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I have my music files back. It took a lot of time to get them to my laptop and still longer to figure out how to get iTunes to see them. I still don't have my playlists, and I'm kind of exhausted at the prospect of trying to rebuild them.

I've written about 900 words in the last twenty four hours. I started writing about 10:30 last night (when I needed to be in bed at 11:00). I'm not sure why the words tend to start flowing then. I've written more this morning, but I kind of desperately need more sleep, so I don't know how much more I'll write before I do that. All of the words are on the Not Prime Time story, so that's now over the minimum word count.

I had a headache all night, not bad enough to get up and do something about it but bad enough to be aware of it when I moved. My morning tea and breakfast seem to have either killed it or pushed it below the threshold of awareness.

Scott has purchased some motion sensitive night lights. He put one up just outside our bedroom because he's worried that we'll get hurt when we get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hate the damned thing already. He's got it right at my eye level which would also be Cordelia's eye level. That means that, when it comes on, it's a bright flash right in my eyes. I'm sure that problem never occurred to Scott because he's a foot taller than we are. The time I'm in the bathroom is just long enough for it to turn itself off, so it's another startling, painful flash of brightness when I head back to the bedroom.

We've lived here for more than twenty years, and I've never had problems going from bed to the bathroom in the dark, so I feel like Scott's bought a technological solution to a non-existent problem.

Scott and Cordelia both liked Wonder Woman, generally speaking. They didn't have any specifics that they didn't like, but they also didn't have specifics that they out and out loved.

This week is going to be sporadically busy. Tomorrow afternoon, I have a mammogram and an appointment with radiation oncology. My SIL is coming with me. Last year was so horribly stressful that I thought I'd better have company. I don't expect any problems, but... Wednesday evening is our biweekly game night. Thursday, Cordelia's eighth grade graduation is in the morning. My parents are coming for that. In the evening, there's a picnic for all of the eighth grade families. I think there's enough space in there for me not to end up brain fried. I hope so anyway.
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Mostly written before we got power back:

Scott was expecting to work late yesterday, but he got a last minute reprieve. I didn't have all of the things I needed to make lunches for him and Cordelia for today, so I was glad that he was able to get those earlier. I still didn't make Cordelia's sandwich until around 9 p.m.

I added two or three sentences to several WIP yesterday but couldn't settle on anything. Also, writing on my phone is very, very slow. I always think that I'm writing a lot and then discover that it's less than 200 words. I updated my WIP DW account so that the more recent WIP fragments are there. Well, I don't think I put my NPT assignment fragment there yet (can't check easily at the moment due to having no power).

Sleeping without the c-PAP is making a vast and positive difference in my energy levels. I still want more sleep, but I'm not brain fogged, and I'm in less physical pain. I haven't heard back from the sleep disorders clinic yet. I did a little poking around on Google, and apparently claustrophobia is a big reason for people refusing to use a c-PAP. I'm not claustrophobic; I actually like small spaces. When I feel trapped, it's not because the space is small; usually, it's because of my perception of social expectations. I have no idea why the c-PAP is setting that off. I'm 95% certain that it's not the headgear or mask/nasal pillows. I think those are pretty much irrelevant. I've got issues with constant worry about the hose, and I've got issues with feeling trapped by being tethered to the machine. That is, I'd sleep okay with the headgear and such if it wasn't attached to the box.

Most of the library stuff I've got that I can't renew is DVDs, so I'm not making progress on any of that. I've got one DVD set that I haven't started yet that's a single season with twenty seven episodes. I don't think I'm likely to finish that given that it's due on the 11th. I'd have to do not much else. The other DVD set is a lecture series. I've watched two of the eight DVDs there, and each DVD has three hours of content. That's not due until the 18th, so I have a slightly better chance of getting through it before I have to return it.

We're supposed to have friends over for gaming tonight. I'm hoping that one particular person will show up because he knows more about Mac stuff than Scott does and might have ideas for retrieving those damned files. He often doesn't come, though, so I'm not holding my breath.

Scott ran into something on Facebook last night that talked about Fred Rogers being able to lift Mjolnir. It was very sweet and ended with Thor and Mjolnir going off to work with Habitat for Humanity because hammers are meant for building things, not for hitting people.

I'm currently debating whether I should nap or should shower and, maybe, go for a walk. DTE's now showing that most of our neighborhood is without power (22 customers, the last time I checked), so hopefully, they'll give us some level of priority. The DTE site shows a cluster of 21 customers on our street and then 1 on the cul de sac off of our street. They're treating those as separate and as having different causes (equipment failure for us and 'unknown' for the cul de sac) which seems odd to me because that other street is really not at all far away I could walk there in under two minutes without hurrying at all.

And the power is back, an hour earlier than DTE estimated.
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We lost power about twenty minutes ago. I think my laptop backup finished before that, but the way things have been recently makes me wonder.

I heard a bang right as the power went, so I assume something blew. DTE estimates about another two and a half hours for repairs.

Cordelia's hoping that her school doesn't have power either. As it's neither cold nor dark, I'm not sure why she hopes that. They're not going to send the kids home.
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I managed to get my laptop mostly charged last night, so I'm going to post while I can.

My recipient for the Fandom5K pinch hit never commented or gave any indication of having read the story. Now that the authors' names have been released, it looks like they must have defaulted because there isn't a Fandom5K work listed on their works page. I had been wondering because it looks as if they normally comment on gift fics. Of course, I had also wondered if I'd somehow stepped on an unstated DNW. I still don't know either way. The story hasn't been particularly popular anyway.

Cordelia is not going to the play that we expected her to go to. Her friend canceled. My suspicion is that her parents waited too long to get tickets and that the show sold out. I'm not sure what we're going to do with Cordelia this afternoon. I don't want to leave her alone for hours and hours (it's an hour to the funeral home, so that plus however long we stay plus getting home and probably plus us stopping somewhere for food or something). I'm going to see if she's willing to invite the friend she would have gone to the play with to come and visit.

I slept most of yesterday. Well, for certain values of slept. I'm not sure what else to call it. I woke relatively frequently and, each time, found I'd lost track of a significant chunk of an hour. I didn't really wake up until after dinner, and I'm not sure what did it then. I slept late this morning, too, and still kind of want to close my eyes and drowse. Maybe I should send Scott to Wendy's. A double with cheese usually wakes me up pretty thoroughly.

I'm eying another fic exchange but hesitating because the writing period overlaps entirely with NPT (and because I haven't managed to start my NPT story yet). I may just see if I can treat or offer a pinch hit. A story for the exact right prompt usually writes very fast.

I am way, way behind on answering comments. I may still get to some of them, but many are probably going to drop into the abyss of me having meant well. I apologize for that.

Cordelia's watching The Return of the King now. I'm not sure if she's actually enjoying it or if she's simply determined to finish. It's not the sort of thing she usually watches.

The mother who's trying to organize a party for the eighth grade class is frustrated because only fifteen families have responded. There are only forty kids in the class, so fifteen families is more than one third. That's actually pretty spectacular as such things go. I think she's hoping for more because some of what she wants to do is likely to be expensive. One of the places she's looking at is $100 an hour for a minimum of three hours. I favor the outdoor option-- Renting the shelter is $50 for the entire evening. But the outdoor option makes music more of a challenge (some shelters have electricity, and some don't), and she wants a photobooth. It's also likely to be hot by mid-June.

But $50 plus some for entertainment and food is doable for fifteen families. I don't think $300 plus is so much. I also think that food may be easier to deal with for the outdoor option. The indoor site has kitchen facilities, but it's not a huge space, and I don't think it would easily accommodate different families making their own food or a potluck buffet.

I like the idea of a party. These kids have been together for three years, and they're going to scatter to many different high schools. I don't think more than ten of them are going to any one school. I'm not even sure as many as ten are going to any one school.

Scott replaced one of our bedroom outlets yesterday. It had gotten dangerous, and it was one that we knew clearly how to cut power to. (What's on each circuit breaker is kind of random and really hasn't been thoroughly mapped.) I'd like to replace other old outlets in the bedroom, but those are harder to access than this one.

We had a power surge when the electricity came back on Friday that fried all of Scott's electrical lawn care equipment that was charging in the garage. He's not sure whether those are repairable or not or how much repairing them would cost relative to replacement. He specifically mentioned the leaf blower and the trimmer. I don't recall him saying anything about the mower.

I have no idea why the leaf blower would have been charging in May. We're not likely to want it until September or October.
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We've been without power for at least two hours (I was trying to nap and missed when it went). DTE has no estimate for when we'll get power back and no idea why we lost power. I think we're low priority because there aren't many people in our zip without power and are many more in other parts of the area.
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Cordelia decided that she was close enough to done with her big project (all that's left is eight more illustrations) that we could celebrate last night after all, so we went to dinner at Saica. She tried something new. Actual raw fish sushi, a tray with a variety of different things. I got a bento and brought most of it home; that fed me and Cordelia for breakfast this morning.

Cordelia liked her presents. We mostly got her books. I watched her wishlist for months and jumped on books when good used copies came up. There were two Funko Pop figures, too. General Leia and Finn, if I recall correctly. She says that Baby Groot is still her favorite. She also thought that General Leia looks weird because of not having a mouth.

I'm still not sleeping well with the c-PAP. I'm waking more often. It used to be that I could sleep about six hours without needing the bathroom, but now it's a maximum of about three hours. At that point, I wake fully and won't get back to sleep unless I empty my bladder. I think that, on school nights, I'm getting about five hours of sleep. No wonder my legs ache and I'm starting to get headaches a lot.

Generally, by the time I'm ready to nap, it's lunch time, and then there's not enough time after lunch to actually sleep before Cordelia gets home. She doesn't like me napping when she's home and will come in to check on me every twenty minutes.

The lab test results from my ER trip were released to me today. I have no idea what most of the things tested for are, but I think there's at least one thing I want to ask my primary care doctor about when I see her next week. The chest x-ray showed a 'slightly elevated left hemidiaphragm,' and that's not something that's ever been mentioned on any previous chest x-ray. Dr Google gives scary information about that that I really think doesn't apply here because they wouldn't have let me leave the ER as casually as they did if they thought I had, say, an abdominal tumor.

I've turned on the air conditioner now. I need to schedule a tune up for the system. It was 85F in here when I checked the thermostat last night, and we try to keep it a bit cooler than that, especially since I'm still having problems with feeling overheated in spite of having stopped the Tamoxifen.
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I wrote about 250 words last night, all on the Fandom5K story.

Scott apparently left a bag of groceries either at the store or in the trunk of the car yesterday. He noticed it because he was looking for the breakfast sausages he was sure he had bought. I actually asked him about it yesterday, but because of my wording, he assumed I was talking about something else. I don’t know why he’d think that sausages weren’t included when I asked why he hadn’t bought any meat, but he didn’t make the connection. We have no idea what else might have been in that bag. (Scott’s not yet dressed, so he hasn’t gone to look in the car. It’s been warm enough that anything needing freezing or refrigeration is a lost cause entirely, so there’s no hurry.)

I need to remind Scott that the bathroom sink badly needs its drain cleaned. I’ve mentioned it several times, but our cleaning lady seems to have thrown out the thing that we used to use for that, so we need to buy a new one. At this point, it takes five to ten minutes for even a relatively small amount of water to drain. This happens regularly, and it’s always hair caught in the drain.

I’ve got about half an hour left to watch of a movie due today. It’s just not something I can watch with Scott or Cordelia in the room, so I’m hoping that Scott will take his time showering because I would like to see the end before I have to take the dratted thing back. I’m also halfway through another movie that I’ve renewed several times, but I was able to renew it again, so that’s less urgent.

I’m trying to decide what I want to nominate for Not Prime Time. I’ve been watching the tag set to see how many things turn up that I actually could write. I think there are enough things at present for me to feel comfortable signing up, but I haven’t made a formal list, so I’m not absolutely sure. I made a list of things that qualify that I might consider nominating. I’m not vastly passionate about any of them, but they’re all solidly things that I enjoy. I think I need to separate out the things I would write but not request and the things I would request but couldn’t write from the things I could both write and request. But that feels like cat waxing just now.

We tried a new to us Japanese place last night, Umi Sushi. I didn’t really like my meal, but possibly if I’d ordered something else, it would have been better. I got a chicken teriyaki bento. The teriyaki sauce was gelatinous, and several items in the box turned out to be things I couldn’t safely eat. There was also a lot less in the box than I expected, based on the price. I considered sushi, but pretty much everything that I’d have been willing to eat otherwise contained cucumber which makes me quite sick, so… Not doing that.

I wanted to try their ginger ice cream, but Scott forgot that by the time we were at a point when we might have asked for it. He asked for boxes and the bill without consulting me even though I had been quite clear earlier that I wanted to try the ginger ice cream (I don’t think that me pointing to that part of the menu and saying, “Ooh! I want that!” is in any way unclear). There didn’t seem to be a way to point that out without being rude, and it left me cranky afterward.

Today's to do list )
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It was very cold this morning, cold enough that I wasn’t willing to go a few yards out of my way to hack a portal on the way home. I wore my scarf and was very glad to have it. It was cold enough that the school let the kids inside to wait for the bell, something they very rarely do. It’s ten degrees warmer now, so I hacked a portal on the way to the school to pick Cordelia up.

There was only one large icy patch between here and the school. It ran a couple of yards, so I’m not sure I should call it large, but it covered the sidewalk from one edge to the other. On the way home, there was a fair amount of slush and puddles, so I’m a bit worried there will be more ice tomorrow. We’ve got about two and a half more hours of light, so some of it will dry up, but I worry that things will be nasty in the morning.

Scott went out to get pie last night at about 7:30 and ended up with a frozen French silk pie. He hadn’t thought things through well enough to realize that there wouldn’t be any pie left in the bakery section at the grocery store, and he wanted to be home in time to watch The Flash, so he couldn’t keep looking. I gave him the library bag just in case he had time to drop the books off, but he didn’t end up having time. At least he can drop the stuff off on his way home.

I napped for nearly three hours this morning. I was just draggingly exhausted. Sometimes, that’s still not enough for me to actually sleep, but it was this morning. I think there must have been a fair amount of wind because I kept hearing rattling sounds. It’s either wind or something living inside our walls which seems unlikely given that they’re quite thin and filled with blown insulation. My suspicion is that the wind was rattling the siding or some of the wires that come down the side of the house before they come inside.
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I got Cordelia’s PT set up. It’s going to be Tuesday afternoons, starting next week. The time of day isn’t ideal, but none of the times they had available were really good options. We’ll have two sessions before we see the sports medicine surgeon. Cordelia is doing some walking without crutches, a few steps here and there, but she’s clinging to the brace as if her life depended on it.

While there’s snow on the ground, I’m going to be carrying all of her stuff. Me taking her backpack made getting home last night much, much easier all around. She ended up yards ahead of me and went in the back door (which has a keypad) rather than wait for me with the key for the front door.

I also got a gynecology appointment set up. It’s not until April 10th, but that’s sixteen days sooner than the appointment I had set up. I should probably cancel that appointment, so that someone else can have it. I’ll get to it eventually.

I have four phone calls I should make today. Two of them will be relatively low stress because I’ll be calling Scott’s mother and my mother. The third call is to pre-order a book for Cordelia that comes out in early May, so it’s not a big rush to get it done. The fourth call is to UHS billing, however, and will be difficult to manage. I need to point out that they’re trying to bill me for things without having actually billed all of my insurance. They billed Aetna but not Medicare or Premier Care. The appointments were with a physician for consultations about contraception while I’m on Tamoxifen and for removal of my old IUD. I’d be really surprised if Medicare didn’t cover at least some of that.

I need to dig out my scarf if I’m going to keep walking Cordelia to school when it’s this cold. My chin and ears freeze while the rest of me is sweating under my coat. It’s cold enough and a long enough walk that I don’t want to go with my coat unzipped, especially not if it’s windy. Of course, it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow and warmer still on Thursday.

I forgot to mention— Scott replaced the doorknobs on our bedroom door, Cordelia’s bedroom door, and the bathroom over the weekend. Our door was hardest because he ran into an unexpected metal plate that he thinks was part of the old security system.

If I’d had my act together last night, I’d have made sure Scott took the library bag to work this morning so that he could return my overdue book on his way home. The weather was nasty enough last night that he wasn’t willing to go back out. I expected that. I’m just not sure I can talk him into it today, either. I suppose I could try to get myself to the bus to go downtown, but I’m so very, very tired that I don’t think I can face it, not for this.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I have the resources to haul the basement trash up the stairs. Scott dumped some moderately heavy things in there. I don’t think it adds up to more than I can carry at once, but it will be tiring and isn’t urgent. I wish Scott wouldn’t do that and would bring those things upstairs instead. I also wish I’d think of having him bring the bag upstairs himself while he’s at home rather than while he’s at work.

Once I have the trash out, I’m going to try to get through some of the graphic novels I’ve got from the library. I’ve got ten, and some of them can’t be renewed. Most of them are fairly short and shouldn’t take long. I just have to sit down and actually read them.
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I’ve been up for a while now and would like to get dressed, but I put it off too long. Scott is currently working on putting new knobs on the door to our bedroom. That involves a lot of drilling and mess. I think he must be nearly done. I hope so, anyway.

I spent a lot of yesterday listening to audiobooks. I’d like to do more of that today, but I’ll have to find a place to set up where I’m far enough from where Scott is that we can both hear what we’re playing.

The times my gynecologist has available on the 20th are times when I absolutely cannot go in, so they’re supposed to call me again with an alternative. Basically, the earliest time they could do was 2:45, and I need to pick Cordelia up from school at 3:00, so… Yeah. Her friends who I would trust to be here with her without me present are all in the drama club. The performance is at the end of the month, and they’re all staying at school until 5:00 every day until then.

I haven’t set up PT for Cordelia yet because I wanted to get the gynecology appointment scheduled first.

Cordelia had three friends over last night, and they watched Howl’s Moving Castle (I haven’t been able to persuade her to try the book. I like it, so it must be boring) and the Ember Island Players episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

There are still a lot of folks around here with power out. We haven’t had a flicker, so I’m counting us lucky. The wind did, however, strip shingles off the roof of the garage. The garage needs major work, not just in terms of the roof but more generally. We simply don’t have the money, though, so I kind of expect the garage to just fall apart on us one of these days. Hopefully, nothing we care about will be in there at the time.

In a couple of hours, we need to drive Cordelia over to spend the night with a friend. We’re planning to drop off our library returns either on the way there or on the way back because Traverwood isn’t much out of the way. I’ve got a couple of DVDs due today that can’t be renewed, so it’s necessary. We’ll still pick up our holds tomorrow. I’ve got two DVDs that we’ll likely watch as a family. One of them (Moana), we expect to enjoy; the other (Batman v. Superman), not so much, but one of Cordelia’s friends is passionately into the DC cinematic universe.

My main goal for today is to start writing that pinch hit. I settled on which prompt to write to, so I’ve at least gotten that far. I think I know my POV character, too. I was going to start last night but ended up getting distracted and writing something else instead. I haven’t written much at all this week, though, so I’m more glad to have written anything at all than annoyed that I didn’t work on what I had planned to.
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Apart from the appointment and the library trip, I spent most of yesterday in bed. My muscles felt like jell-o, and I was so very, very tired. I read a little, wrote a little, and did a whole lot of nothing.

I can’t get in to see my primary care doctor until mid-April. I’m frustrated about that, but my hands and my Achille’s tendon aren’t going to kill me or get enough worse to be permanently damaging.

Scott bought new handles for our bedroom door and for the bathroom. He took the old knobs off the bedroom door with the idea that if it didn’t work it wouldn’t matter much because we don’t tend to close that door. It’s just as well. He discovered that it’s going to take major work to put the new hardware in. He decided not to try to drill holes in the door while I was in bed, resting, so he’s putting it off until next weekend.

Scott says he bought me a new lamp but that he’s sure I won’t like it because that’s how these things work. I haven’t seen the new lamp yet, so I have no opinion.

Cordelia’s math class is using an online textbook, and she asked me to help her try to find the exercise her teacher had assigned. It turned out not to be there at all, but I got a good look at the site. It’s a Holt, Rinehart textbook. The site says that it should be viewed with either Internet Explorer 5.1+ or Netscape 7.0.2+ which made me boggle. It displayed okay in the most recent version of Firefox, but when was the last time they updated the site?

I’m trying to figure out what I can manage to do today in terms of household chores. The sink is full of dirty dishes. Normally, that wouldn’t take me long to deal with, but I tire out fast, so I’m a bit worried that, if I do that, I won’t be able to do other things that need to be done. Right now, I can manage two or three minutes on my feet at a time. Laundry would be nice, but I can put that off until tomorrow. I’d also like to cook. I think that won’t happen.
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I discovered last night that I have serious difficulty opening the bathroom door because gripping the knob is very painful. The knob is kind of stubborn about turning, and the door sticks a bit. This is only an issue when we have company, so last night was the first time I’d needed to deal with that in months.

I’m also thinking that Scott is right that I need a new lamp. I don’t want to lose the one I’ve got because Mom made it for me, but I have problems with the switch because it needs turning. A lot of the time, I can manage because it’s such a brief thing, but… It does hurt.

I’ve got one load in the washer and one in the dryer. The bed is half made (the blankets are in the wash). I think the next step is the sandwich for Cordelia. That will take less than two minutes. (I make sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia because it takes me less than five minutes to make both sandwiches. Scott and Cordelia both take more than ten minutes to make a single sandwich. I have no idea what they do to take that long.) I think the dishwasher should be next followed by calling UHS.
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I’m throwing out a lot of cassette tapes that I haven’t listened to in at least fifteen years. I could try to convert them to mp3 files, but really, if I haven’t cared about not having access in that long, I don’t care enough to do the work of conversion. (Scott asked me to 'do something' with those tapes because he’s trying to clear space in the basement for a work area so that he won’t have to do everything on the kitchen table. The containers holding the tapes are on a shelf on one side of the laundry room. I’m not convinced that getting rid of them opens up much space, but there’s really no point in keeping them.)

I’ve set aside anything where I’m not sure what’s on the tape, anything that I think is Scott’s, anything that is a compilation of my old 45s or of things taped off the radio (mostly so I can see if I can find those songs elsewhere), and anything labeled 'filk.'

When I was in college, 1985-1989, I went to a number of local conventions with friends, and one or two of them would tape the filksings on hand held recorders and then share the tapes around. We had no idea who the musicians were or what the actual names of the songs were. What I’ve got is copied from the originals with mediocre sound quality and is only the songs I liked enough to keep, but I’m not sure if those recordings exist elsewhere. Some of them are labeled as to which convention they come from, but others aren’t. I wasn’t thinking of anything but how to fit as much as possible onto each cassette.

I’m wondering if there might be someone who would be interested in these tapes, even with the utter lack of documentation. I know there are people who make a study of SF fandom history. I just haven’t been to an SF convention since Cordelia was about two. Scott’s work schedule makes it pretty difficult, and for many years, Cordelia’s sports commitments meant we couldn’t be away from town on a Saturday. We considered going to ConFusion, just for the day, this last weekend, but they weren’t doing day passes, so we’d have had to pay $60 each. That was not going to happen.

I have one local person who I’m going to ask who might have an idea about what to do with the tapes. After that, I’ll be in unknown territory.

I think the sets of drawers that I’ve been using to hold the tapes will have to go in the trash, too. They’re designed to hold cassette tapes and probably can’t be adapted for anything else. More importantly, they’re also starting to fall apart. They were things I bought cheap and not remotely good quality. They won’t fit in the bin this week, but next week, we should have space. Well, they’d fit in the recycling bin, but I have no idea if that sort of plastic is even remotely recyclable.
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I wrote a bit more than 1000 words yesterday. That was spread across three stories, though, so nothing got completed. There’s a fourth story that I want to give some time to, but one of the three from yesterday might actually be near to done, so I’m tempted to focus on that if it’s willing to move forward.

Scott repaired the toilet last weekend. It now no longer runs and runs, but it’s not flushing right any more. I’m not sure how the repair could cause the current problem which is things that ought to go down the drain not doing so even when the tank empties completely. It’s not that the thing is backed up, so using the plunger doesn’t help at all. The timing indicates that there’s likely a connection, but neither Scott nor I can figure out what.

I tried to nap yesterday morning, but I got two phone calls (one from my sister and one from Scott’s mother), and timing just didn’t work out. By the time I got to lunch, I was starting to dehydrate and really needed to drink a good bit of water more urgently than I needed sleep. (When I’m up and about, I can drink a great deal of water and only need to pee every couple of hours. If I lie down, that changes to every twenty minutes. Not conducive to sleep.)
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My doctor recommended wrapping my foot/ankle to give my Achille’s tendon support, so I tried that last night when we went to Expo. At first, it helped the tendon but made other bits of my ankle and foot hurt. Once we got to the school, we discovered that the presentations were being done as stations that we were supposed to walk around and then stand while listening. I couldn’t do that because things hurt too much. By the time I got home, the tendon hurt a fair amount.

Cordelia’s materials science project was a group thing that talked about trying to use 3D printing for food and that somehow (I never caught all of this part) involved photosynthesis. Scott did visit a lot of the stations, and his main takeaway from the utopian visions project was that a lot of kids had very dystopian visions of what the world should be like. One of Cordelia’s friends, for example, had the idea that rigid scheduling was a necessary part of utopia. I don’t remember the other specifics that Scott mentioned.

Scott looked around the outside of the house yesterday before it got dark to see if he could spot a place where the bird could have gotten in. Right now, he's firmly of the opinion that it got in when someone opened the door and just didn't make a fuss for a long time thereafter. I don't actually buy it.

The sleep disorders clinic called me this morning to schedule my initial consult with them. That will be in January. I assume that the actual sleep study will be months later.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m allergic to the new conditioner that Scott bought a couple of weeks back. I wear my hair up most of the time, but when I wear it down, I’m having itchy throat problems that make me cough. Mostly, that’s at night, in bed, so I was thinking maybe I’d developed an allergy to something in there, but I really suspect at this point that it’s my hair. Usually, I put it up within ten minutes of getting out of bed, but I haven’t yet today, and I’m itching and coughing.

Of course, that leaves me with a dilemma— I want to shower this morning, but I don’t want to shower without using conditioner on my hair, and we don’t have any other kind. My hair takes long enough to dry that I don’t want to wash it today and then again after we get different conditioner.

I’m a little peeved with Scott right now. He brought the laundry that I washed earlier this week upstairs last night, but he didn’t realize that the stuff still in the basket was dirty, so now I need to wash it all again, and I really don’t want to. I guess that shirts and nightgowns that don’t smell or show visible dirt may not need washing, whether or not they’ve already been washed. All socks and underwear are getting washed and probably the three pairs of my pants that I’m not sure of.

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Only one person came over for our game session last night. The other three people all have colds they didn’t want to share with the rest of us. They also hoped that an early night would help them recover faster.

The three of us ended up playing a cooperative game Scott bought at UCon, Star Trek Panic. None of us had ever played before, so it’s likely we messed up the rules in ways that we didn’t even realize (there’s one way we messed up that we decided to keep for the session because trying to fix it, at the point when we realized, would have been difficult). The game is actually fairly difficult for the players to win. We just barely squeaked through to victory and wouldn’t have if we hadn’t misread the rules.

Cordelia’s homeroom teacher sent out an email this morning to let us know that representatives from some colleges in New England that do summer programs will be at Expo during the time before the eighth graders start presenting. I followed the links in the email, but none of the sites have concrete information about things like cost. I suppose that, if you have to ask about cost, you can’t afford the program.

And we had an actual bird in the house just now. I think it was a sparrow, but it was hugely panicked, so I didn’t get a good look. I opened the back door, and it eventually went out that way. I had to leave the room and wait for the sound of panicked tweeting and the bird banging into the windows stopped because there wasn’t a place I could stand that wouldn’t be too close to the door.

But how on earth did it get in? Scott left three hours ago, and Cordelia left an hour ago. We don’t have windows open because it’s about 35F outside. Even if we did, we have screens. I only started hearing the bird about five minutes before I saw it. I don’t think it came in when someone left and then stayed calm and quiet for a long time. I mean, I like that option better than I like the idea that we’ve got a hole somewhere that it was able to get in through. If a bird that size can get in, a chipmunk or a bat could. (We can’t stop mice because nothing stops mice.) And the hole could get bigger. The bird probably didn’t get in through the attic because there’s no way from the attic down into the house except a well sealed ceiling access.
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I spent a lot of time sleeping yesterday, and I suspect I will again today. My digestive system is still being obnoxious which is pretty frustrating, too.

It’s frustrating because there are things we should have gotten done and didn’t. I’m not sure what we’ll do about the leaves because it rained really, really heavily in the early part of this morning (like around 5 a.m.). We can put wet leaves in the compost bin for pick up, but the bin will be harder to move. The bin is one of those things with two wheels where one tilts it and either pushes or pulls, and I almost couldn’t get it to move last week when it was stuffed with dry leaves.

Christmas this year is going to be weird. Scott’s sister has decided to take her family to Seattle to visit Scott’s brother and his family over winter break, and she’s normally the one who hosts the big Christmas gathering. I can understand her reasoning— She’s figuring that this is the last chance for a family vacation before her son finishes high school in June. It’s already really hard to get him to show up for family things.

Scott’s sister says she tried to tell their mother her intentions but that their mother didn’t want to hear it and so didn’t understand. The only time Scott’s sister hasn’t been with her parents at Christmas is the year she spent in South Africa on a journalism internship, and her children have never spent a Christmas away from their grandparents (their father’s parents and sister come to the Christmas gathering at their house every year).

At any rate, we normally spend Christmas Eve at Scott’s parents’ place and Christmas Day at Scott’s sister’s place. Scott’s sister lives closer than Scott’s parents do. I really don’t want to drive up and back twice in two days, but I also really don’t want to spend the night there (which I’m sure Scott’s parents will suggest). Cordelia will be the only child there, and five people aren’t enough for a game of Telestrations, especially given that I don’t want to play.

Scott and Cordelia went out last night and got Cordelia a coat. I don’t think Scott was pleased by how much it cost, but with luck, she’ll be able to wear it for years. She’s likely near her full growth at this point, so I don’t think she’ll grow out of it. She also needs dress shoes before the orchestra concert in December (last year she borrowed mine, but her feet have grown), but none of us felt that looking for those was urgent enough to do it last night.

The current plan for today is for Scott to get groceries while I shower and run the dishwasher. Then we’ll go to the the library. I need to get bread going, too. I’d rather have Scott buy some, but I don’t think he will at this point.

Cordelia’s class is going to a high ropes course tomorrow, so I’m going to have to get up with her to braid her hair. We’ll see if I can go back to sleep after that (or if I need to).
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Yesterday, I mostly did household chores. I ran and unloaded the dishwasher. I did three loads of laundry. I changed the sheets. That pretty much did me in.

Oh, I also took out the trash and replaced the bag. Then Scott threw out some spoiled broccoli that smelled so terrible that we had to put the bin on the back porch or all be driven completely out of the house. Usually, he leaves things like that, in the sealed container, on the counter so that I can have the pleasure of emptying them after they’ve sat at room temperature for a couple of days. I have no idea why he changed procedure this time.

Cordelia had three friends over to watch a movie. One of the friends talked non-stop and then kept complaining that she’d lost track of what was going on in the movie. The other girls would then pause the movie and explain. I think they spent as much time doing that as they did watching the movie. Castle in the Sky/Laputa is not all that complicated, IMO.

We got cheese pizza for Cordelia and two of the three friends. The third is vegan and said she would eat before coming but ended up not doing that. We got her bread sticks, asking Cottage Inn to leave off the cheese and butter they normally put on, and we put out grapes and almonds in addition to the chips and popcorn. Nobody touched the grapes or the almonds, so I don’t think the vegan girl got a particularly balanced dinner.

I read enough of a library book that can’t be renewed to realize that I didn’t care if I finished it or not. It had a lot of things going on and was aiming for being funny, but nothing in it ever connected with me. I’ve got two graphic novels that I’m halfway through that are due tomorrow. I’d like to finish at least one of them.

I have realized, though, that one of my problems with reading and watching things is that I flinch and can’t go on when I realize I’m at the point where things are going to go wrong in order to kick off the plot. I’m not sure what to do about that.

I think we’re going to have thermostat wars this winter. I’m finding 73F a little too warm while Cordelia’s finding it cold. We certainly won’t go higher (for budgetary reasons), but Cordelia’s going to be unhappy if I tweak things lower during the day. I suppose we could do some complicated programming so that it gets warm while Cordelia’s getting ready for school (we keep it in the low 60s over night), cools off for me right after, and then gets warm again when she gets home.

Today, we need to get flu shots for Scott and Cordelia and deal with a mountain of dishes (Scott baked two different types of meat last night. Those pans are nasty). I need to corner Scott for help with number crunching for the Amber diceless game. I put my character notes for that in Gdocs, and he’s been reading and commenting.
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Yesterday was a lazy day. I was very tired all day. Scott spent time working on digitizing videos for a coworker (things like the coworker’s wedding). We ended up getting Wendy’s for lunch.

When the cleaning lady came, Scott and I went into the bedroom with our laptops. We had the door open and were watching The Daily Show, but the cleaning lady ended up not telling us when she was ready to leave, so I didn’t get a chance to pay her. I don’t like that.

Scott and Cordelia ended up going out to buy some new ink cartridges for the printer because Cordelia needed to print something in color for her homework. I have no idea what kids who don’t have color printers— or printers at all— are supposed to do.
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The cramps came back by mid-afternoon yesterday, so I got very little done in terms of physical activity. I have them again now, so I’m going to take more naproxen and hope that it kicks in before we go to the library.

I did a little writing, but I kept nearly falling asleep all afternoon. I have four WIP documents open and can’t get the characters in any of them to cooperate with me. Well, one is actually a transition problem. The other three are solidly character problems, and nothing’s moving anywhere.

Scott did the grocery shopping and mowed the lawn. He wanted to kill the weeds in the driveway and on the back steps and to patch some holes in the concrete of the back porch, but I don’t think he got to either. We’ve got chipmunks inside the porch because it’s not a solid block the way the front steps are.

We went to Plum Market around 8 p.m. to see what they’d marked down as 'day old." Scott got donuts. Cordelia got muffins. I got some sort of date bar that doesn’t taste very good. It’s not utterly inedible, but I still have two thirds of it left. We also got a small loaf of bread which turned out to be quite good and a cake we haven’t tried yet.

My recipient for the pinch hit I did has not commented. I was kind of thinking they might not. They had three gift fics in August that they didn’t acknowledge, but they had promptly acknowledged such gifts before then. To me, that seems to hint at some sort of change in circumstance, something unexpected. I don’t know anything about them beyond their request and their AO3 profile, so goodness knows I could be entirely wrong. I’ve gotten a lot of hits but only two comments and a handful of kudos, so I’m wondering if I got the characterization wrong or if it’s just that T rated h/c isn’t appealing. Or maybe it’s a story that’s been written a bazillion times before. Could be anything.

I’m dithering about my Yuletide sign up and whether or not to alter it. I’m solid on my requests, but I’m looking at things I offered and worrying that I can’t write them after all. I’m also debating taking a couple of things I’ve written before off of the list so that I’m certain to get something new. Except that I like writing those, and both fandoms have a lot of requests.

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