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I'll be going to Medequip tomorrow to try on some different masks. The idea is to find something that won't irritate my sinuses to the point of days of sneezing. The current one doesn't provoke that all of the time.

I want to nap, but my sinuses are still in rebellion. I'm not sure if it's the c-PAP or the ragweed or the dust from cleaning. It might be all three. I used my neti pot (I don't very often, just when I'm worried that something like dust or pollen might be setting me off).

The orientation session last night was a bit overwhelming. Too many people, no AC, and lots of stairs.

All of the staff members specified their pronouns. None of them used anything but the he set or the she set, but I'm glad they did it because it's entirely possible that there were kids in the audience who needed reassurance that their pronouns will be respected.

We found someone who wants the Legos that I washed/bleached on Sunday. Scott's sister's SIL's church can use them. She's willing to pick them up. We still have a few other things to give away/donate.

My mother has sent me a url for the parts we need to repair the love seat and chair in the basement. I just need to measure the pieces of the support straps we've still got to make sure we order the right things. I don't know how long it will be before Scott has time to do the work, but getting the parts is the first step.

I'm really done in. If you've sent me something in last few days that requires thought, I might manage it tomorrow, but it's not going to happen today.
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I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon and evening on the verge of tears for no reason I could figure out. Maybe it’s something hormonal? I don’t know. I haven’t had a full period since October, and goodness knows things in that direction are out of whack due to my age and medications. It was just completely out of the blue, and I really wanted Scott to help me out, but I couldn’t seem to get him to understand or to remember.

This morning, I had a very definite anxiety dream— I had gone back to college and registered for classes, but I didn’t know which ones I’d gotten or where or when they met. Supposedly, I could find that information out online, but I didn’t know the right commands to get the computer to do anything at all. Oh, and the computer was green on black in terms of text display. I haven’t used anything like that in about twenty five years.

I think, weirdly, that having Scott and Cordelia both in the house constantly all week has added to my stress. I love them dearly, but… When they’re at home, I end up rearranging everything in order to accommodate them without them being accommodating in return.

But having them go back to school and work will be vastly difficult for me, too.

We’re still trying to figure out the bedside table problem. I don’t have a c-PAP yet, but I will very, very soon, and I’m going to need a place to put it and to put all of the stuff I currently keep there. Scott is talking about taking out my bookshelves entirely, but I’m reluctant. I use those shelves for things I’m currently using for fic or think I will soon, for things I haven’t read yet, for reference books, and for library books. Everything that was there that I’m willing to store in the basement has already gone downstairs.

Oh, and I use those shelves for my lotion and deodorant and hairbrush and a couple of medications that I often need at night… There’s also a specific spot where I put medical paperwork that I won’t need for a few days or weeks or longer but need to be able to find immediately the day of the appointment or whatever. We keep games and puzzles on the shelves, too, and really don’t have any other place for them. I think Scott assumes we can just get rid of most of that stuff, but if I was willing to, I would have already. Yes, they’re games I’m not likely to play again, but they’re also the specific copies of those games that I played a lot as a child and teenager. I used to play solitaire Scrabble a lot because no one would play with me. That may not be reason to keep the game, but… I want to.

As my back hurts less, my tendinitis is becoming noticeable again. My back hurt so much for a while that I just no longer felt the tendinitis. I hoped it had really gone, but it hadn’t. The noise from my back was just drowning it out.

Last night, my face and upper chest both started itching horribly. It was quite sudden, and I couldn’t figure out a cause. It felt a lot like I’d been rubbing those parts of my body with wool non-stop for ten or fifteen minutes, so I suspected allergies. I ended up washing and then taking benadryl and slathering on hydrocortisone. That was enough to let me sleep moderately well, but bits of my face still itch this morning. I don’t see any rash or swelling (a little damage from me scratching but nothing else) apart from the rash around my eyes that I’ve had since September. I haven’t put anything new/different on my face or hair. We’re still using fragrance and dye free laundry detergent.
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It snowed yesterday and is still quite cold today. I don’t think any snow stuck, but it was kind of disconcerting for April. Also, the folks two houses down were having a very, very tall tree taken down yesterday, and I really felt sorry for the crew doing it because it was rotten weather for it.

Of course, the noise of the tree removal started well before Scott and I had planned to get up, so we were a little cranky about that.

The next three weeks look really unpleasant. Four medical appointments next week, four the following week, and three the week after that. And that assumes nothing else has to be scheduled. Of course, if I cancel the PT for my back, two appointments a week go away, and my back is a good bit better. I just want to make sure it doesn’t get bad again, and maybe I can get them to address my hands and my tendinitis. It’s still two weeks before I can see my doctor about those last two. I just don’t know if the PT people can address problems that aren’t part of the actual referral or if insurance won’t pay for that.

Scott, Cordelia, and Cordelia’s best friend are making the rounds of the local thrift stores. Scott has texted me that the girls are buying a lot of stuff. He’s looking mostly at furniture, but he also found me a replacement laptop cooling stand that might well work.

I got the dishes done and baked a carrot cake (from a mix) while they’ve been out, but I didn’t get to the DVD I wanted to finish. I’ve got about half an hour left on that one, and I’m pretty sure Scott and Cordelia will be against me having it on while they’re in the living room.
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I bought a new podium thingy for my laptop because my old one has gotten to the point that my laptop keeps slipping slowly off the front (I can still leave it overnight without it falling, but I worry), but the one I got (from Amazon) turned out to be too steep even at the lowest. The blurb said it started at 12 degrees of angle, and I’m terrible at judging angles, so I thought that would be close to what I’ve currently got. Sadly, it’s at least twice as steep in the lowest tilt position (I’m not absolutely convinced that it was really 12 degrees). What I’ve got now is exactly right for me to type without hurting my hands/wrist and without resting my wrists/arms on anything.

It’s also got protruding bits of metal to hold the laptop at the front to keep it from sliding off. Those stick out a good centimeter past the surface of my laptop and are right where my wrists want to be.

So I’m going to have to send back the new one. I’m a bit cranky about that. I’ve talked to Scott about the problem, but he’s kind of not interested in brainstorming solutions. I feel like it ought to be possible to keep using the old one if I can somehow increase friction between the pads and the bottom of the laptop because the problem seems to be that the plastic of those pads has gotten too smooth. Maybe duct tape?

Almost all of the podiums I saw online were flat and included fans that need to be plugged into the USB port in order to cool things at all. My current podium (which is no longer manufactured and out of stock) just lets air in under the laptop, and I think that works well enough. It’s also quiet and doesn’t drain my battery. So.

ETA: Amazon says they're refunding my $20 and that I don't need to return the stupid thing. I don't particularly want to pay postage to return it, but what on earth am I going to do with it? I suppose it's probably recyclable.

Scott agrees with me, though, that the thing I bought has a much steeper minimum angle than the advertised twelve degrees.
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Drat. It’s official. Zenni Optical can’t provide me with glasses because my sizing is weird. I talked to their online help last night, and they confirmed that they have no frames whatsoever in my size. I’m boggled because I think of myself as having a normal sized head. My past experience has been going to a store, trying things on and having everything more or less fit (but most things look terrible).

So I guess I have to try to get out to Briarwood at some point to shop for glasses. Bleh.

Cordelia’s appointment this morning went well. I have not made her go back to school for the hour and a half that remains of the day. I’m sure I should have, but… She’s very, very tired.

The doctor we saw was the same we saw last year. He says that she needs to be looked at by the sports medicine surgery people to see if they think she needs surgery. He didn’t actually use the word 'surgery.' He said, 'Go in and fix things.' I’m not sure if Cordelia registered that that meant surgery. He also referred her for physical therapy. I think I need to make the call to set up PT but that the sports medicine people will call us. Cordelia is barred from gym until the sports medicine people see her, and even then, only goes back if they say it’s okay to.

We talked to the clinic social worker about maybe finding lower cost transportation. I’m going to talk to friends and family first, but it would be nice to have a less expensive but still reliable option to fall back on.

We ordered delivery for lunch, Chinese food from a place we hadn’t tried before (It was 11:00; my choices were limited). The food was okay, but I sliced three of my fingers on the lid of one of the plastic containers as I tried to pry the lid off. Two of the fingers bled, and all three still hurt nine hours later.

I’m using the new bedside lamp that Scott bought me, but I’m not entirely happy with it. It turns on and off by touch and is easy to bump into. Even on the brightest setting, there’s not enough light to read except if I hold the book just so. Scott thinks that, if we can get the lamp a little higher up, the light will be better. I’m dubious. He had it on top of my alarm clock for a while, but that just meant I kept knocking it off. Scott has managed to retrieve my power strip and move it up on top of my table, so I can actually use it now, but I haven’t yet managed to plug in or unplug something without bumping the lamp.
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Cordelia slept in her own bed last night. She’s not up yet, though, so I’m a little worried that she’ll have trouble getting out of bed even though she practiced a couple of times yesterday. She did get to do a little bit with the laser tag party. They apparently set her up as a sniper. Cordelia was able to sit in the front seat of the car which is a big deal, too.

I didn’t have a headache yesterday but do today. I think this is a separate thing from the headache Thursday and Friday because my period seems to be starting up. (Only time will tell if this is real or another occasion where it will go for an hour or two and stop.)

Scott went to a couple of places while Cordelia was at the party to see if he could find a bedside table for me and/or a chair for Cordelia to use at her desk. The current chair is quite large for the space, and Scott is hoping that a chair with a smaller footprint would make banging her knee again less likely. Sadly, he didn’t find anything he thought would work.

Scott’s currently cooking turkey bacon. We’re buying that rather than regular bacon because Cordelia likes chewy bacon rather than crisp. Turkey bacon is pretty much always chewy. It doesn’t taste at all the same, but it’s pretty good as its own thing. Turkey bacon does not work well for making bacon wrapped dates because those need more fat. I had some luck with adding butter when I experimented with using turkey bacon last Christmas, but I think it needed rather more butter than I put in.

Scott has made a Kung Fu Panda vid. I will link to it when he posts it. It’s his first vid ever, and he had a lot of fun making it. He’s been wanting to vid for many years but never got to the point of trying it before. I suspect he’ll end up making more.

Where are the best places to post vids?
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I discovered last night that I have serious difficulty opening the bathroom door because gripping the knob is very painful. The knob is kind of stubborn about turning, and the door sticks a bit. This is only an issue when we have company, so last night was the first time I’d needed to deal with that in months.

I’m also thinking that Scott is right that I need a new lamp. I don’t want to lose the one I’ve got because Mom made it for me, but I have problems with the switch because it needs turning. A lot of the time, I can manage because it’s such a brief thing, but… It does hurt.

I’ve got one load in the washer and one in the dryer. The bed is half made (the blankets are in the wash). I think the next step is the sandwich for Cordelia. That will take less than two minutes. (I make sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia because it takes me less than five minutes to make both sandwiches. Scott and Cordelia both take more than ten minutes to make a single sandwich. I have no idea what they do to take that long.) I think the dishwasher should be next followed by calling UHS.
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I’m going back to bed very soon now. Due to various factors, I only got six hours of sleep last night, and my body is letting me know in no uncertain terms that doing that two nights in a row is utterly unacceptable. I’ve just got a couple of things, including this post, that I want to get done before I crash, so it will be at least another half hour before I lie down.

Scott discovered last night that some of the bolts holding Cordelia’s loft bed together had been working themselves loose. He tightened them, but I worry about the ones that we can’t see without moving the bed. We can only get at the thing from two sides (and one of those requires standing in the closet).

We played Flash Point with Cordelia last night, at her request. I think she enjoyed it more than she expected to. We just barely won— We had one black cube left to place when we rescued our seventh person. We got lucky because the fire kept landing in one half of the house while the people to be rescued always landed in the other part.

There was no school yesterday, so it was me and Cordelia at home together all day. I got her to watch two episodes of Princess Tutu with me, but I’m not sure she was really interested. I suppose I’ll find out when I suggest watching it again.

My left Achille’s tendon is giving me more trouble, even just in terms of walking around the house and doing the things I have to do.

I think I’m not going to sign up for [community profile] fandom5k. Looking at the specific requests so far, there aren’t many that I could actually write well, and half of those are in fandoms I wasn’t going to offer because of the canon being too big. Two of the remaining ones are for the same person. There were also several requests in fandoms I had intended to offer that were things I’d have a hard time writing.
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I woke this morning with a migraine. I’ve been up for an hour and a half and have taken Amerge and had tea and eaten. The pain is receding, but now I’m getting a wallop of nausea. Fun. I took Ativan last night because I hoped it would head off the anxiety migraine. I don’t know if I’m just so hugely stressed out that it didn’t help or if this is some other sort of migraine, probably either menstrual or due to lack of sleep.

I didn’t manage either napping or getting to bed early yesterday, and I’m more than a little cranky with myself over it. I did, however, get bread made, the trash out (Scott took out the recycling), the dishwasher filled and run, and Cordelia’s laundry washed. Scott cut the bread, but I made the sandwiches.

I also wrote 3700 words. That’s a rather large amount for me. Naturally, it’s all on something that I have no idea what to do with because it’s fanfic that’s going sufficiently AU that I feel like it’s no longer properly connected while still being too grounded in the setting/character backstory to make sense with the serial numbers filed off. It’s also going to have a majorish OC (female) because I can’t come up with anyone from canon who would fit the space in the story without breaking it.

Scott is talking about trying to find a different way to shelve my books and such in the bedroom in order to make a wider nightstand feasible. He mentioned the possibility of building shelves to replace the bookcases I’m currently using. I’m not convinced. I have books double stacked and piled up in ways that are probably heavier than shelves built into the wall could handle. I’d need about half again as many shelves in order not to be putting stacks everywhere that I can squeeze them in. The current shelves are deep enough for a row of mass market paperbacks and stacks of standard sized hardcovers in front of those. These are all library books or books I own but haven’t yet read, so I don’t want to move them all to the basement.

He wants to move my current nightstand and lamp into the living room once we have replacements. My mother made the lamp out of a largish jug she found at a yard sale many, many years ago (I’m pretty sure it predates Cordelia). A new lamp might well have a smaller footprint on my nightstand; there’s no way we’d find something bigger.

Today is kind of packed. I have a nutritionist appointment at 11:00 that I really would rather not go to because she’s completely convinced that I’m seeing her for weight loss even though I keep telling her that no I really am not. Given that I seem to have gained about ten pounds since I last saw her… Yeah.

Cordelia has an appointment at 4:15. The current plan is for Scott to make sure he gets out of work right at 3:00 so that he can drive us into town. Then he’ll turn around and come back home to shower. He’ll pick up fast food of some sort and then get us so we can all drive to Skyline (the high school Cordelia will probably attend). We’ll be there until at least 7:30 and possibly as late as 8:30. Cordelia’s a little panicked about her homework because there’s just no time in there for her to do it, not with lights out at 10:00 and her needing a shower. Given the concert tomorrow night, she really has to shower tonight.
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I ended up going to bed quite early last night. I ate some crackers for dinner but wasn’t hugely hungry. I was also concerned that eating anything challenging would mean not being able to sleep. In spite of my exhaustion, I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I was too warm, and Scott and Cordelia were watching TV and laughing. I had the bedroom door shut, of course, but it didn’t do much in that direction.

I ended up not getting back to sleep after Scott got up, in spite of being tired. I got up around 6:15 (normally when Scott leaves) to help him search for his wallet. I found it just as he was about to head out the door without it because he was already going to be late for work. It had fallen into a bag in the bathroom.

I’m very, very hungry this morning, and I suspect it’s due to not eating dinner last night. My current plan is to have a normal breakfast and then see how I’m doing. I don’t want to over eat.

The new bite splint looks different than the old one. I asked if it was just the age of the old one or if the materials are different, and the dentist didn’t know. Twenty five years seems likely to produce considerable changes in materials for that sort of thing. The new bite splint feels a bit different in my mouth, too, mostly because it’s less worn.

[ profile] evalerie and I had lunch at Jerusalem Garden. We got there around 11:30 which was a bit before the lunch rush started. When we left, people were lined up, waiting to be seated. We both had lentil soup. She had hummus with carrots and cucumbers for dipping. I had a spinach pie. That had pepper flakes in it, so I’ll have to remember not to order it next time I go there. I dipped pieces in my soup which helped a bit.

I was able to drop off that paperwork with my psychiatrist after lunch, so that’s taken care of.

I need to talk to Scott’s parents about the orchestra concert so that we can figure out logistics. Scott and Cordelia are urging me to go home after Cordelia’s school plays (they’ll be playing second). Cordelia is required to stay until the end (district rules), so Scott has to stay, but they’re thinking that Scott’s parents probably won’t want to stay for the whole thing and can take me home since it would be more or less on their way. I feel kind of like I shouldn’t do that, but it may be the most sensible course for me because I’m going to be exhausted by that point.

Other things on my to do list for today:

Baking bread
Dealing with the trash/recycling
Normal daily chores
Cordelia’s laundry if I still have resources after doing the rest (she asked me to, but she can do it after school if necessary)

Scott finally ordered a new power cord for my laptop. The one I’ve been using had been put aside because it only works some of the time. Last night, it stopped working. It’s working again now, but who knows for how long? My battery ran out to the point that my laptop turned off entirely. I’m at 57% now, and I have my fingers crossed that the cord will keep working for a few more days.

I did a little searching online to see if I could find my ideal bedside table. I didn’t. I found one that’s close that’s $170 plus shipping, one that’s close that has been completely discontinued and doesn’t appear to be for sale anywhere, and one that’s close that has been discontinued and is available for an unknown price if I’m able to drive forty miles to get it (and if no one else buys it first. The next closest is ninety miles away. After that, all of the distances are more than two hundred miles).

I need something that’s no more than seventeen inches wide and preferably more like fifteen or sixteen, with a deep drawer (at least three inches, preferably four or five) on that side, between twenty five and thirty inches long, and between twenty three and twenty six inches high. A power strip would be wonderful, but not having one isn’t a deal breaker. Sadly, I have yet to find a furniture site that allows one to enter the desired dimensions and narrow the search that way. By color, yes, but not by size.

Scott is really hoping that IKEA has something because that’s on his way home from work. Sadly, a search of their website turned up nothing that would work. I’m not absolutely certain that I used the right search terms. 'End table,' 'side table,' 'bedside table,' and 'nightstand' were all zero results, and I was reluctant to search 'table' unmodified because I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be able to sort through those results.

Okay, I’m moving 'nap' up my to do list now. I’m starting to get a tired headache. Hopefully, I’ll still have time for everything… Maybe getting bread into the machine and then napping?
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Somehow I never fully woke up yesterday. I got up, and I did things, but I couldn’t manage anything that took focus. I have several emails to answer. I’ve been sitting on them for days without being able to think well enough to start writing.

I took an Ativan Saturday evening before I started trying to deal with the LTD review paperwork. I suspect that’s the main reason I was actually able to sleep because I didn’t sleep until after 3:00 last night. Getting up at 6:30 was pretty damned difficult. The not sleeping was a combination of my body hurting (legs aching, cramps), my brain not slowing down, and anxiety induced nausea that turned into reflux around 2:00. At that point, I had some vanilla ice cream, and that helped considerably, killing the reflux entirely. I’m going to lie down for a while after Cordelia heads for school and after I’ve gotten my paperwork together. Except that, right at the moment, I feel awake.

I have a dental appointment (bite splint fitting) at 11:00 and plans for lunch with [ profile] evalerie that I’ve been really looking forward to. The restaurant we plan to go to is less than three blocks from my psychiatrist’s office, so I was thinking that I could drop her part of the paperwork off while I’m in the area. My suspicion is that I’ll come back home after lunch and sleep. Assuming my body cooperates.

My hands were really hurting last night. I’m not sure what I did to set that off. I need to figure out what’s become of my thumb splints. I can find one of the ones I got from the drug store and both of the big, inconvenient, ones of last resort. I can’t find the second drug store purchase or either one of the other pair the orthopedics people gave me.

I want to measure the space occupied by my bedside table with an eye toward replacing it. The current one is something I inherited from a great-aunt back in the 1980s, and I don’t think it will work well for a c-PAP. It started life as a living room end table, one of those multi-tiered things with a half layer above a full and then a second full shelf underneath. The finish is the sort to be damaged by water.

I don’t actually want to get rid of the table as there’s some possibility that my great-grandfather, who was a carpenter, might actually have made it. I have one bookshelf that I know he made, and I’m not getting rid of that even though it’s not ideal as a bookshelf. I never met that particular great-grandfather as he died before I was born. (Come to think of it, they all did. The two I remember were step-great-grandfathers.)

Ideally, I’d like something with drawers so that I can put my medications and such in one and know exactly where they are. I suspect I won’t be able to find anything that I love because I need a very, very exact footprint. There’s no way to rearrange things to get more space or space in different proportions, not if we want Scott to be able to get in and out of bed without climbing over me. The space on his side of the bed is already narrow enough that we have to move sideways to get in and out. I’d ideally like a narrower bedside table so that I can reach my powerstrip without moving the table completely out of the room first (that makes dealing with things that live on the table that are plugged in challenging because I can’t unplug them and move them with the table).

We had dinner at Totoro last night. Cordelia has set herself the goal of trying everything on the menu. The waitress laughed because Scott and I always order the same thing. She said we were eating 'the old way' and Cordelia was eating 'the new way.'
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Figuring out what to buy for a bookshelf in Cordelia’s room is proving challenging. The old shelf was 30" by 26" and fit nicely under the windowsill that’s at 32". Cordelia thinks that blocking the window isn’t any big deal because she doesn’t know how to open it. I would like her to learn because that’s likely her safest exit if we have a house fire or something of the sort. It’s about five feet down to the driveway from her window.

At any rate, most of the shelves I can find are a lot taller than what we’re looking for. Getting something custom would be a lot more money than we can afford for this. Maybe we go to Target and buy four milk crate sorts of things? I’m sure they’ve got them right now for people furnishing dorm rooms. Target also has the option of ordering a square shelf online (not sold in stores) that would fit in the space, but that, judging by the pictures, is pretty ugly, not particularly an efficient use of the space, and made from boards of 'compressed paper.' Yeah, sounds very sturdy.

Scott forgot to set his alarm last night, so we were awoken by his cell phone yelling at us an hour later. Scott managed to get on the road quickly enough that he was probably on time to work. I did not manage to get back to sleep after. I think adrenaline was a factor in that.

Our whole gaming group was present last night, so we played the Stargate campaign. We’re still getting to the point of having our characters know each other and be willing to rely on each other. Scott’s character is a difficulty because it’s actually kind of hard to justify why he’s there at all. He doesn’t have the sorts of expertise that can be readily used while he’s being shadowed by an armed guard, but his backstory means that he is. At least, at this point, the GM has finagled things so that that guard is a player character. We’re currently dealing with a first contact scenario that our characters weren’t expecting. Our characters are staff on an off world base on a world that we thought was completely uninhabited. It’s apparently not. We don’t know yet if what we’re looking for is native to the planet or as much a transplant as we are.

My character is an anthropologist and not from Earth. We’re having some issues with me having only handwavy, vague ideas of what my character might be looking for or be able to figure out. I’m pretty much assuming that, if I can figure it out, she can, but that overlooks the various things she’d think basic that I just plain don’t know. Of course, what she’s doing right now is a little more archaeological because she’s looking for artifactual evidence of an intelligent creature that’s hiding from us (we’re in a bit of the planet that’s swampy, so some things we’d normally look for simply aren’t options).
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So that I don't forget the information, I'm putting the information on the chairs I tried at IKEA here, behind a cut tag. I know I'll lose it otherwise, and I may well want it again more than once.

List of chairs with comments )
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I have a bathing suit. This is a huge relief. It even cost a little less than I was prepared to pay.

We got to Sunny J's a few minutes before it opened. The lady across the hall with a yarn store opened a few minutes early so we could wander through and covet her goods. I wish I could have justified spending money on more yarn because some of it was gorgeous, just expensive.

I tried on six items at Sunny J's, one top, two bottoms and three one pieces. Neither of the bottoms were wearable. The larger gapped at the waist while still being too tight lower down. All three one pieces fit. The first had, um, more daring cleavage than I'm inclined toward, but felt the best. The other two had a mildly itchy band around the chest but otherwise fit. I too the one that was cheaper. It's a nice blue with a flower and bits in purple, black and white, much prettier than I feared I'd end up with.

The whole process took under twenty minutes. Cordelia amused herself by crawling back and forth under the privacy curtain of the changing room. I'm not sure what evalerie and her little one were doing. Well, he was sitting in the carrier on her back, so he was probably mostly just looking around.

Then we went to IKEA. I signed Cordelia into the play area, and evalerie, the little one, and I went upstairs to try out dining room chairs.

I'm very glad that we have someone willing to bring folding chairs tomorrow for the game. I didn't find any chairs that I absolutely loved. I found two or three that I would find mostly tolerable but that I'm not sure don't have hidden flaws that Scott might note. I'm also thinking that we may need to buy a couple of chairs in different styles. That foot of height difference (about 30.5 cm for those using a sane system of measurement) makes a big difference in terms of what's comfortable for each of us in sitting.

I also want a little time to consider whether any of the ones that were uncomfortable would be better with cushions. Those are for sale separately and add about $13 to the price of each chair. They also add height which is a bad thing for me and a good thing for Scott. Later on, I may post my list of chairs to consider, complete with links, assuming anybody'd be interested. Then again, posting would mean having the information somewhere besides the notes folded up and stuffed in my purse.

We got home just minutes before Cordelia's afternoon playdate was due to start. I'd called the other mother last night to let her know that we might be late and then called her again to let her know that we'd be home about the time we'd originally discussed for pickup. Cordelia's out of the house and out of my hair for a couple of hours now.

I'm going to work on sorting laundry after I relax a little (probably with a Wii game). We've got four loads of clean stuff to sort, fold and put away. We also now have a pretty good idea of what's wrong with the washer which is that the laundry tub drain is backing up badly. That can be fixed without working on the washer, thank goodness. We just need to snake it. We already knew that the main drain down there needed work (we're getting drain stench, not a good thing when we'll have guests sleeping down there in a week and a half).

One thing off the list at a time.

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