Jan. 4th, 2017

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Last night, we met up with Scott’s sister and her family at the restaurant where our nephew works. Scott and I left early with the intention of getting there by 6:30 so we could be sure that I would get my food in time to eat it. As it turned out, traffic was bad enough that it was 6:45 before we got there. The restaurant does a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food, none of it very well, IMO. (It’s probably mostly that it’s wildly varying levels of Americanized so that it’s not easy to guess what one’s going to get. Also, there’s a lot of peanuts and peanut sauce floating around. I’m only mildly allergic, but it still makes me nervous.)

We traded Christmas presents for the girls. Scott and I gave our niece a game that she wanted, and Scott’s sister and her family gave Cordelia some clothes and a CD. Our nephew wanted something hugely expensive from Russia, and that’s still somewhere in shipping limbo. He’s seventeen, and it’s coming as a shock to him that, when he asked for one expensive thing, everybody went in on it and didn’t give him anything else. His mother commented that it’s a lesson that he needed to learn.

I woke with a headache today, but I could tell that it would go away once I had some caffeine. Headaches seem to be the price I pay for sleeping later than I usually would, and caffeine making them go away leads me to think that they’re withdrawal related.

I’ve got potatoes in the Instant Pot now. They’ll be edible in a about forty minutes (twelve minutes cooking, twenty to thirty minutes for slow pressure release). I’m going to tell Scott not to buy Green Giant potatoes again. He’ll promptly forget, but two of the potatoes were actually broken nearly in half and going really nasty along the break. They’d obviously been broken for a very long time. It just wasn’t something that could be seen without pulling them out of the bag.

I hope to do sweet potatoes and chicken (separately) in the Instant Pot later today, but I may not get to them if I’m too tired.

Today’s to do list is relatively short but challenging.

Call Aetna for pre-approval of next week’s appointment.

Find and mail the forms to get medical records forwarded to where they need to go.

Print forms for Sunday’s appointment and start filling them out.

Call our new prescription insurer and ask for replacement cards to be sent.

Call the folks who did my cancer related genetic testing and ask what on earth is going on with the insurance billing.

Dig through and answer my email.
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I got all three cooking chores done. I found, filled out, and mailed the forms for getting medical records. I also finished filling out the forms for Sunday’s appointment. Those opened in TextEdit and were quite long, so I ended up typing in my answers instead of printing and trying to write by hand. I think it would have taken days and a lot of hand pain to fill out the forms by hand.

That leaves the phone calls, two of which I might still be able to make today if I can find the wherewithal because they’re in different time zones, one of which has to wait for tomorrow because I don’t know what time zone they’re in, and the last of which would be relatively easy but definitely has to wait because I know that office closed an hour ago.. Oh, and my email which is stacking up rapidly. I’m at the stage where I look at my inbox and blink and fail entirely to process what I’m seeing. I know that most of these are things I can deal with easily, but right now, I just can’t.

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