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I wasn't able to use the c-PAP at all last night because every time I put it on, I'd start sneezing in under a minute. The air blowing through made a particular bit of my sinuses itch like crazy. After I post this, I'm going to wash all of the gear and let it air dry. (I've got ten minutes left on the CD I'm listening to, and with Cordelia still in bed, I don't want to turn up the volume enough to be able to hear it in the kitchen).

I've been sneezing a bit, off and on, since I got up this morning. It hasn't been enough to make me worry, but it also hasn't quite gone away. I'm also now feeling sore from the walking I did on Monday. Walking is difficult because my calf muscles are trying to refuse to stretch at all.

I wrote 87 words last night. I'm hoping that this is the breakthrough I need in order to be able to get moving with the story as it's due Saturday. I also spent about ten minutes finding names for the OCs I know I'm going to need for my Captive Audience assignment.

I'd like to go out and do some Ingress this morning because some players from the other side came through and knocked over almost all of the portals in the neighborhood. I managed to reinforce three that are difficult to attack without tramping over uneven ground (these folks were out well after dark and tend not to want to get out of their car(s) at the nature center), but there's one unclaimed portal now that is easy to knock down from the parking lot but can't be captured from there. One only has to venture about two yards onto the grass to reach it, but... Most people don't bother.

I probably won't end up going because I've only got an hour before a friend comes over and because I need to do several household chores first. If Cordelia wakes in time, I want to see if she has dishes lurking in her room. I'm hoping to run the dishwasher soon. There's not a lot of space left. I could fill it with a couple of mugs. I'd just like to give priority to bowls and/or plates if she's got them.

I need to put in a support request at AO3 because there's a comment on one of my fics that never got emailed to me. I've gotten emails for more than a dozen comments left after it was and for one left seven hours before on the same fic. It's been three days, so I don't think it's just delayed. It's not in my junk mail, and I checked Gmail just in case it was getting hung up there (occasionally, that account just won't download for a few hours at a time), but it's definitely not there. It's not utterly lost because it's in my AO3 inbox and on the fic, but... I like to archive comments locally.
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Kind of lost track of today as far as posting here. I had a dental appointment this morning. The buses were already detouring a bit for Art Fair preparation even though it doesn't start for a couple of days, but the bus I caught did stop where I needed it to, so that was okay.

They were about twenty minutes late starting my appointment, and then they had technical difficulties while trying to develop my x-rays. I got out of the office an hour and a half after my appointment started.

Then I went the opposite direction from the one I should have because there was an Ingress portal down there that I'd never hacked. It was a bit farther away than I remembered (some friends lived there during college). Then there was one just a block farther on, and I could get to a couple more on my way back by going one block over. I over walked by quite a bit.

I went to Totoro for lunch, getting there about an hour after I left the dentist. I had a teriyaki beef bento and got Cordelia something called a 'yummy roll' which she loves. Then I headed toward the transit center to get the bus home. I should have tried to get an inbound bus instead of walking. I ended up getting to the end of the block where the transit center is as the buses were pulling out, so I had to wait half an hour for the next bus. I should have gone to the library (a block away) or the transit center building. Both would have been cooler. I was just so tired that I couldn't face unnecessary walking.

I got home about 3:30, and Scott called just after I pulled out my key to open the door. I told him I'd call him back in a couple of minutes because there was no way I could unlock the door while talking on the phone and juggling three bags.

Today was a lesson in how having a big water bottle doesn't help if I don't take it out to drink from it. Of course, I had a lot of water while I was having lunch and then a lot more after I got home. I was very glad we had some gatorade because that's what staved off the headache that was trying to get itself going.
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We did end up going to Target last night. We got a lot of snacks and a couple of DVDs, one for us and one for Cordelia's best friend. The latter was only $4 and is a movie the girl loves, so there was no way we weren't getting it. Scott went to Home Depot for some things while Cordelia and I did the Target part of things.

On the way back from Target, we stopped at Plum Market because we'd forgotten that we needed to buy salad fixings for the family gathering today. I was desperate for something really cold to drink, but apparently I didn't get that across to either Scott or Cordelia because they didn't understand that I wasn't buying that cold drink for when we got home. I had a very, very cold bottle of tea, and it made me feel incredibly much better. I hadn't been thirsty, particularly; I just desperately wanted something really cold.

For some reason, things from our refrigerator are never quite that cold.

Scott and I went for a walk around 1 in the afternoon yesterday when it was still around 70F outside, and I misjudged things badly enough that I hurt to walk for the rest of the day. Scott was letting me set the pace and decide where to go, so it's on me rather than on him. On the way home, we ran into the mother of a kid who was in elementary school with Cordelia but who went to the big middle school instead of staying with the new program (as I recall, his parents were specifically not interested because the program was new/experimental. They thought that the regular middle school was likely to be more predictable).

At any rate, we talked for quite a while about what's become of other kids from that fifth grade class and what the two different middle schools were like and what we expect from Skyline and all of that.

I picked up a pinch hit last night. I'd put off claiming it because I wasn't sure I wanted to commit. It's just that I had a partially finished story that fit one of the prompts. I waited at least ten hours after I first saw the pinch hit, and nobody else offered, so I did. The main problem I've got with the story right now is placeholder names. There's nothing out and out wrong with the names I've got, but I keep looking at names and realizing that I've known people with those names or have watched/read things with characters with those names or... Well, it's hard to find normal names that I don't have associations with, and I don't want those associations sneaking in.

At any rate, I wrote 2356 words yesterday.

I managed to sleep for four hours with the c-PAP last night and then another four without it. I woke with a headache which I still have. I suspect/fear that it's menstrual because nothing I've tried yet has made a dent. Normally, food and black tea will completely get rid of a morning headache, just not in this case. I've taken Tylenol, too.

Scott's family wants to spend the afternoon at the beach. I have put my foot down that I'm not doing that. If nothing else, I'd die of the heat. We're supposed to meet them at the beach, but Scott doesn't know what beach (there are about four lakes within reasonable distance of his parents' place), so I haven't been able to figure out if there are coffee shops or something near where they'll be. He has suggested that I either sit in the car with it running so I can have AC or have him drive me to his parents' place and drop me off there. The latter is more acceptable (and likely less expensive), but I'm willing to sit and read anywhere with AC.
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My last PT appointment went well. Mainly, at this point, it's a question of me keeping up my exercises and being careful. Next week, the only medical appointment currently scheduled is Cordelia's PT, and that's at a time when Scott can take her without me going along. I just have to figure out a decent dinner option for her that she can eat in the car because PT ends at 6:00 and she has something else from 6:00 to 8:00.

Since Cordelia was off at Cedar Point all day, Scott and I went out for dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant, Evergreen. We had eaten there once, right after we moved here a bit more than twenty years ago, and had not been impressed at all, but we thought it had likely changed. It had. The decor was completely different and so, I think, was the menu. We both liked what we got, but we were pretty conservative in terms of what we ordered-- Scott got chicken with green beans and ginger. I got shrimp with vegetables. I also tried their bubble tea. The tapioca pearls weren't the texture I prefer, but it was otherwise passable, just very, very heavy on the ice which made getting the tapioca pearls kind of challenging.

Cordelia ate the leftovers from both dishes for lunch and liked them. I was surprised by the one with ginger in it because she usually hates ginger. Of course, she's got a really nasty head cold, so maybe she couldn't taste it.

I got everything on yesterday's to do list done except for starting my Not Prime Time assignment. Hopefully, I can make a dent in that today. I also want to change our sheets. I think I can manage that if I wear thumb splints and am cautious.

We'll be getting together with Scott's family for Mother's Day tomorrow. For some weird reason, we're once again going to a particular Italian place where there's very little I can eat (I need to avoid oregano, basil, tomatoes, peppers, and black pepper and to limit oil/fat for reflux reasons) and where Scott's sister has had horrible service (as in forgetting to bring her meal out at all) more than once. The gluten free menu, which Scott's sister and mother both use, is extremely limited.

I don't know if Scott's sister's in-laws will be there or not. They might be, or they might be doing something earlier in the day. But if they are, maybe this is the only place they could find that could seat twelve people at 6:00 on Mother's Day? Without them, there would be nine of us which is still a pretty large group. I don't know.
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Yesterday and this morning, I added a round the block loop to my walk home after dropping Cordelia off at school. I’m not sure it’s wise because it makes my heel hurt ever so much more, but it feels so good to be moving around. Also, right now, the temperatures are at a point where I can walk outside without overheating horribly. It’s still strange to want to walk outside in short sleeves with no coat when it’s cold enough that I can see my breath, but apparently, that’s my life now.

I put my jacket on for about the last ten minutes of my walk and had worn it for the five minutes Cordelia and I took to get to the school, but I didn’t wear it in between. My arms got a little chilly, but, bar my face and ears, the rest of me was too warm. Well, my lungs also complained a bit. It wasn’t quite cold enough to set off my asthma, but it was cold enough for my lungs to hint that they’d be much happier if I was breathing warmer air.

Now, I’m picturing myself wearing a t-shirt and carrying my jacket while walking along with a big scarf wrapped around my face. I’d look beyond ridiculous. Especially since my scarf is longer than I am tall, twice as wide as it needs to be, and in a rainbow of pastel colors (I knit it myself about twenty years ago and kept going until I ran out of yarn).

My hands have been giving me a lot of trouble the past few days. By the time Scott got home yesterday, I needed to break out the big braces, the ones that I really can’t move much at all in. Those make my shoulders hurt because almost anything I do with my hands with them on has to come from the shoulders.

I washed two loads of laundry yesterday, dried three, and put away one. The towels are still in the dryer, and I’m not willing to try to figure out where Cordelia wants her clothes.

I baked a cake from mix. I didn’t frost it because Cordelia and I both prefer that and because Scott bought the mix but not frosting. I had told Scott to buy something in that direction if there was anything on sale, and he came home with a key lime cake mix. It’s a pale green that kind looks wrong. Cordelia has declared it disgusting but still ate all of the piece she took.

I weeded a small box worth of books from the shelves downstairs (paperbacks, St-Z). They’re all things I know I’m never going to read again, and a few of them are things I would be afraid to read again because I suspect the Suck Fairy and her kin have been to visit since the mid-1980s. I’m also pulling anything that I look at and can’t remember the plot. I must have liked those to have kept them, but I’ve got about a thousand books on my list of things I want to get from the library. I’m not going to reread those. I will likely weed more today.

Cordelia’s first PT appointment is at 4:30 today. I’m hoping that the therapist can help her be less worried about things like her knee going out if she’s not wearing a brace and rolls over in bed.

Before Cordelia gets out of school, I want to get the trash out. I’m going to wear the heavy duty braces for that and for retrieving the towels in the hope that I won’t need them in the evening.
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I feel like I did a lot of household chores yesterday, but when I list what I did, it doesn’t seem like much at all because nothing on the list took me more than five minutes at a time. Of course, by evening, I was nodding off.

I pulled some ancient food out of the fridge and tossed it. I filled, ran, and emptied the dishwasher. I took some books down to the basement and shelved about a third of them. I watered our Christmas cactus. I moved a bunch of junk out of the living room so that the cleaning lady would be able to mop. I took out the very stinky trash that resulted from the kitchen cleaning.

We ended up with pizza last night because that seemed easier than trying to cook when we had to have the girls ready to leave for the school at 6:10 (to be there by 6:15). Scott pulled me aside and asked if we were expected to go because he wasn’t sure if Cordelia was in the play or working on it in some way. I really think he wouldn’t have missed her staying at school until 5:00 most days the last couple of weeks, but he was afraid he had.

There’s very little ice left on the sidewalk between here and the school, and it’s enough warmer now that I took the long way home. My Achille’s tendon didn’t like it much, but mostly, it hurts while I’m walking and not when I’m resting.

I’m not sure if it was the bacon on my pizza or if it was that I had chocolate around 8 p.m. (which I really shouldn’t have), but I had some reflux trouble last night. Possibly, it was the combination. I don’t know. That means I’m low on sleep. My current plan is to lie down after I call in a prescription refill and post this.
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I was just fairly unwise. After I dropped Cordelia off at school, I looked at my Ingress map and decided that I would try to get to a portal I hadn’t ever hacked before. It didn’t look all that far away. And then there were two more portals close-ish, but they were in a cemetery, so I had to find the gate (which was open). By the time I got home, I’d been walking for an hour and fifteen minutes. My Achille’s tendon despises me, and my sinuses are very upset with me because it’s about 35F out there. My sinuses and lungs still consider that cold.

This was an especially foolish thing for me to do because I have a doctor appointment this afternoon and because our cleaning lady comes this afternoon. Oh, and I still have to pick Cordelia up after school. Fortunately, most of what I need to do in the next three hours, I can do sitting down.

But three new to me portals! Yea?

This morning, I pulled a bag down from the very top shelf of my closet. I’d been wondering what it was for quite some time, but I’m too short to put anything up there myself, so I knew it had to be something Scott had stored. It turned out to be a very old present intended for Cordelia. It has to have been up there at least six years because she hasn’t been interested in doll kitchen sorts of things in quite a long time. There was a Wii game in there, too, (an I Spy thing) and a DS game that Cordelia says she’s still interested in (some sort of Star Wars game).

Now I have to figure out who we know who’s between three and seven who might be interested in the doll kitchen set. The younger of our two nieces in Seattle might be, but shipping it would be expensive. There’s a little girl locally who’ll be three in May. That’s only two months. I’ll ask her parents. I haven’t seen them or her in quite some time, so I’m not sure if the gift is something she’d want or that they’d want her to have.
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I got Cordelia to school. Her best friend who’ll be helping her get around arrived just as we did, so I was able to leave promptly.

My left Achille’s tendon is not happy about the walking, but it’s not as bad as I feared it would be. I suppose I’ll see how things are after I bring her home. I walked the long way home (three blocks as opposed to a block and a half) and probably shouldn’t have, but it felt good to be outside in the cool air. I’m pretty overheated at the moment and have the ceiling fan going in the living room. It’s about 45F outside, but I couldn’t handle wearing my jacket on the trip home. My arms got a bit cold, but my torso was way, way overheated.

I had a headache all day yesterday and woke up with it still there. It’s retreated a bit right now. I’m not sure what to do about it. More sleep would probably help, but experience says that, if I lie down, I won’t end up sleeping because I’m too stressed out. Maybe Ativan and then trying to nap? My psychiatrist has told me that, once in a while, I can use Ativan to help me sleep, and I haven’t taken any in about a week.

Let’s see— I need to do laundry today, two loads of our stuff and a load of Cordelia’s. I would like to change our sheets, but I may not get to that until Wednesday (Tuesday is trash day). Showering would also be nice but probably will have to wait until Cordelia’s home.

I’m doing better on my daily word count than I thought I was, about 580 words per day. I’d like to do better, but I have to keep reminding myself that this is way more than I normally have done. I haven’t started writing that pinch hit yet because I need some headache free time to figure out which prompt I’m going with. There are three that I’m seriously considering and four or five more that I actually could do with a little more work. I need to decide, but I don’t actually want to decide.
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Scott and I went out to the bank around 11:00 yesterday morning to transfer some money from Cordelia’s account to ours. After that, we picked up food at Plum Market, pizza for him and a spinach pie for me. The weather was really nice, so we stopped by the science and nature center to recapture all of the portals there.

The walking wasn’t particularly good for my Achille’s tendon, but it was so very nice to be out in warm weather. I can tell that I’ve lost a lot of ground in terms of my ability to walk.

During the afternoon, we watched Arrival which I’d gotten from the library and finished a Netflix DVD that had been sitting with about fifteen minutes left on it for a week. Cordelia was annoyed that we watched Arrival without her. It hadn’t occurred to me that she might want to see it.

Cordelia went out to spend time with her friends in the evening, so Scott and I got carry out dinner from Palm Palace which is a place she doesn’t enjoy. I got lentil soup and the lamb saute which turned out not to be the dish I thought it was. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had wanted. Scott got a chicken schwarma plate and hummus.

We listened to an audiobook until Cordelia was ready to come home.

My cold is much worse than it was. I’m not at all happy about that. I can still sleep lying down (as long as I take Sudafed), but even when I’m upright things feel not right in my throat and chest.
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I talked a bit with the mother of Cordelia’s best friend. She wants her daughter to go to Huron, and the difficulty of the commute to anywhere else is a huge factor in that. If the daughter goes to Huron, she can reliably be home to look after her younger brother before and after school and will only have about a five minute bus ride. Going anywhere else would be a much longer bus ride with at least one transfer (and quite possibly more). Her daughter is no longer interested in Skyline but still likes the idea of Community.

I have similar issues with the idea of Cordelia going to Huron. Getting to Skyline would take fifteen to twenty minutes, but it would be direct by school bus, and she’d get on in front of her current school, just a block away. Community would be a shorter bus ride, just by city bus instead of a school bus. The stop she’d need is about two blocks away from here, and she’d get off right behind the school with no transfers needed. The same bus returns along the street on the other side of the school, and the stop is less than half a block from the school.

Right now, I’m debating whether or not I can manage a walk down to the church. The other Ingress team took that portal last night. The hesitation is that it’s about 20F outside and that my left heel hurts a lot after even that short a walk. On the other hand, the heel has been hurting like this since the beginning of November. I’m not sure I can afford to keep coddling it. If I didn’t have six zillion other things that are higher priority in terms of appointments, I’d try to see my doctor about it again. It’s been almost ten weeks now.

Of course, her suggestion for exercise last time was an exercise bike. We have one, but I don’t use it because I can only manage about two minutes before my knees hurt too much to continue. Getting on and off of the bike is pretty challenging as I need some sort of step stool even when the seat’s adjusted to the right height for me. If one or the other of those things weren’t true, I’d likely use the damned thing.

She’ll likely suggest swimming next, but that’s worse. Getting anywhere with a pool by cab would be prohibitive, and getting there by bus would require crossing busy streets without lights and transferring from one bus line to another. Plus, getting to the bus stops requires more walking than I would normally be doing for my daily walks if I could do them. Oh, and it’s expensive to get access to a pool. I’d need to go at least twice a week (and probably more) for a membership to pay for itself. I don’t see being able to do that from an anxiety point of view, especially not when I’ve generally got medical appointments every week.

Upper body stuff is difficult because of not wanting to make my hands hurt. Hand weights and exercise bands are going to do a real number on the part of my hands that’s giving me issues, and that’s not going to get better.

And there’s also the issue of me needing to reserve some portion of my energy in case of an emergency. That’s a big reason (though there are others) that I much prefer doing my exercise during the last hour or two of the day. Of course, the sleep disorders people tell me that I should never, ever exercise during the last couple of hours before bed because it will mean I won’t sleep.

I feel like my physical body is a gigantic catch-22.
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I’m still contemplating New Year’s resolutions. I’m not sure that making them will be helpful to me, there are definitely things I want to do and to do regularly.

I want to walk a little every day. It’s harder now that it’s icy outside. I tend to like putting the walking off until late because that way I don’t discover that I’ve already overdone when something comes up that I need to do.

As a higher level than the walking, I’d love to get myself back to doing Sit and Be Fit (I think that Body Electric will take a lot longer before it’s feasible). I haven’t done that since I broke my foot in March of 2015 because it requires shifting furniture around. I could do the workout while sitting, but I need to move things out of the living room and bring in a chair.

That depends, though, on me figuring out the problems with my sleep schedule so that I have the physical resources for it. I’m going to be getting up with Cordelia every morning for the foreseeable future, and that’s very, very hard on me. So I suppose I should set getting to bed earlier as a goal. Scott needs to do it but never manages. Maybe we can both work on it. It’s just hard to go to bed when Cordelia does (10 p.m.) and not have any time without her telling us that she’s not interested in what we want to watch. Also, all three of us trying to get into the bathroom at once is, ah, challenging.

Going to bed earlier will also make family dinners pretty much impossible. If I go to bed at 10:00, I can’t eat after 7:00, and Scott is almost never ready to eat that early.

I want to write something every day, even if it’s just a sentence or two. I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout, and that has a goal for 75000 words in the next year. I don’t know that I can manage that, but I certainly won’t if I don’t try.

I’m committed to the Small Fandom Big Bang which means finishing a fic by the end of the month. I have about 9000 words on still another Amber fic. I’m looking at [community profile] chocolateboxcomm as something I could do. I don’t know, though. I didn’t see anything I’d actually want to request, and the minimum word count being low wouldn’t help me at all as I can’t write that short to save my life. I’m not sure I could do both that and the SFBB.

And, really, I kind of want to finish some of the WIP I’ve got.

List of fics for my own reference )

I want to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar/junk food. I don’t know if I can because of how my body sometimes reacts. If I were sure this would be a normal year with normal stress/anxiety/fatigue levels, I’d be more confident.

I set a goal of either twenty five or thirty books on GoodReads for 2017. I can’t remember which, and I have no idea if I’ll have the focus to actually do it. I’d like, as a subsidiary goal, to read some of the books I own as opposed to just fighting my way through library books. Maybe one book from my owned but unread shelf per month?

There are, of course, a bunch of things that I intend to do that I really absolutely have to do, things like my medical appointments and Cordelia’s. I need to get my eyes checked. I need to see my doctor about some things that are only just at the level of needing attention, things like the rash under my eyes. I just keep putting those off because they’re not immediately necessary. First attention goes to things that might blow up if not addressed.
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I’m up earlier than I wanted to be because I have gas that hurts horribly when I’m lying down but doesn’t bother me when I’m standing or sitting. That’s the opposite of what usually happens to me, so I’m a bit boggled.

Yesterday’s dinner at Totoro was pleasant. Cordelia got sushi and so did Scott’s sister’s entire family. Scott and I and Scott’s sister’s sister-in-law all ordered other things. Our nephew ordered udon on top of the sushi, but he’s seventeen and still a bottomless pit. Because we had told the staff at Totoro that this was a birthday celebration, they brought the sushi for Scott’s sister’s family on a big tray with decorations, mostly made from cucumber peels and including a candle that was perilously close to a sprig of parsley. I kept watching to see if the parsley was going to catch fire, but it didn’t.

The folks at Totoro recognized me and remembered that I always order a bento (I like the variety of different flavors). I only get in there a few times a year, so I was surprised. It’s not as if I’m in there weekly or anything. Service was good. The waitress kept up with refills on drinks and on clearing dishes and such. Scott gave her a generous tip ($12 on a $50 bill) which I’m glad of. I don’t know how the others did in that direction.

We talked with our nephew about his college options. He’s applying three schools, two in state and one out. He’s been putting off making his Christmas list because he can’t think of things to put on it, and all of the adults at the table started suggesting things that might make dorm life (and, eventually, living outside of the dorms) easier. I got the impression that he’s not quite ready to think about that yet.

The restaurant was only about half full, so we sat and talked for a while after eating. Eventually, we went as a group to try to find frozen yogurt. The place that Cordelia found on Google turned out to be closed, so we ended up at a place that had both ice cream and frozen yogurt (the two places were only a block apart). Scott’s sister paid for all of us to have ice cream. For some reason, Stucchi’s idea of a 'small' bowl for adults is two scoops of ice cream (which can be different flavors). Cordelia ended up with a truly small bowl and only a single scoop, so I think they looked at her and thought 'child.' I enjoyed my two scoops, but I’d probably have been better off with the amount she had, and she’d have enjoyed having more.

When we got home, Cordelia wanted to watch a movie with us. After some debate, we talked her into trying Rush Hour. She was mainly interested in that because one of her teachers had quoted it (with profanity excised), but I think that she enjoyed it. We’ve been trying to persuade her to try more of the movies we own, but she tends to assume that, because we liked them enough to buy them, they must be terrible and/or boring. Never mind that she’s liked about 85% of those she’s actually tried. We’re hoping that having seen Rush Hour will encourage her to try more Jackie Chan movies. I think she’ll enjoy the combination of comedy and action. Of course, she may not realize how amazing the stunt work is.

Scott tried to talk her into Wrath of Khan, but she’s really adamant that she will never, ever watch anything Star Trek related.

I have posted more in my Chronicles of Amber dark AU arc. I haven’t linked here because I have the impression that anyone who’s interested is already likely to see those stories and that almost everyone isn’t particularly interested. Which— It’s darkfic for an obscure fandom. I don’t expect readers beating down my door or any such thing. I’m just having fun writing it.

I will note that my Yuletide story is not darkfic. I was a little worried that I’d find it going that way, but it hasn’t. I’ve done one thing in terms of tweaking canon that some readers may not like (and I’m tagging for it), but I’m hopeful that my recipient will because I think that it fits the characters. It’s something that isn’t contradicted by anything in canon (mostly because the focus character is relatively minor and doesn’t get much backstory).

I didn’t have much Achille’s tendon pain from the walking yesterday. It was about three blocks, and I only ended up with a little bit of an ache. It was hurting more when I got up at 5:00 to take my thyroid medication, but now that I know exactly what stretch helps, I was able to to that before going back to bed. Based on the type of stretching that works, I’m pretty sure that what I need to do is to loosen up my calf muscle regularly. I don’t think the underlying problem is actually in the tendon.

I only need about 50000 points to advance to the next level in Ingress. If all goes well, I should be able to manage that today. People from the other side came through the area last night to the point that only three of the portals I have keys for are still held by our side (and none of those are anywhere nearby. Two of them are actually in other towns).
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I finished another section of my Yuletide fic yesterday. Since the three sections can stand alone and are well over the minimum word count, I’ve posted them. I’m hoping to add more yet, but this way, if I don’t, my recipient still has a complete fic.

I got Cordelia to pick out what she wants to give her father for Christmas. She kind of decided based on the fact that she wants it, too— She’s giving him the blu-ray of Antman. I ordered a couple of things for her, too, and one thing for myself.

I used the pressure cooker to prepare the turkey breast that Scott has had thawing in the fridge since last weekend. The meat comes out pretty moist in the pressure cooker.

Every time I try to play a particular song in iTunes, my entire laptop crashes. It’s a song I ripped off of a CD Scott bought for me last Christmas, and I successfully played it once, back in February, so I don’t know what’s happened with it. I’m going to delete the song and try ripping it again to see if the new version is playable. It’s just annoying to have to. But it’s a lot more annoying to have to forcibly restart my laptop because iTunes can’t crash without taking everything else with it.

I have figured out that the wall stretch PT exercise is actually more effective for me if I do it at the kitchen counter. I’m not sure why that would be, but I get a better stretch that way. The days when I do the stretch agains the wall, my tendon keeps hurting. The days when I do it in the kitchen (generally while waiting for something to cook), my tendon either hurts less or doesn’t hurt at all.

We’re leaving in about an hour for the dinner for our niece’s birthday. Scott hasn’t wrapped her presents yet. He’s better at wrapping than I am, but I think I’m going to ask if he wants help. It’ll be faster. It’s only two presents, a book and (I think) a t-shirt, but Scott is a perfectionist when it comes to wrapping stuff. I’m much sloppier about it and can’t always manage odd shaped things without taping together two or more separate pieces of paper.
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So it’s Thanksgiving. I’m not really feeling it. I think, mostly, I’m tired. I don’t want to leave home right now and spend the afternoon/evening with Scott’s sister’s family (including her in-laws) and some of her friends. I really want to get Scott and Cordelia to cuddle with me on the couch to watch a movie. I’m not even picky about what movie. Maybe we can escape early enough to do that anyway. I can hope. (Scott won’t want to leave because there are people there who will play games with him.)

My plan is to make sure I have my currently active WIP accessible on my phone and to work on them if I can get away with ignoring people. I probably won’t be able to, but I can dream.

I poked at writing a couple of different things yesterday, both the third (or maybe fifth) section of my Yuletide story and the Amber darkfic thing I’ve been working on. I realized that, with the other thing, the second chapter that I’ve been writing (to something I thought was complete) isn’t the end. That kind of makes me want to bang my head against something, but I really don’t want the resulting headache.

I distracted myself by trying to come up with a title for the Yuletide story. I have some options that are okay, but nothing’s leaping out at me. I can’t tell if it’s me being tired or if it’s that I need to look further for title options.

My Achille’s tendon isn’t so great this morning. I did the PT yesterday, but I also went for a walk to hack a portal. I think that last was a mistake. I was moderately okay until I got to the hill. By the time I got down to where I needed to be, my tendon hurt. Getting home was decidedly unfun. It got a little better on flat ground but not as much as I’d hoped. The next nearest portal that doesn’t involve a hill is about three times as far away, so I’m not sure that would be better. Oh, and last night, it was cold and raining. I was not wearing waterproof shoes. I don’t have gloves because, every time I buy some, Cordelia steals them. I think she keeps losing her own gloves. It’s that or, for some reason, she thinks my gloves are better than hers.

I can’t find my rice pack, so I wasn’t able to apply heat to the tendon after my walk. I’ve been searching for that off and on all morning. I really have no idea where it could have ended up. Wandering around the house to look for it is pretty low on my list of things I should be on my feet for.

Last night’s attempt at mashed potatoes came out pretty well. I can’t taste the garlic at all, but I really didn’t want to fuss with trying to add more. I had Scott buy Yukon gold potatoes since every recipe I was seeing said to use those (he had bought the first potatoes he found when he shopped on Saturday). He discovered that Whole Foods doesn’t call them Yukon gold but just labels them as 'yellow potatoes.' Naturally, he only realized that when he discovered that Yukon gold potatoes at Kroger looked exactly like Whole Foods yellow potatoes. (He was shopping at Whole Foods because he had to be next door to pick up a birthday present for our niece. Making more stops was not something he wanted to do.)

Scott is currently making apple pie. He decided to try a gluten free crust so that his sister can eat them. She said it wasn’t necessary because there will be four pies (for twelve people!), and two of them will be GF. Scott is finding the GF crusts frustrating because there’s no way to cover the pie. He thought he could buy a second pre-formed crust and reshape it into a cover, but that didn’t work at all. He also didn’t ask anyone who might know whether some GF crusts are better than others. He bought the cheapest he could find, and I’m rather expecting them to be utterly vile.

I think Scott said that he doesn’t have to be at work tomorrow until around 9:00. I’m hoping that I’m remembering that right. It won’t mean more time together, but it will mean tomorrow will only be a ten hour day for him as opposed to a twelve hour day.
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My left heel is doing better today than it was last night. It still hurts, but it hurts less, about as much as it did yesterday morning. I think I’ll be able to do some of the chores I was hoping to manage today. I want to do a load of laundry. I need to take some things to the school. I need to do the dishes. I want to change our sheets. I think that’s everything that will require time on my feet, and I definitely can’t manage all of it. I’m still at the point of trying to strategically plan bathroom and kitchen expeditions to maximize necessary stuff done while minimizing steps.

I would like to go to the science center because all of the portals there have been taken by the other faction and need taking back. I just know very, very well that I wouldn’t be able to manage it all and pretty certainly wouldn’t make it home without tears, assuming I made it home at all.

Tomorrow will be unpleasant in that direction because I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and Expo at Cordelia’s school in the evening plus the usual Thursday chores. There may or may not be anywhere to sit at Expo. It has varied in the past, and when there are chairs, there are far from enough for everyone to sit (mostly due to space issues since the presentations are in the classrooms).

I have almost 4000 words on my Yuletide story now. Those words are spread over four scenes, only one of which is complete. That one could stand alone but is very much done and about 100 words under the minimum for Yuletide. I think padding it would harm the story. I mean, I’ll look at it again, just in case, but I think it’s not going longer than 900 words. Two of the incomplete scenes will likely end up gutted because I’m still at the stage of writing them where I’m experimenting with different dynamics between the characters. The fourth scene is over 1000 words already and actually has a plot, but I don’t know where to go with it yet because most of the ideas I have aren’t relevant to the character I’m focused on. I’m not switching focus characters because that character is the focus of all the other sections, so I need to find that character’s bit of the big picture.

I’ve got two library books that are due on Sunday that can’t be renewed. One of them, I don’t mind not finishing, but I really do want to read the other. I just keep feeling too tired to focus. I also still haven’t found that missing CD, so I’ll have to pay for it on Sunday. Why do I only lose CDs that I would never willingly listen to again?

I made a mistake yesterday— Cordelia’s class needs supplies for a craft day they’ll be doing just before Thanksgiving, and there were two things on the list that I knew Scott could pick up yesterday. I gave him the choice of the two (50 oranges or enough whole cloves to cover 50 oranges) and didn’t think about it. One is heavy and will take me at least two trips to get to the school (and possibly as many as five). That, of course, was the one Scott could find easily, just inside the door at the store, and so was the one he went for. I really wanted him to get the other which would have been light enough that I could have carried it all over in one trip. The walk to the school is as far as the walk that wrecked me last night. I would prefer to do it only once.

I don’t think Scott even considered the transportation problem. He can carry four or five bags of groceries at once as long as they have handles that he can hang on his arms.

Having Scott carry the stuff over isn’t an option because the staff generally leaves before he even gets off work. Having Cordelia carry it over might work but also might not. I’d probably have to bribe her. Also, she’ll have friends over after school today and tomorrow and definitely won’t be willing to deliver the bags when they’re around.

Making me more annoyed is the fact that the oranges may actually end up being extras. Cordelia said that someone else was bringing limes, and I know they don’t need both. They do still need the dratted cloves, though. Ah, well, I suppose the kids can eat the oranges if they’re surplus.
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Sad Ingress news for me— The portal I’d held the longest just went down. I was at 71 days. The longest I’d managed prior to that was 85 days (on the same portal), but I need 90 days to get the next level badge. I don’t expect we’ll be out to Scott’s parents place until Christmas Eve, so I can’t just take the dratted thing back immediately and hope that this time goes better.

I’m also thinking that I may have no choice but to let my hacking streak go. Getting to the church and back tonight to hack the portal took three times as long as it should have and hurt enough that I’m reluctant to stand up to undress and am unlikely to try to get to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I’m sure I’ll regret that in the morning, but right now, my left heel hurts too much. I’m at a hacking streak of 189 days with the next level badge at 360 days. I very much don’t want to start from zero, but I don’t want it enough to deal with this level of pain (not to mention that pain like this means not doing most of my chores tomorrow).
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Stopping the Zoloft was definitely the right decision. I’m feeling ever so much better now. I’m awake, and my digestive system seems to be settling down. My brain is working again, and I’m so very pleased about it.

I ended up going for a forty five minute walk during the trick or treating time. I could because Scott was home to give out candy. He complained about the fact that, when I gave out the candy, I didn’t demand a 'trick or treat!' from the kids at the door. He also didn’t like keeping the door open all evening. That’s something I’ve done every year, but he’s always been elsewhere, so he never realized. It is an issue with the heat because we keep part of the screen door open and pass out the candy through that window.

According to Scott, we only got about twenty kids. That surprised me because the weather was good. It was chilly, of course, but it was dry and clear and not windy. Cordelia and her friends got a rather large amount of candy. They spent half an hour swapping candy before the other girls went home. One of the girls doesn’t like chocolate, so trading was brisk.

I did end up drooping and unable to watch Supergirl with Scott and Cordelia. I went into our bedroom and tried to call my brother. I left a message for him. Then I called my mother. I hadn’t talked to her since before the flooding in Baton Rouge. They’re doing okay, but my mother is cranky because her cell phone has gotten old enough that her service provider won’t let her keep using it (it hasn’t been reliable for at least the last three years, so it’s past time. She just hasn’t wanted to switch).

Scott got another bin full of leaves ready for pick up. We’ll see if I can get the dratted thing to the curb or not. He should be home on time this evening, so he can move it if I can’t, but I’d rather do it while I’m thinking of it.

Cordelia and her friends all really enjoyed their field trip to a high ropes course yesterday. They want to go again. I checked the website for the place she went, and the cost is $45 a person. There’s a much less expensive course near where Scott’s sister lives ($26 a person). I have no idea how the courses compare, but the price difference would make a big difference. Also, the place near Scott’s sister is open through the end of November while the place the class trip went to closes in another week.

I’ve currently got the dishwasher running and a load of laundry to take downstairs. I’ve collected the trash but haven’t taken it outside yet. I need to bake bread, too. I think that will be the extent of my chores for today. I’m going to see about spending the afternoon writing.
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In terms of my to do list yesterday, I only got the laundry and paying the cleaning lady accomplished. I did a little writing, just not on any of the projects with deadlines.

I’m seriously considering stopping the Zoloft. The fact that I’m losing hours every day to mental zombification means that running games in the afternoons probably won’t work, and UCon is coming up rapidly. I’m also starting to suspect that I’m not going to adjust to the Zoloft and have the zombification go away. It’s been six weeks, and I’m also only at 50 mg a day. My doctor said that we’d need three or four times that for a therapeutic dose. I don’t know if I can do that.

I ended up taking a longer walk last night than I planned. It was in the 30s, and I found that cold air a help in terms of being awake enough to move. I was sweating and overheated by the time I got home even though I kept my jacket unzipped while I was out.

Cordelia and her friends are probably doing their movie thing here tonight again because the girl who was going to host suddenly can’t. On the plus side, we have other Studio Ghibli movies if they find Grave of the Fireflies completely unwatchable. I’m trying to think of an alternative to pizza for feeding the girls, but all of my ideas would cost more or be a lot more work. I just have to come up with something beyond breadsticks for the vegan girl. She always says she’s going to eat before she comes over and then never does.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I should take food with me to my appointment. The appointment should only be half an hour and is scheduled for 11, but if they’re running late, who knows? I also don’t know if I’ll be doing the blood draw before or after. It depends on when I get there and on how long the wait is at the blood draw station.
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My appointment went okay. We’re keeping the Zoloft at 50 mg for at least another month and seeing if any of the side effects go away. My doctor referred me for a blood draw to check my sodium levels and a bunch of other things because there’s something weird going on with how fast water is flowing through me (and we suspect it may relate to the constipation problems, too).

My plan on leaving the appointment a little before noon was to hack some portals that I’d never done before and then go to the library and from there to lunch and still be home by 2:00. What with one thing and another, I got to the library to drop stuff off around 1:30 and caught the same bus home that the cleaning lady was taking to get here.

This means that, apart from some almonds, I haven’t had lunch. This is a very foolish thing for me to have done because I can’t get at the kitchen/dining room until at least 3:00 and quite possibly not until 3:30. If I’d realized I was going to be out like that, I’d have packed some food or at least left something in the living room that I could eat, in addition to the almonds.

On the up side, I got about 130000 points for myself in Ingress and captured about 24 new to me portals (only 11 of those were new to me in terms of hacking). I need another 450000 to go up to level nine. I already have the badges I need for that.

Of course, who knows if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow? I really thoroughly overdid it. I have fairly major problems with not being able to stop myself from doing just a little bit more when I’m doing something like that that doesn’t have clear parameters or where the parameters are large. Some part of my mind figures that I’m there and unlikely to get back and that I haven’t fallen over yet. Doing more all at once and then paying for it seems better to that bit of my brain than doing just the amount I can and maybe coming back another time.
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My cramps seem to have abated today. I suppose I’ll see how things go later on today, but the naproxen that I took twelve hours ago has worn off, and I’m not in pain, so… Maybe. I found myself really extremely fatigued yesterday, too. I tried to read in bed and found that I couldn’t manage even a book of comic strips. I also brought the basket of clean laundry upstairs and almost fell over just before I got to the top.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to take a walk today. It’s nice and cool outside, and I’d like to take advantage of that. By November, it will be cold enough that I can’t do that sort of thing comfortably. My lungs start to complain when it’s in the low 40s F even though the rest of my body is still telling me that coats and such aren’t necessary. Cold air has always been one of my asthma triggers. That’s why, when I go out in cold weather, I wrap a cotton scarf around my face and breathe through that.

Scott’s been playing some sort of Star Wars game on his laptop pretty much non-stop since he got home from work yesterday. He keeps saying he needs to do other things and then going on with the game. He played in bed until about an hour after I turned out the lights last night.

For some reason, although Cordelia and I are the ones who just sent back Netflix DVDs, yesterday I got a new one, and Scott got a new one. That means he has two, and Cordelia has none. Fortunately, she was out when the mail arrived and doesn’t know, but she’ll be peeved when she finds out. I’m going to see if we can get through two of the three by the end of the weekend so that maybe Cordelia will have something new by mid-week.

I need to fiddle with my clock radio because the settings somehow got changed so that it makes an awful noise rather than playing one of the local NPR stations. That means that, when it went off at 5 to remind me to take my thyroid medicine, Scott and I both jolted awake and couldn’t get back to sleep for quite a while. With the radio station, Scott often doesn’t wake at all or just rolls over and is asleep again in seconds. I will need the alarm again tomorrow as I do on any morning when Scott’s not getting up to go to work.

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