Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Scott ended up getting home 35 minutes before we needed to be at the dentist. He called to say he was on his way about two minutes before I had intended to call a cab. Both Scott and Cordelia are cavity free, but the hygienist thinks Cordelia’s not doing a good job flossing.

We stopped at the downtown library long enough to return a few things and to pick up my holds.

I slept badly last night. I was simply too warm and kept waking up. I didn’t get back to sleep after Scott got up. By the time I could have, it was too close to when I had to get up. I’ve had a sore throat all day, too. It’s the type where it hurts to swallow rather than a true sore throat, but it worries me a bit.

Scott’s father came at 10:00 to put some shelves in under Cordelia’s window. That took about an hour and a half. He and Cordelia have now headed north for cookie decorating.

I’m trying to figure out what to do for lunch. We’re pretty low on easy to prepare food, and there’s a limit to how much cheese I’m willing to eat. I’d order something delivered, but I think Scott and I will be eating out tonight, so that seems unwise. I want to be cautious about what I eat for lunch so that I can lie down after.

Our pharmacy called yesterday to say that we don’t currently have valid prescription coverage. Scott is making inquiries at HR about that because we ought to have coverage. Maybe there’s new information we need or something. I will need to call the pharmacy to see if they still have my secondary prescription insurance on file. I’m pretty sure that that would cover the medication as it’s a commonly prescribed generic.

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