it wasn’t, they should have been able to leave a message asking me to call.

I posted the fourth part of We Are Where We Began last night. The stories in that arc are consistently getting 5-6 kudos, three logged in from the same people each time and two or three guests who could be anyone at all. I’m kind of assuming that the guest kudos are coming from the same people each time just because this is a very niche story. I’m about 1600 words into part five of the story.

I really wish we could afford to get me a new laptop. All of the checks I’ve run show that everything’s fine, but programs keep crashing, and everything slows down terribly a couple of times a day. Quitting almost everything seems to help the slow down, but I can’t pinpoint which program is the problem. It may well be more than one of them. Messages still doesn’t work (I’m using Adium now), and Calendar is crashing pretty regularly. I’m also getting periods where I can’t load any websites via Firefox but still can via Chrome.

I really don’t want to switch to another web browser if I can avoid it. I’ve had issues with Safari. I haven’t used it in many years, but having all of my bookmarks suddenly and irretrievably vanish is not something I’m likely to forget. Still, there are a lot of things I actually can’t do with Firefox right now— Neither Netflix nor Hulu will work, and YouTube is only sometimes functional.

I’ve found a way to test those unlabeled tapes. I got distracted from working on it yesterday, but I’m hoping to get through some today. Sadly, it requires wearing earbuds, which I loathe, because the tape player has no other sound outlet. It also makes doing anything else while I’m working on the tapes hard.

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