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Drat. I finally got all the insurance claims ready to mail, and I missed today's pick up. It's so unpredictable when the mail carrier will come by, that it's easy to think I'm in time and not be. I'm going to try to get Scott to drop the envelopes at the post office on Green Road when he wakes up. If he wakes in time, we'll be going out that way anyway to visit the bank. (He thought I'd already done the bank trip. Which explains why he looked at me funny each time I mentioned that we needed to go. Except-- Why on earth would I mention it if I'd already been?)

I need to remember that kiwi lime scented VO5 conditioner is something I'm allergic to. I forgot to record the scent that was a problem last fall, so Scott bought it again, and I used it again. I smelled it before putting it on, several times, and it wasn't a problem like that, only after it was on my hair. The scent got stronger at that point.

Cordelia's giving me a hard time about getting DVDs of things that I could watch streaming. I keep pointing out that I just don't think to turn on the TV unless I've got a DVD in hand. She took that as me not knowing how to stream things and was quite patronizing about it. I know how. I just don't think to do it 90% of the time, and when I do, it's generally at a point when I can't use the TV. (Streaming on my laptop makes doing other things while I watch considerably harder.)
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I got a lovely fic for Not Prime Time. It's a 3500 word episode tag for The Pretender and has Jarod and Miss Parker as together and as thoroughly separated as they get. The characterization is excellent. Set Us Free. I haven't tried anything else in the archive yet.

The archive hasn't been open long enough for anyone to have looked at the two stories I wrote yet. One of them is so obviously me that I think even people who know me but haven't read my fic would guess. The other is a treat in a fandom I haven't ever written before, for a prompt that kind of grabbed me hard. It's got my stylistic fingerprints all over it, but I think it's less obviously mine.

I ended up sending Scott and Cordelia off to the dentist without me yesterday. I didn't actually need to be there, and if I stayed home, I could cook dinner. If I'd gone with them, it would have been after six when I started trying to figure out dinner. As it was, I had time to make turkey meatloaf in the instant pot. I used teriyaki sauce for the liquid, so I'm not sure if Cordelia will eat it, but Scott and I will enjoy it. I browned the other half of the package of ground turkey and added Alfredo sauce as something Cordelia would eat (Scott bought two 48 oz packages of ground turkey last time he went shopping. I need to either cook the other or freeze it. It's just hard to freeze it when I know that, while it will take hours to freeze, it will take days to thaw in the fridge). We had dinner early enough in the evening that I gambled on the Alfredo sauce and didn't end up having any reflux issues from it.

I had a deep throat tickle for most of last night that made sleeping nearly impossible and using the c-PAP actually impossible because the air running over that bit of my throat made me cough constantly. The whole thing turned to sneezing and runny nose around the time Scott needed to get up. Well, about twenty five minutes before that so that he got woken early and was quite cranky about it (not at me but in general). Things cleared up, and I slept for about five hours after Scott got up. I'd likely have slept longer, but my bladder wasn't having that.

I made a little progress on my first [community profile] pod_together story last night. I need to make some decisions about where I'm trying to go. I think that I'm hesitating because the option that will let me tie things up in under 10000 words interests me less than the various options that would create a considerably longer story. I also started yet another completely unrelated story that I can probably finish quickly but that I ought not spend time on until I have at least one of my [community profile] pod_together stories done. Still, I can likely canon review for it while writing my assignments.

Assuming I can figure out how to work the AppleTV remote. I loathe that thing. Who looked at remotes and said, "What we need is a remote that will turn the TV on if you sit on it or touch the top half of it when you pick it up to move it so that you don't sit on it"? It's a tiny thing, too, about the size of a smallish candy bar and very thin so that it can vanish easily into the depths of the couch.

The main chores for today are getting the trash and recycling to the curb. All told, that should take about fifteen minutes once I get myself to start. It will take longer if I make Cordelia help, but I probably should anyway. I keep doing the bit of putting away dishes from the dishwasher that she's responsible for because I need the silverware basket to be in the rack before I put dishes in around its space. Otherwise, I'd never be able to get the basket in without taking everything else out.
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Getting to the hospital by bus didn't cause me too many problems in terms of pain, but getting home again was much harder. By the time I got home, I was utterly exhausted, and my Achille's tendon hurt even when I wasn't walking or standing. I iced it and did as little as possible all evening. I had intended to wash my hair, but I didn't think I could stand up long enough to manage that.

The physical therapist is male. He used the same office that the woman I saw for lymphedema did. He was perfectly willing to address both back and tendinitis, but that is apparently making bureaucratic problems that have the clerical support staff unhappy with both of us. There was a little weirdness with him telling me that all sorts of long standing diagnoses weren't in my medical record. I have no idea what was going on with that. The fibromyalgia diagnosis, for example, goes back to 1987, and I've been in this medical system since fall of 1985.

I have two calf stretches to do regularly. I tried one last night, but the tendon was hurting so much that I couldn't. The other requires setting up something I can safely stand on that's a couple of inches off the ground and positioned so that I can hold onto something for support. The PT suggested stairs but only stairs with railings on both sides. Our basement stairs don't have that. Also, he seemed to want me to get my heels down to the floor while keeping the balls of my feet on the raised surface. I don't think there're many (any?) human beings capable of doing that on a standard set of household stairs. Scott's suggestion is a stack of hardcover RPG books. They're big enough and won't, we hope, slide.

Things are still hurting. I'm pretty sure that the calf muscle is knotted badly. I'm trying to figure out a good way to massage that. The best I've been able to do is to apply pressure with my other foot. I can manage a fair amount of pressure that way, but it's kind of hard to target. Experience says that tennis balls don't work worth a damn because I can't get into a position where I can put enough pressure on one to have it be useful. I strongly suspect that getting to and from the hospital by bus will make the ultrasound treatments the PT wants to give me pointless.

I tried to call my grandmother last night to wish her a happy birthday, but the phone rang and rang and rang. She lives with my aunt and uncle and their seventeen year old granddaughter, so I'm not worried in that respect, but it seems very odd because I know they have an answering machine. I'm planning to try again in about three hours. If I still can't get an answer, I'll email my cousin who lives in the same town so that he can find out if they're having phone problems (or tell me if the number has changed).

I've promised Scott that I'll watch Agents of SHIELD with him when I'm less stressed. He really likes the series but isn't willing to watch it alone. I'm not sure why he feels that way about it given that he watches other things alone. Possibly he's just feeling off balance because I've been leaving the living room most evenings for the last few months. That's because I'm too tired to cope. I'm not sure what to do to change that.

Today's main goal is to finish that letter I started. The secondary goal is to figure out how I'm getting to and from PT tomorrow. I also need to wash my hair and to do an assortment of things to prepare for the cleaning lady's arrival. I usually do most of that last during the hour before she arrives, but I'll be at OT during that time.

I'm kind of tempted to nap instead.
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I can’t seem to get myself to focus. Spring break combined with the Monday night sleep disorders clinic thing has just smacked me. I’ve been doing a lot of utterly trivial cat waxing and can’t seem to stop. This is the sort of thing where I browse our local library’s online catalog and look at, say, every single graphic novel in the collection, all 9800 of them in screens of twenty at a time. I used to play solitaire on my laptop to fill that sort of space, but my hands can’t do it now.

I can’t focus to read or to watch anything, either. I mean, I watched Rogue One with Scott yesterday afternoon, but… I didn’t really watch it. It was overall more violent than I’m comfortable with, so had I been on my own, I’d probably have stopped early on. I’m feeling the same way about Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them which I’ve got from the library and have been watching with Scott and Cordelia.

This is a problem I’m having a lot lately. I just don’t care about most of what I start, be it a TV show or a movie or a book. The best I get is tepid. This is not so great when I’ve got about twenty library books checked out and a heck of a lot of books I own and haven’t yet read. I’ve only seen the first three or four episodes of the most recent season of The Librarians. I’ve seen scattered episodes of the various shows Scott and Cordelia are enthusiastic about, but I’d mostly rather lie in bed and write than try to deal with the stress of watching.

And watching and reading actually are stressful. Watching moreso than reading because, when I read, I can at least open the book to different places if I feel trapped. This is why I haven’t been reading much fic, either. Skipping around in that is hard and kind of counterproductive. I’ve never been great at reading short stories. Those actually take a harder push for me than something over 10000 words. I have no idea why that is.

The more stressed I am, the harder it is to read or to watch anything.

I have managed, though, to fill out and mail the Aetna reimbursement claim forms. Hopefully, we’ll get something back there. A substantial something would be really nice. Scott’s been working on the taxes. We ran into some hitches with getting all the documentation we needed for medical expenses and with access to the tax preparation software Scott uses (he forgot to change his email address with them before we ditched Earthlink) that required him sending them a scan of his driver’s license.

Cordelia is spending the night with a friend tonight, but they’ll be over here bright and early and expecting Scott to take them shopping. I can probably stay in bed because I can’t drive the car and because they only need one adult with credit cards/cash. I think they want to go to thrift stores, but I’m not certain.

We had friends over to play games last night. We played and lost a six player game of Flashpoint. Then Scott and some of the others tried a Kickstarter game based on The Dresden Files (while I went and lay down in an effort to stop my back hurting). Scott was unimpressed by the game. It’s very pretty, but play isn’t flexible or balanced. If anyone’s interested, I can ask him to expand on that, but I don’t remember most of what he told me last night.

I have twenty three days to write, edit, and post my Fandom5K story.
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The sleep disorders clinic just called to reschedule the appointment Scott had the day after tomorrow. He had scheduled a vacation day for it, and I’m not sure he can cancel that so that he can actually go to an appointment on a different day, not this late in the game anyway. They want him to come in in July instead which is a terrible time of year for him to try to get time off of work. I know he’s stretched kind of thin in terms of vacation time (sick time isn’t an option. He get two days every six months).

The PT appointment left Cordelia kind of freaked out because the guy we saw was very concerned— He thinks her kneecap is in the wrong place and told us that the x-rays show a fundamental problem with how the bones in her leg fit together. There isn’t a proper slot for her patella, so it’s likely to keep dislocating. I didn’t ask him if that is something that surgery could address because I didn’t want to scare Cordelia any more than she already was.

He wants her to use the big brace as little as possible and to try to do without the crutches when she’s at home. He gave her two exercises which are aimed at working on being able to bend that leg again, but he mentioned that, given where the patella currently is, full motion may not be possible. He did say that a big part of the problem is muscle tension pulling things out of place and holding them there, that it’s her body trying to protect things and making them worse.

Scott ordered carry out from Gourmet Garden as a treat for Cordelia. Sadly, the entrees that we got were either terrible or things I can’t eat (due to egg mixed in). Scott and Cordelia tried moo shu chicken and got chicken fried rice as a fallback for if Cordelia hated the moo shu. We also got ginger chicken with string beans and eggplant with garlic sauce. I tasted neither ginger nor garlic in any bit of either. I’ll eat the leftovers, but I’m never ordering either dish there again.

They’ve cut their menu to the bone and don’t provide any sort of description of the dishes/ingredients in the carry out menu or online menu (I don’t know about the in restaurant menu). They don’t even mark the spicy dishes. I need to avoid peanuts, walnuts, eggs, and peppers of all sorts. I know that they put scrambled egg in all of their noodle dishes and, of course, their fried rice. They’ve never been good about leaving things out when we ask.

We got terrible food from them the last time we ordered there, so I didn’t want to get food there last night. The problem is that we don’t actually have any other places we’re comfortable with for Chinese carry out (Scott does not want to experiment on these occasions). I would prefer Lucky Kitchen, but Cordelia has decided that they’re beyond terrible.

At any rate, I guess next time we get food for dinner there, I’m going entirely with appetizers. Those tasted okay. None of them were even remotely healthy, but they were moderately decent tasting representatives of their types. I’d have liked them better if they hadn’t all been sort of sweet. A sweet spring roll or pork dumpling is just… not quite right.

We watched The Flash last night to see the musical crossover. It was okay but really not, IMO, more than that. A couple of the songs were fun (I started laughing when the fathers started singing that song from Guys and Dolls).
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We went out to Starbucks last night around 6:00. It was probably late for getting coffee, but Cordelia very much wants to try everything on the menu there. On our way home, we stopped at the Syrian restaurant and picked up dinner. We tried their cauliflower salad, and all three of us liked it.

Cordelia is insisting on watching Fuller House. Scott and I are kind of gritting our teeth through it. I find it very sad that I’m rating it way, way below the various Disney sitcoms that we used to watch with Cordelia. I keep telling her that I watched Dog with a Blog every week because she wanted to see it, so I can deal with Fuller House, but goodness, it’s not my sort of thing and really not very good.

I’m still pretty exhausted and so constantly hungry. It’s more than a bit frustrating. I can’t really change when I get up or when I go to bed right now. That’s going to continue for a while, no way around it. I’d like to nap this morning, but I have an appointment soonish.
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I figured out how to salvage part of the section I wrote that didn’t work. I’ve got one other bit to finish that goes before it, and I think I’ll need a section to come after. I just have no firm idea of what that follow up needs to be yet.

I’m actively looking for a beta reader for a Yuletide treat that I’ve finished. The Yuletide beta spreadsheet lists three people who’re willing to beta the fandom. One is me. One is someone I won’t ever ask for a beta again. Not ever. The last person is someone I know is currently very, very busy. I’ll ask them, but I’m not holding my breath. Still, it’s a treat, so the posting deadline has a lot more wiggle room. If it has to be, it could be a NYR story instead.

Counting the two unfinished sections I mentioned above, I currently have eleven projects that I very firmly want to go on with. Right at the moment, I’m doing a lot of flitting. Two are unstarted Yuletide treats. One, also unstarted, is for a Yuletide fandom but doesn’t, I think, fit any of the requests for that canon. I’m also not sure that I can make that idea fit in a short story. Three of the other possibilities are chapters of long WIP.

One WiP is stalled because I have to decide what the various rooms in a house would look like which means making some world building decisions about who furnished the place and how the furnishings were acquired. There are two people who might have chosen the furnishings, and I can think of four or five different sources, all of which have world building implications and an impact on how the place would look. It’s a relatively minor thing, but I’m stuck on it because I realized that my original vision didn’t fit either of the characters who might have put the place together.

We got the tree decorated yesterday. I didn’t actually hang any ornaments. I was just too tired, and my hands hurt too much. Also, there’s really not room for more than one person next to the tree, not given how the living room is currently configured. Cordelia and her friend put most of the ornaments on with Scott pointing out bare spots and reaching around them to hang a few things himself.

The girls wanted to watch The Flash while decorating, so we did. Cordelia’s friend is watching season 1 for the first time. Cordelia’s friend is trying to pressure Cordelia into watching Arrow, but Cordelia doesn’t want to because she doesn’t like the level of violence there. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out.

I got a lot of stuff at the library yesterday. Basically, a bunch of things with long wait lists all came in at once. Cordelia thinks I should manage my holds better, but I don’t really see what I could have done to prevent this except never put a hold on something with a long waitlist or that’s waiting to be catalogued. At any rate, I’ve got twice as many CDs as usual, more DVDs and books, and not very much time to listen, watch, or read this week.

I slept poorly last night and ended up awake after Scott got up at 5:00, so I’m expecting to try to nap soon. I’m going to take medication that might help. I think that the problem was 80% anxiety with pain from my hands and temperature regulation issues making up the balance. I really should have gotten up and taken Ativan when I realized that I hadn’t taken it before bedtime. I just very much want to be able to deal with this crap without medication, you know? But my neck and shoulders are so tight that they out and out hurt. I’m not going to manage to sleep unless I can get them to relax.
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Okay, the game preparation is moving along. I now have four characters at 2/3 done. The list of canonical npcs is complete, and the list of canonical terms is almost done (I’ve got five things left to define). I’ve got two characters left to get moving on, and they are, of course, the most difficult. I also need to name a lot of non-canonical npcs, decide what’s generally known about them, and figure out which characters know which of those npcs personally. I have decided that I’m ignoring about 90% of the second series. I’m keeping some characters and some bits of information about the Courts of Chaos.

I’ve tried a few of the singleton Stash teabags that have been floating around the kitchen for a while. I didn’t end up noting down all of them because most were black tea variants that tasted alike to me. Yesterday, I tried guayusa tea with mint early in the day (I can’t safely have mint late in the day). It was okay, but I don’t think I’ll buy more.

A couple of days before that, I tried Stash’s licorice spice tea. I kind of liked that, but I think I would need to dilute it a lot more or maybe mix it with something else. It was very sweet, and it left an aftertaste that— Well, it wasn’t horrible, but it kind of felt weird, like I had a film of flavor over my tongue and palate. I was only able to drink half the cup, and that took about three hours to get through. I wonder if this would mix with black tea of some sort?

Scott has been having the same intestinal difficulties that I have, so maybe this is a bug that I caught from him. He started having trouble before I did, and he felt okay yesterday. I had enough gas yesterday that I kept having to lie down to ease the pain of it. I’m still having trouble this morning, but who knows? If it is a bug, it will pass.

Cordelia’s teachers are planning to do a 'Colonial Day' either the Monday or the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and have asked parents to donate supplies. We’re willing, but there are a lot of things where they haven’t said how much they actually need. Embroidery floss, for example, would be easy to pick up, but how much and what color(s)? They want the kids to all cross stitch their names on bookmarks. I haven’t done cross stitch since I was seventeen, and I never did it in a way where I had to figure out quantities of anything. Or we could provide freshly baked bread, but how many loaves are needed? They seem to be asking for 40-50 of most of the stuff for which they give quantities, and I know there are between 40 and 45 kids in the eighth grade.

I have not managed to make any of the phone calls that I need to. Some of them, I could, in theory, manage today, but I don’t know that I will. I hate making phone calls; they’re so very, very hard.

The folks at the library found the missing book on CD, so I’ll be able to pick that up on Sunday, but they did not find the missing CD. I moved the couch and didn’t find the dratted thing. I have not looked under the loveseat yet. I probably ought to get down on the floor in our bedroom and see if it fell under the bed or something. It’s not on my table in there or on my shelves.

I have three episodes left in season one of Murder She Wrote (and I keep wondering why all of these people, mostly police, are handling guns and other such bits of evidence with their bare hands). I also have two library DVDs, one of which I’m halfway through and the other of which I haven’t started yet, and a Netflix DVD that arrived yesterday.

I’m debating ordering in for lunch today because nothing currently in the house appeals to me. But nothing I could get delivered appeals much either.
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I definitely overdid things yesterday. By evening, I was kind of stumbling around and not really able to think. I ended up scrolling through the spreadsheet of Yuletide requests (by fandom) without noting down any of the interesting prompts I saw because that was too much effort. This morning, I slept until after 11, which kind of throws off my entire day.

I’m pretty sure I had an out and out hot flash last night. I just suddenly felt overheated and started sweating. I went outside for a while, and that helped a very little bit. After that, I sat in the bedroom with the ceiling fan going. I’m very slowly trying to get myself together to actually do something with my day.

I’m a little cranky with my doctor’s office. They have a patient portal with an option for requesting an appointment. I did that and got back a message saying that I should call to schedule. What’s the point of requesting an appointment online if I have to follow up by calling? I could have just called to begin with. Except that I haven’t had the wherewithal to make any phone calls since I got that message.

I’ve been trying to find a CD that I thought I had returned to the library but that didn’t get checked in. Missing putting a CD in the library bag is very easy, so I’m assuming it’s here somewhere. I’m going to have to ask Scott and Cordelia to help because I can’t manage to look under the couch. Getting down low enough to look under there involves physical contortions that make my eyes unfocus enough that I can’t see at all. Why is it that, when I lose library CDs, it’s always something I didn’t actually like?

I’ve been watching Murder She Wrote season 1, and it’s kind of weird realizing how different things were when that aired. The show keeps throwing in information that’s hard to dig up that would be trivial today.
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I tried some Mio (blackberry flavor) in water yesterday. It didn’t taste bad, and it was nice to have something that tasted different. Unfortunately, I felt like the water with Mio was less useful for dealing with my dry mouth issues than plain water or even unsweetened herbal tea, so I don’t think I’ll drink it often.

Scott’s father had found two duplicates in his CD collection. No one else took them, so I did. One of them is a Dan Fogelberg greatest hits thing, and I remember liking a few of his songs in high school. The other is some Christian musician I’d not previously heard of, but I figure that, if I don’t care for his music, I can just donate it to the Friends of the Library. Someone will want it.

One of the CDs I got from the library on Sunday is completely unreadable by the CD drive on my laptop. I’m going to try it in the DVD/CD player later (probably Thursday since I won’t have time today), but I just may have to accept that it’s unplayable.

I have written part of three characters, just a few paragraphs each to sketch in their starting situation a bit. I’m going to have to keep going back and adding more information as I figure out the entire picture in terms of who knows who and who trusts who and all of that.

I have an appointment at UHS at 10:10. When I scheduled that in June, I had no idea that today would be a half day for the schools. Cordelia will get out at 10:50 and will bring two friends home with her. I might get home as early as 11:00 if all of the star align correctly, but 11:30 or 11:45 are more likely, and this means I can’t spend time wandering around doing Ingress. The kids are capable of making mac ’n’ cheese, but I’m not sure they should do it unsupervised, so lunch depends on me getting home.

I talked to my doctor, via the patient portal, about my hand issue. She agreed with me that it’s probably tendinitis and that rest, naproxen, and such was the best way to go. She said that, if it doesn’t get better or if the symptoms change, I should definitely come in. I am finding that heat helps more than cold, so I’m doing that off and on. I may end up alternating. I may not.

I went through my list of library DVDs that I want to try and made a list of the ones the library no longer owns. Most of those, Netflix has. There’s just one that I can’t get that way— Aquamarine. I’m not sure how much I care about that. It looks like it’s probably cute, but I doubt that it would utterly rework my view of the universe or become a huge favorite.

I watched last night’s episode of The Flash with Scott and Cordelia even though I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. I’m just feeling hugely unmotivated on those shows. I don’t dislike them; I’m just not particularly curious about what’s going to happen.
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Scott and I did a bit of Ingress yesterday. We went to a park on the other side of town that was all level eight portals held by the other team. We hacked a lot of them and captured four. We didn’t try to capture more because we ran out of time. I hacked quite a few new to me portals on the trip there and the trip home.

From there, we went to Saica, a Japanese restaurant near our house. We finished up in plenty of time to get home before Cordelia did. I just ate my leftovers for breakfast.

We had a Stargate game session last night. It was more of trying to deal with the first contact situation. I was kind of groggy the way I have been the last week or so. Our characters are going to be replaced in the first contact situation by actual experts who know what they’re doing (our characters range in level from 1st-3rd, so we’re not that good at what we do. We’re just the best that the base we’re at has at the moment).

I haven’t managed to watch any of the shows that we normally watch as a family in at least a week. Scott and Cordelia have gone ahead without me. I can tell that I don’t care very much about any of them because I haven’t felt motivated to catch up even though I could. I think I’m two episodes behind on Agents of SHIELD (though Scott and Cordelia haven’t watched this week’s episode either, so I’m only one behind relative to them) and one each on The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.
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I gave myself a bit of an RSI yesterday because of how I was sitting while using my laptop. I got my right shoulder and the right side of my neck hurting pretty badly. I’m trying to do everything left handed today, but my trackpad doesn’t seem to like my left hand.

I didn’t make it out to the school yesterday because of rain. It’s raining even harder today and is still supposed to be raining tomorrow, so I don’t know. I did manage a bit of a walk during a lull in the rain, but it was an hour after the school day ended, so the office wasn’t likely to be open any longer.

I’m having mixed feelings about Agents of SHIELD. Scott and Cordelia adore it, so it’s something that we watch as a family, but I keep wanting to leave while it’s on and just generally feeling cranky and trapped. I’m not even sure why I want not to watch.

I need to go into the basement today to make sure I can find two books that I want to offer for Yuletide. I know I own them, but I want to be absolutely sure that I know where they are so that I’m not scrambling to find used copies after matching on one of them. For one of them, I want to reread to make sure I’m willing to offer all the nominated characters because, while I recognize the names, I don’t remember who is who. It’s a very short book, so rereading it shouldn’t take even an hour.

I’ve figured out what I’m requesting for Yuletide and more or less what I’ll be offering. For the three fandoms I nominated, I’m only going to offer them if someone else also requests them. I don’t actually expect that anyone else will, but who knows?
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Hm. I made a list of my various WIP and of those plot bunnies that are more than just vague 'yeah, that might be interesting some day' things. There are eight things I haven’t started yet, four of them sequels. There are five things that are certain to be extremely long (hundreds rather than tens of thousands of words). Then there are about eight things that I don’t want to work on right this moment but that are already started and, at least in theory, finishable.

I’m putting the don’t wanna stuff down to the change in Zoloft dosage, mostly. I’m not sure why, if 25 mg a day kept me awake, 50 mg a day should make me want to do nothing but sleep, but that seems to be the way it’s going.

I’ve also got about a dozen different things that I want to have watched but don’t actually want to, you know, watch. I’ve got three Netflix DVDs and two library DVDs plus a library DVD lecture series (4 DVDs) and the second season of Star Wars: Rebels from the library. I really want to watch the rest of Rebels, but Scott and Cordelia want to see it, too. They just keep giving it very low priority. The set is due Sunday and can’t be renewed, and we’ve still got eight and a half episodes to go. Given that they want to watch Agents of SHIELD tonight and that Cordelia will be out tomorrow evening, I don’t think we’re going to get through them. It would take two or three months to cycle back through the waitlist again.
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I slept poorly last night. I went back and forth between too warm and too cold, and Cordelia got up several times because she couldn’t sleep, either.

The last week or so, every time I look in the mirror, I’ve been struck by how exhausted and worn down I look. I’ve got bags under my eyes, reddish ones. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that because I’ve been sleeping decently most nights.

I meant to run the dishwasher last night, but I forgot. I can fit some of the breakfast dishes in but not all of them. I also can’t run the dratted thing until after Scott showers, so it will be lunch time with more dirty dishes that won’t fit. It also means I can’t wash my water bottle because there’s no way that the dishwasher will be done before we leave. I’m not going without my water bottle.

We’re heading up to Scott’s parents’ house in the early afternoon. We need to stop at the store on the way up there because Scott’s mother asked us to bring some berries. Scott and I agreed that those would not be better for sitting the fridge for two days. We also need to buy bread because we’re out, and more hotdog buns because Scott’s mother asked for eight but Scott bought some fancy kind that come six to a bag. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even look at how many there were. The family is more likely to eat brats than turkey burgers, and there will be eight or nine of us. (Our nephew might or might not be there. He’s seventeen.) Scott’s mother and sister are gluten free, so they won’t eat any buns. I’m not sure how the arithmetic works out, but more buns is likely to be better than too few because Scott’s parents won’t have bread around that can be used to improvise.

The current plan is for everyone but me to go out on the boat. None of us are really expecting that to happen because, every time they’ve tried to get that to happen this summer, the weather has not cooperated. It could happen but not seems like the way to bet.

If they do go on the boat, I will likely write. I don’t know that I’ll be online because their internet isn’t so very reliable. I need to make sure I have offline copies of the documents I’ve been working on so that I can keep writing them. I very badly want to find the end of this Amber fic so that I can go on to other things. I haven’t looked very hard for a beta reader yet, and I kind of (very much) don’t want to deal with that. I think whether or not I do will depend on how I’m feeling when I finish. I might just give the story a once over for obvious errors and post it.

I was talking to a friend who doesn’t know the Amber canon last night and trying to explain the character backstories and interconnections. The main thing she got from it was that there was no way these characters wouldn’t be massively messed up, psychologically speaking. Zelazny didn’t write them that way (I suspect because that’s a thing that didn’t interest him). I also concluded that, in the Merlin books, Zelazny found Luke more interesting than Merlin. Zelazny talks very, very fast to keep Luke in the story. He’s not constantly there, but he keeps coming back, and none of the people who really ought to want to kill him even try to.

I was right— The DVDs that some helpful library employee added to my hold list are still not close captioned. They’re tagged, in the catalog, with a subject heading that claims that they are, but they are decidedly not. There are no captions in any language. Acorn Media, in my experience, never does captions. The holds came about because I complained that I couldn’t tell what was and wasn’t close captioned by looking at the online catalog. I specified three things I’d tried that didn’t have captions and that I’d been completely unable to watch as a result. I never heard back, but two of those three things somehow ended up on my holds list. I let it go because it was at least remotely possible that the library had acquired a new edition that did have captions.

I’m kind of inclined to send a second message pointing out that putting a subject heading on a DVD record that says 'Video recordings for the hearing impaired' does not, in fact, magically produce captioning on a DVD that didn’t have it before.

There are some things that I can follow fine without captions, but there are also things that I really, really can’t. My hearing is fine as far as I know, but without captions, I can only follow actors who enunciate well and only on a soundtrack that is clear. I think it has more to do with things on the screen moving too fast for me than with not hearing. If there’s more coming, I lose whatever takes too long to process. It’s why I can’t follow most vids, even for canons I know reasonably well.
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I woke up with a headache again this morning. This time, I tried Ativan first. It helped yesterday (I was hoping it wouldn’t, actually, much as I wanted the headache gone) and has helped today. The Comcast stuff is all I can think of that might have caused this, but two days of headaches after things are more or less resolved seems excessive. I’m still groggy and not quite all here. Food and caffeine have not helped, but some part of my brain is convinced that, if I eat the right thing, I’ll feel better. I suspect that a good dose of sugar would help, but I’m trying very, very hard not to do that.

I’m looking more at the FODMAP diet. Given my other restrictions, I think that I’d basically only be able to eat meat during the time I was doing the elimination diet. Maybe some potatoes and rice, but I need to be careful of those for blood sugar reasons. (I’m not willing to touch brown rice because of the arsenic issue.) And some lettuce, occasionally, I suppose, but that’s iffy on the GERD side. Our usual vegetables are green beans, green peas, various squashes, broccoli, and cauliflower which are all on the no go list. Lacking those, I’d go for Brussel sprouts or cabbage, but those are also not okay. So, maybe, collard greens? Those are pretty nasty without added flavorings that I can’t have.

Of course, there are things on the list that I know I’m fine with, but many of them are classed with other things I know aren’t good for me or that are only okay sometimes. My digestive system considers them different, but the diet considers them the same. I’d also be out of caffeine options because the diet says no to chai. I haven’t found another type of black tea that isn’t vile beyond what I’m willing to drink when I add stevia, and I can’t drink them unsweetened.

Those who do the FODMAP stuff— What do you do about prescriptions and toothpaste? The only prescription I’m sure would be a problem is actually my toothpaste (I haven’t tried to check anything else, but I take ten things daily and several others as needed). Fluoridex for sensitivity contains xylitol. There aren’t actually any other options for it (Gel-Kam may or may not have xylitol, but it’s not nearly as good for sensitivity), and I can’t do without. Three days, and I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink anything at all without pain.

I figured out the problem using Chrome on my phone. Basically, Chrome had decided that a bunch of urls would redirect to the Comcast sign in site permanently. I ended up having to delete pretty much all the presets I could find. I’m not sure which one actually did the job (the first three or four didn’t because I checked, but then I stopped checking).

We still don’t know what’s going on this weekend. I’m assuming we’ll be visiting with Scott’s family on Monday. The big uncertainty is when Scott will be able to do the shopping. I don’t know. Maybe I could try my mother’s suggestion of the bus to the store and then a cab home? Except our neighbor told us that she did that and cabbie wouldn’t let her put her groceries in the cab. I think she was using the A-Ride which is a shared ride thing for people with disabilities or who are over a certain age, so it might be that the cabbie felt he had to save the space for other riders. It would really suck to have a cab come to pick one up and have it not have room to stow your walker or your chair or whatever.

But, you know, people do need transportation with groceries. Groceries are pretty essential, and our local stores don’t do delivery. One will pull stuff and have it ready for pick up, but that still requires a car. It’s about twenty minutes from here to the nearest store by bus (well, there’s a faster bus, but it requires crossing a busy, five lane street without a convenient light when one gets to the store). Bringing groceries home on the bus is limited by what one can carry and keep on one’s lap (using the seat next to one is not allowed if the bus is anywhere near full) and by what will survive a long ride and walk in whatever the weather is. Given what I can carry, I’d have to make about eight trips to get our groceries, and I’d have to skip some stuff. I’d also have a choice of waiting for the bus that comes once every half an hour or taking the every fifteen minutes bus and then climbing a hill that leaves me breathless when I’m not carrying anything at all. And I could only do this before 6:00 on weekdays. Saturdays and evenings, the buses are less frequent. Sundays, the bus I want doesn’t go as far as the grocery store. It only does part of its normal route.

I cooked a chicken last night. We ended up with less in the way of leftovers than I expected we would, though, so I’ll have to find something else to cook before the pork shoulder I just brought up from the basement is thawed (it’s as big as my head. It will take several days).

I did less writing yesterday than I had hoped. It was mostly editing and moving things around with a handful of new paragraphs. Mostly, I’ve been going back through the really big thing I’m working on and assuming that I’m having my usual problem of not mentioning things that readers actually need to know because I think they’re in there already. I know that this is a huge problem that I have, and it’s a big reason why I like to have a beta reader who feels comfortable dealing with that sort of thing. That’s a good bit more work than SPaG, however. It’s just that that can be what saves a story.

Scott decided against getting a DVR because Comcast would charge us an extra $10 a month for it. I can live without it, but I will regret it because there are often things I want to watch that neither Scott nor Cordelia are interested in. Scott will put up with those, most of the time, unless they conflict with one of his shows. Cordelia won’t put up with it at all— She’ll complain and complain and complain which makes watching anything unpleasant. I wonder if our VCR could still record anything? I don’t think we own any tapes we could record on, though.

We also won’t be watching anything in HD because that was also an additional monthly fee. None of us actually notice the difference between SD and HD, so it seemed wasteful. Of course, we’re now discovering that on demand has some episodes that are only available in HD.

I haven’t had a chance to play around with the new remote and interface. I don’t like how the visual part of the interface looks when Scott’s been doing stuff with it. I have trouble figuring out what is what there. Also, Scott keeps using voice commands, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t know if that’s avoidable or not.

I’ve been poking around on Imzy (I’m the_rck over there, too). I’m not sure yet if I’ll stay because I’m having problems getting used to the interface. I don’t know. It has potential for interesting conversations. Possibly.
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I didn’t have a headache when I woke up about an hour ago, but I do now. I really don’t know what’s going on with that. I can think of a couple of anxiety things that might have an impact, but I wouldn’t think either would do this.

Scott and Cordelia ended up going to two different Verizon stores because the store Scott prefers was too busy to serve them. They stopped there then went to Target for shoes, came back then went to Pizza Hut for lunch, came back and, finally, gave up and went to a different store.

The Pizza Hut visit was apparently truly terrible. Scott says that, although only one table in the place was occupied, the staff took more than five minutes to seat him and Cordelia. They also told Scott that the only way they could do spinach on a pizza was to pile raw spinach on the pizza after it was done. They claimed that the health code doesn’t allow them to bake a pizza with spinach on it. We get pizza with spinach on it all the time from other places, so WTH? Somehow, I don’t think that all of the other pizza places are violating the health code. I think they only stayed because the place was right by the Verizon store.

Cordelia now has two new pairs of gym shoes. I think Scott said one is her current size and one is a size up. I’m not sure she’ll grow that much more, but I suppose she might.

We have a new phone plan that folds in all three phones and gives us all unlimited texting and four GB data to share. This is, according to Scott, just a tiny bit cheaper than the old plans which had me and Scott on one and Cordelia on another. Our data usage, for all three of us, is pretty much always just a tiny bit over two GB, so four should be more than enough unless one of us starts wandering around, streaming video with no wifi. Or, I suppose, if Cordelia starts playing Pokemon Go seventeen hours a day…

It was a bit after 4:00 when Scott and Cordelia got back here to pick me up. I checked myself and Cordelia in at Great Clips on my phone while we were on the way. Our trims ended up taking about five minutes each, and I don’t think we waited longer than five minutes. I am glad I checked in online because about eight people came in after us who hadn’t done that. I felt a little sorry for the Great Clips employees given that there was no way they were going to get everyone taken care of by closing time (5:00). One of the employees did say that they stop adding people to the list at about 4:50 but take everyone who’s there by then.

Cordelia and I walked from Great Clips to Kroger and caught up with Scott. We were home and had the groceries put away by about 5:15, so we had plenty of time for the library. Unsurprisingly, a hold for me came in right after we’d left the library. I’m currently trying to decide whether or not I want it enough to try to get down there before it expires on Saturday. At the current moment, I’m leaning toward not, but I’ll check with Scott this evening as to what his week looks like. I’m more likely to go there if he takes me than if I have to take the bus.

Scott and I watched a Marx Brothers movie last night. He remembers those very fondly from childhood. They’re not the sort of thing he’d normally watch now, but he’s very enthusiastic about them. I’m not sure which ones I’ve seen, and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t pay much attention to the ones I watched as a teenager. We have a set of five Marx Brothers movies from the library.

We also watched some of season one of The Flash with Cordelia. That’s a little frustrating because she will suddenly decide, in the middle of an episode, that she’s no longer interested and expect us to wait to watch the rest of the episode until she’s ready for it. I mainly find that frustrating because the Blu-ray player will lose our place when we turn it off, and if we don’t turn it off, it gives us difficulty in using the TV for anything else. Last night, Cordelia was ready to walk out on an episode with five minutes left, and I insisted that she stick around.

I did very little writing yesterday because I felt like I was thinking through cotton wool. Pushing my way through was just too much work. I managed a couple hundred words, however, so it wasn’t no writing at all. I also spent some time looking at my list of potential fic titles to see if anything jumped out as the right title for the Iddy Iddy Bang Bang fic. I didn’t find anything that I thought was perfect, but I noted about a dozen options and then started eliminating the ones that really didn’t fit after all. I’ve got seven possibilities left, and I think at least two are too on the nose.

I got up earlier than I would normally because I’m expecting someone from UPS to come by to pick up that CD that wouldn’t play in order to ship it back to Amazon. I was pretty sure that, if I got up early, they wouldn’t come until late in the day but that, if I slept in, they’d arrive at 8:00 on the dot. I’d like to shower, too, but don’t dare until Cordelia’s up (though they won’t take the package from anyone under the age of eighteen, so I probably shouldn’t even then). I’d also like to take a walk because it’s in the 50s outside right now. That’s not likely to happen again any time soon.
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AO3 is recruiting tag wranglers again. Every time they do, I look at the list of fandoms to see if there are enough I could do to qualify. There never seem to be. They set four qualifying fandoms as the minimum for applying, however, and I just don’t have that. There are two anime/manga fandoms (Slayers and Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok) above the threshold for number of fics that I’m reasonably sure I could do. There are two others that I know a little bit about but am far from confident I could manage (at the very least, I had have to buy the anime and manga for the series in question, and that would be a huge monetary investment, and one of them is a series that I actively disliked). There’s one US TV fandom (Birds of Prey (TV)) over the cut off that I think I could do.

There are three anime/manga fandoms with double digit numbers of fics that I’m confident I could do, but they’re all below the thirty fic cut off. (Seirei no Moribito with 25, Haibane Renmei with 24, and Pumpkin Scissors with 19).

There are five fandoms that I think I could do with double digit numbers of fics in the category with the 80 fic cut off for applying, but they’re all well below the cut off number. The largest has 47 fics. The smallest has 19 fics (I didn’t look at anything smaller. I’m not sure why I even looked that small.) The two largest fandoms there would need some disambiguation as one is both a TV show and a huge multi-author series of books and the other is both a movie and a TV show (with different actors in the parts but the show as a sequel to the movie). I think they’re both things where the two can mostly be folded together, but it would probably be worth saying that.

There was one qualifying series that I might be able to do if I invested a lot of time and money and another that I could do if I spent about $60 and didn’t hate the show in question. I can’t justify either.

We cooked a pork shoulder in the pressure cooker last night. Scott was expecting to have to work late, so I tried to cut the dratted thing up for cooking. I thought I needed to get it all off the bone (Scott told me after that that wasn’t necessary). I managed to cut up about two thirds of it. I was going for large pieces, but I still couldn’t finish because my hand kept cramping. Well, I might have been able to, but I stopped and washed my hands and took a break and then got a phone call that lasted for a while.

The call was a survey to get my opinion on the proposal for improved mass transit in southeastern Michigan. I’m sure it will surprise no one that I’m for it. But I’m one of those weirdos who thinks that raising taxes in order to pay for things like that is a very good idea because those things are an excellent long term investment.

I got an email from the ACLU yesterday that basically said that the ACLU never, ever endorses presidential candidate, not in 95 years. The message went on to add that everything that Donald Trump says is antithetical to the mission of the ACLU but that pointing that out isn’t an anti-endorsement. Honest. They just wanted to be sure that I realized that voting for Trump wasn’t likely to be congruent with supporting the ACLU. I suspect that laughter wasn’t the intended result, but it made me laugh.

I started watching season 1 of Smallville and got about halfway through the first episode. I will go back to it, but it’s the sort of thing that I’m likely to inch my way through unless I’m watching it with someone else. I’m terrible about that, and I’m more likely to be set off by shows about teenagers than shows about adults. I think it’s because a lot of stories about teenagers get milage out of them making terrible, terrible decisions even when they have full information. I’m pretty sure that the only reason I got through season 1 of Teen Wolf is that I was watching it with Scott. Then again, the only reason I get through a lot of things is because I’m watching them with Scott.

I woke this morning with a migraine. It was very clearly that because it was like a spike through one side of my head. I took Amerge only ten minutes after my thyroid medication. Strictly speaking, I should have waited longer, but I really wanted to go back to sleep. (Closing the door and having Scott turn down the volume on his phone alarm helped considerably.) I thought the headache was completely gone when I woke up for the day at 9:30, but it attacked again, just less intensely, when I sat up. Caffeine and food has gotten rid of that bit, though.

Oh— I completely forgot. I asked the gynecologist about the oncology nurse’s recommendation Female reproductive TMI )

Right now, I can’t get Hulu to play anything for me, but Netflix is working, so I don’t think it’s our internet connection. This means I’m watching Person of Interest rather than Steven Universe or Danny Phantom. I’m more in the mood for one of the latter two but whatever. I’m not paying close attention anyway.

I’ve got eleven emails to answer now. None are older than April, but four or five of them are that old. Four of them are from the last week. I’m thinking that I should go back and answer the oldest message first. I just haven’t wanted to because answering it will either let someone down or commit me to several hours of work that I’d probably use to procrastinate on the WIP Big Bang story. The next oldest is part of a world building discussion where I know I came up with exactly what I wanted to say while I was in bed one night and then forgot all of it before morning. The others have similar barriers to me answering them. I just have to, you know, do it and not let myself keep putting them off. Then again, maybe I can use the threat of needing to answer them to make me write my fic instead.
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I wrote three hundred words yesterday, all in the last half an hour before bed. If I can get myself to start earlier, I might actually get my WIP Big Bang done by the deadline.

All three of us went out last night to get frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf and half price baked goods at Plum Market. I discovered that crushed oreos do not go well with strawberry froyo. Scott got rye bread enough to see him through the rest of the week. I hacked a few Ingress portals along the way.

I’m watching Smallville from the beginning for the first time. I have seen a scattering of episodes, mostly because Scott liked the show, but I hadn’t felt any great urge to watch the show myself. I’m about ten minutes into the first episode, and I really feel like this wasn’t actually necessary storytelling. That is, there’s no real reason to show viewers the day Kal-El arrived on Earth. Backfilling the absolutely essential details would make more sense. I mean, the stuff that relates to him and the Kents is… Is there anyone in the US who doesn’t already know that story? The kid playing Lex was so obviously wearing a wig that I boggled, and I really didn’t need to see Lana’s parents die in order to know that that was a tragedy.

I think I’m giving up on that DVD set from the library. I just don’t want to deal with it. I’ve still got a while to decide, though, because it’s not due until the 31st, and it may be better background for writing my WIP Big Bang than Smallville is given that I’m watching that for a completely different fic idea. I’ve got three other DVDs waiting at the library to be picked up this weekend, though.

I’m trying to make up my mind about another library book. I like the writing, and I’m intrigued by the world and the premise, but it’s hugely violent, and I don’t deal well with that. This might be a book to come back to at a point when it doesn’t have a library waitlist and when I can keep it for two or three months. I think it might be Scott’s type of book, so that’s another reason to get it again later. He’s got several books he’s working on reading right now, and he only has about twenty minutes a day for reading paper books (more than that for audiobooks, but the library doesn’t have this one as an audiobook). The book’s not actually due until the 25th, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get much farther into it.

Cordelia keeps trying to get friends to come over only to have them discover that their families have other plans. She’s mainly bothered by this in terms of us never actually having plans. Scott pointed out that he keeps suggesting things to do and she keeps saying no. He asked her if she wants him to plan something and then make her go, and she said absolutely not.

Scott has the first week of August as vacation. He wants to do something interesting and new in terms of going somewhere. He’s talked about Mackinac Island and Traverse City and Chicago, and he seems to want all three of us to go. I haven’t pointed out the huge limitations that me going along will put on what he and Cordelia can do. I think— I hope— he already realizes that. Him and Cordelia going without me would make more sense, but he’s already taken Mackinac Island off the list because I can’t deal with the ferry. I think he hasn’t quite gotten so far along in his planning as to realize that all of the trips he’s suggesting will require spending at least one night away from home and, more likely, two or even three. (Then again, maybe that’s why he really wants me to go along, too.)

We would either have to do something between Saturday and Wednesday or between Thursday afternoon and Sunday. Cordelia has two doctor appointments that Thursday morning. Scott being home will save us nearly $40 on cabs for those, so that’s working out well.

Scott talked about visiting Canada, too, but that was when he thought that getting passports for all three of us would be a matter of days and cost not much at all. I think that the only bits of government bureaucracy that Scott’s ever dealt with involve the DMV and the IRS. I suggested that we deal with getting passports during the week he’s off work since that’s the only time in the foreseeable future when he and I would both be available to go in together to apply for Cordelia’s passport, but Scott considers the cost prohibitive. And it kind of is. A full passport for any one of us would cost more than a month’s payment on the loan we got for the insulation. For all three of us, it would cost a good bit more than our monthly car payment.

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