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The first of my two stories for this year's [community profile] pod_together challenge has gone live today.

Title: The Last on Your Path
Fandom: The Pretender (TV)
Podfic by: [ profile] fred_mouse
Podfic length: About twelve minutes
Word count: 1686
Rating: Teen and Up
Tags: Gen, Introspection, Pivot Point, Seeing Things
Notes: The challenge requires putting the text version of the story and the audio links in the same AO3 document.
Summary: Sydney's seeing things he knows can't be real. Eventually, he has to listen anyway.

The Last on Your Path at AO3.
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I have posted updates to At the Edge of Centuries (chapter 6 is new), an Amber AU story in my House of Sulfur and Mercury series, and to Auguries of Innocence (chapter 7 is new), a Harry Potter AU.

Both links go to the first chapter of the story in question. Neither story is anywhere near complete.

And I've gotten a comment on Auguries of Innocence that labels is as (good) crackfic. Are long, plotty darkfic AUs generally considered crackfic? I've always found the term a bit slippery in that I know when I read something that I would call crackfic but couldn't define the term apart from pointing at examples. I usually expect short and humorous, though.
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Authors have been revealed for the Nonconathon, so I can claim the five stories I wrote. I'm putting the list and information about the stories behind a cut because of the subject matter. If you click through, please mind the tags. I wrote one Weiss Kreuz, one Star Trek Original Series (Mirror Universe), and three original fics. I think the Weiss Kreuz story is the only one for which I didn't fall down the world building rabbit hole.

All of these are explicit.

The fic descriptions and links )
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Not Prime Time authors have been revealed, so here are the two stories I wrote. One is for Weiss Kreuz and the other for Star Wars Original Trilogy.

I wouldn't normally cut these, but this got long )

I have also recently posted the following fics in Rurouni Kenshin, DC animated/Smallville, and Harry Potter )

I also have five fics that are complete but as yet unrevealed and one that's almost done but lower priority than the one I need to start this evening. I've written a little more than 17K words so far this month, so I'm expecting this month to end up my highest word count month for the year so far (the previous top was a bit over 19K).
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Title: The Shadows at Her Will
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: E
Length: 11,819 words (four chapters)
Pairings: Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter/Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley
Characters: The above plus Charlie Weasley
Warnings/Tags: Noncon/rape, Dark Ginny Weasley, Femdom, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Dark, BDSM
Notes: The story diverges during The Chamber of Secrets. The first two chapters are gen. The last two are not. There's a decade and a half time skip between. The Tom/Ginny is consensual and doesn't start until she's of age.
Summary: Tom was quite sure this wasn't how things had been supposed to work, but in the end, he wasn't unhappy about it.

The fic at AO3.

Title: Nothing False and Possible
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Rating: M
Length: 10,834 words in one chapter
Pairing: Luke/Merlin
Warnings: Dubious consent, Ambiguous/open ending, Merlin in female form via shapeshifting, Cousin incest, Light bondage, Discussion of forced pregnancy, Discussion of death and torture, Technically adultery
Notes: Part of the House of Sulfur and Mercury sequence but definitely stands alone.
Summary: Merlin searches for a way out of the cave where Luke has trapped him. Seducing Luke seems like a potentially viable option, but it keeps getting more and more complicated.

Fic at AO3.

Title: No Decisions to Master
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Rating: E
Length: 1,476 words
Pairing: Luke/Merlin
Warnings: Noncon, PWP, Toture, Psychological Torture, Non-consensual bondage
Notes: This is a side story for The Fruit of Our Intents and marks the low point for Luke in that. The low point went on a long time, but this is typical. Can be read without having read The Fruit of Your Intents and isn't necessary for reading and understanding that. Luke POV.
Summary: Merlin has fun with Luke. Luke doesn't enjoy it nearly so much.

Fic at AO3.

I've also added chapters to We Are Where We Began if anyone's following that. I'm at nine chapters for that now and have no idea when I'll find the end. There's a pregnancy (Merlin in female human form) and a child resulting from it. Just in case that's something you very much do or don't want to read.
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Title: Paths for Getting Lost
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Rating: T
Characters: Caine, Merlin
Length: 1948 words
Warnings/tags: None at present
Notes: I just couldn’t see all of Corwin’s siblings embracing Merlin as family without a lot of hesitation and suspicion.
Summary: "Caine volunteered to teach me how to use the Pattern to travel Shadow."

Caine and Merlin shortly after Patternfall.

Fic at AO3.
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I’ve posted four stories today, three from Fandom Stocking and one in the House of Sulfur and Mercury series.

Title: With Bitter Herbs and Rue
Fandom: Sky High (2005)
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Layla Williams
Tags: Introspection, Post-Canon
Length: 449 words
Summary: When Layla knows she right, she doesn’t let anything stop her.
The fic at AO3.

Title: Too Tender to Know Change
Fandom: The Pretender (TV)
Rating: T
Characters/Pairings: Miss Parker, Jarod
Tags: Post "Island of the Haunted", Amnesia, Ruthlessness
Length: 405
Summary: There are things Jarod could do and won’t. There are things Miss Parker can do and will.
The fic at AO3.

Title: Yesterday’s Fabric
Fandom: Labyrinth (1986)
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Junk Lady (Labyrinth)
Tags: Worldbuilding
Length: 287 words
Summary: Most girls stay, but some don’t. Agnes deals with them all.
The fic at AO3.

Title: Your Future Has a History
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Luke | Rinaldo, The Ty’iga, Merlin, Ghostwheel, Luke | Rinaldo/Merlin, Luke | Rinaldo/The Ty’iga
Tags: Rape/non-con, Captivity, Stockholm Syndrom, Suicidal Thoughts, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Demonic Possession, Alternate Universe - Dark
Length: 5227
Summary: Luke meets someone from his past and faces a real choice. Part of House of Sulfur and Mercury.
The fic at AO3.
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I wrote two stories for Yuletide this year, my assignment and a treat. I’ve never written a treat before, so I’m very pleased to have managed one. Admittedly, this is a case of seeing a prompt and knowing that it was exactly the sort of thing that I could write well.

My main assignment was for The Chronicles of Amber (which made me laugh given how much I’ve written for that canon in the last year). My recipient, blueorangecrush, said they’d be happy with any character and listed a few of their favorites. I wanted to fit all five into the story but only ended up managing three of them. I have drafts of bits with the other two, but those required additional chapters that I just didn’t have time for, so I didn’t end up posting them. This story ended up being four chapters, and each of those could stand alone (though chapter one was too short to be an independent Yuletide story by about 90 words).

Title: The Wisdom That You Brought
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Rating: T
Length: 7395
Characters: Random, Vialle, Llewella, Oberon (and a few other people who don’t say much)
Pairing: Random/Vialle
Tags: Sibling Incest, Blind Character, Vialle POV, POV Female Character, Intrigue, Misses Clause Challenge, Arranged Marriage
Blurb: Vialle’s connection to Amber began much earlier than when she first met Random.

The story at AO3.

Cut for discussion of rape in the other story )
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Title: Less Than Dust
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Rating: E (though possibly it should be M. There are only two moderately explicit sentences)
Length: 4600 words
Pairing: Martin/Luke
Tags: rape/non-con, captivity, references to torture, alternate universe - dark, Stockholm Syndrome
Notes: Takes place a few days after the end of The Fruit of Your Intents. I thought Luke needed a chance to speak.
Summary: Luke would rather not deal with Martin, but it’s not as if he has any choice.

The story at AO3.
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Title: The Very Self of the Storm
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Rating: T
Length: 2998
Tags: non-specific past torture, past non-consensual drug use, hurt/comfort, amnesia, alternate universe - post-apocalypse
Summary: Lex wakes in pain in a strange place with no idea how he got there or how much time has passed.
Notes: Written as a pinch hit for The Darkest Night 2016 exchange.

Story on AO3.
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Title: The Fruit of Your Intents
Fandom: The Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Word Count: 32300
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Merlin/Luke (non-con), Merlin/Martin (consensual), Martin/Luke (non-con)
Warnings: Non-con. Revenge. Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Dark, Shapeshifting, First Person POV, Ambiguous/Open Ending, Torture, Non-consensual Bondage, Angst, Captivity, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Introspection, Dark Merlin.
Summary: Merlin spent two years as a prisoner of his former friend, Luke, and of Luke’s mother, Jasra. Once he’s free, he realizes just how much of himself he’s lost and wants revenge. Partly Merlin putting himself back together and partly him taking Luke apart.

The Fruit of Your Intents at AO3
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Title: They Come Knocking Like Hearts Asking
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Pairing: Merlin/Jasra
Rating: M
Warning: offscreen rape
Tags: babies, captivity, alternate universe - canon divergence
Length: 4322 words
Blurb: "It wasn’t until much, much later that it occurred to me that it had actually been hugely convenient for her. Maybe it wasn’t Luke who left me to starve. But it was Luke who put retrieving me in his mother’s hands."

Merlin wants to live. Jasra wants other things.

Story on AO3.

I’ll get around to updating my website eventually. I just keep putting it off. I’ve got three fics that need to go up now, so maybe I’ll get around to it soon.
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I have posted my WIP Big Bang fic. It hasn’t been beta read, and I gave it only the most cursory read over because I only had an hour and a half before my drop dead deadline to post. Mainly, I made sure that the html was okay. If you spot typos or omitted words or whatever, please let me know. I haven’t posted it at my website yet, and I’m not sure when I will. Tomorrow, I have many other things I need to get done.

Title: Dark and Deep
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: M
Tags: alternate universe - canon divergence, alternate universe - dark, villain pov, child abuse, physical abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, muteness, suicidal ideation
Pairing: None
Characters: Jadis, Susan, Peter, Tumnus
Summary: Tumnus delivers Lucy to the White Witch, and Aslan never comes. All four children end up in Jadis's hands, and she decides to see what she can mold them into.
Notes: This is the first story in an arc, but I’m not sure how many stories will come after it. I know the next one will deal with Edmund and Lucy and Susan.

Dark and Deep at AO3.
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Scott has an AO3 account with two stories on it. He’s [ profile] Gonqueasel. One story is 180 words and crosses SG-1 with Phineas and Ferb. The other story is 123 words and crosses SG-1 with Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman. He’s still figuring out how to tag things and all of that, and I don’t know if he’ll ever have anything else to post, but he’s there now. Both stories are G rated gen.
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I spent some time this weekend doing DVD commentaries on fic fragments. A few years back, I asked people if they had snippets of my fic that they’d like commentaries on. I got three requests and then never actually sat down and did them. I ended up doing two of the three this weekend and posted them on my other journal (I use that primarily for locked entries that back up various fragmentary works, fanfic and original fic. Those entries are locked, so there’s really nothing to see there. The stuff is locked more because I don’t know if it will ever be finished than because I don’t want people to see it, but really, it’s bits and pieces of nothing much at all). All the DVD commentaries are and will be public.

DVD commentary on a fragment of Transitions. "Transitions" is a Weiss Kreuz story. Sakura and Aya-chan deal with each other in the aftermath of the end of Kapital. Transitions on AO3.

DVD commentary on a fragment of Changeling. "Changeling" crosses the Chronicles of Narnia with The Secret Garden. This bit is entirely in Narnia, but the point of view character will be familiar to folks who know The Secret Garden. Changeling on AO3.

The third story, the one I haven’t gotten to yet, is "Investment," a Vorkosigan story I did for fandom_stocking in 2009. I will link to that when I get it done.

I also found, on my hard drive, a partial DVD commentary I did on chapter 1 of Rheotaxis. I have no idea when I did it, but it can’t have been more recent than ten years ago and may well be older. I got through about half of the chapter and then got distracted. I never posted it anywhere because it wasn’t done. I don’t remember now who asked for it, and the odds are fairly high that they’ve moved on from Weiss Kreuz and LJ/DW, but I thought I’d post what I have anyway because I did spend a fair amount of time working on it.

This is in four parts because it’s so very long. There’s talk of rape, and it’s clearly coming, but I didn’t get as far into the chapter as to reach actual violence/rape.

DVD commentary on the first half of chapter 1 of Rheotaxis, part 1.

DVD commentary on the first half of chapter 1 of Rheotaxis, part 2.

DVD commentary on the first half of chapter 1 of Rheotaxis, part 3.

DVD commentary on the first half of chapter 1 of Rheotaxis, part 4.
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My Yuletide fic was a lot of fun to write. My recipient had a very open ended request. The only solid guideline was a list of their three favorite characters. They'd said 'any' on the official sign up, and optional details are optional, so I could have ignored that, but I wanted to focus on one of those characters. I started with three vague ideas. One didn't involve any of the favorite characters and would have been dark, something I didn't think my recipient wanted, so I discarded that (I may write it some day if I find myself at loose ends). Of the other two, one involved a character who I knew I'd struggle to write well but had a straightforward story. The other story idea focused on a character I was sure I could write but hadn't the vaguest whiff of plot. I decided to go with the character I was sure of because, for me at least, plot tends to follow from character. So I put two characters together in a room and started writing.

Title: How Old My Heart
Fandom: Archer's Goon - Diana Wynne Jones
Rating: PG
Warnings: Serious spoilers for the entire book
Blurb: Howard has tea every week with Torquil. He thinks Torquil almost understands.

How Old My Heart at AO3.
How Old My Heart at my website.

I haven't posted the story to yet. I will, but it's not high priority for me today. If anybody prefers to read there, let me know, and I'll get it posted there.
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I made that rhubarb pie last night. I had extra rhubarb so I put it in. Unfortunately, I didn't think to add extra corn starch, so the pie filling is extremely liquid heavy. It's still tasty, tarter than the last pie I made which isn't a bad thing. I started making the pie after the cleaning lady left, and I had plenty of time to bake it before dinner, what with how late Scott was running.

Scott went to bed a little after eight because he was expecting to have to go in at 3 a.m. Fortunately, they turned out not to need him. They called at 11 to tell him that. I had just finished climbing into bed when the phone rang. They don't always call when they don't need him, just sometimes. That's why Scott always calls to check right when he gets up at 2. Sometimes, he's lucky, and he can just go back to sleep.

Cordelia, as has become her habit, stayed up until I went to bed. She went into her room a bit after 10, but her light didn't go out until nearly 11. She's still getting up about 8 every morning, so I guess 11 isn't too late for her. It's just frustrating for me and Scott. Our house is small enough that, as long as Cordelia is awake, we have no privacy. Scott and I need to be asleep as close to 11 as we can manage, so staying up even later isn't a good option (not to mention that Cordelia would likely just stay up later, too).

I kind of wish I was willing to just let a house plant die-- A couple of years ago, Cordelia brought a plant cutting home from science center camp. We planted it, and we've watered it regularly. It's grown quite a lot. It's one of those plants that grows out in a single direction, with a single runner. I've been winding it back around the pot, but that's getting to be impossible. I tried cutting it off to stop it growing, but it just sprouted a new runner from then next leaf back. I don't know what to do with the dratted thing.

Last night, I posted a chapter for [ profile] weissvsaiyuki. Because it's a WIP, I'm not going to post it anywhere else yet. I want to finish it before I start posting it to AO3 or ffnet (and I need to see whether or not it ends up meeting the content restrictions for ffnet. It might not in the end). It's called Deep in Memory, and it's a Weiss Kreuz story. I do intend to finish it, hopefully quickly. If you read it and like it, do let me know. I'm uncertain about this one.
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Now that the reveal has gone through for Not Prime Time authors, I can claim my story. It's currently only on AO3 because my website is down due to some hardware problems we're having. I hope that won't put anybody off.

Title: Not All My Grief (Four Things That Might Have Happened to Susan
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: T
Summary: After, Susan's life went on.
Notes: Written for Corycides. Set after The Last Battle. I couldn't settle on just one adventure for Susan to have, hence this.

Not All My Grief on AO3.
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Now that Remix has revealed the authors, I can claim my story.

Title: Repairs (The Mary Ellen Carter Remix)
Fandom: The Avengers
Rating: G
Warnings: Clint has PTSD.
Summary: During the crisis, everything was easy. After, Clint found himself starting to come apart.
Notes: Remix of Trojie's Homecomings.

Repairs at my website.
Repairs at AO3.
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Now that Yuletide authors have been revealed, I can tell you all what I wrote.

Title: Autumn Over Her
Fandom: The Pretender
Rating: G
Warnings: None to speak of
Summary: When Sydney asks for help, Jarod answers.
Notes: Written for Doranwen in Yuletide 2013. Set post Island of the Haunted.

Autumn Over Her at my website.
Autumn Over Her at AO3.

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