Jan. 5th, 2017

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My hands are giving me a lot of trouble today. They’ve been hurting since last night when we went to Barnes & Noble. I carried several books for about twenty minutes, and that hurt more and more as I went on. I wore the day splints that the orthopedics people gave me from when we first got home until some time in the middle of the night. The day splints work much better at night than the ones intended for night wearing. My hands don’t go numb when wearing them to sleep.

I’m wearing the night splints now. They decrease the thumb pain a lot, but they make a lot of things very difficult or even impossible. Typing while wearing them makes my shoulders hurt. Actually, just sitting and doing nothing while wearing them makes my arms and shoulders ache. I think my best course is to wear them just until the pain stops and then either to do without splints or to switch to the OTC versions I had been using (assuming I can find them).

I really can’t wear the day splints during the day because there’s a strap that wraps around my hand and goes between my thumb and fingers to fasten over the palm of my hand. When I pull that tight enough to get support, the bit between my thumb and fingers is wide enough that it digs in on both sides. It doesn’t matter so much if I’m not going to use my hands, but it’s a big problem otherwise.

Scott found the new prescription cards last night, so I don’t need to call to ask for new ones.

I thought that I had gotten through the book store trip without aggravating the tendinitis in my Achille’s tendon, but it started to hurt over night. Well, it didn’t hurt until I got up and walked to the bathroom. I’m not sure why my calf muscle should tighten up while I’m sleeping, but it definitely seems to. Fortunately, at this point, I’m not hurting there as long as I don’t press on where the tendon attaches to the bone in my heel.
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I want to do the Snowflake Challenge, but I keep looking at it and realizing that I don’t currently have the mental resources. I guess there’s nothing to stop me doing it in February or July or something.

I’ve been looking at Fandom Stocking, last night and this morning, and trying to see if there’s anything that I think I could write that would be short (under 3000 words). I’ve copied out about a dozen specific requests, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to write anything for any of them. Part of that is mental resources, part of that is other things I need to do, part of that is that I’ve only seen one person interested in dark stuff (I can probably write something not dark, but dark is still easier at the moment).

And I’m not getting stuff done now because Cordelia’s trying to figure out how to visit a friend by bus. There are about six different ways she could get there, and she’s never tried any of those routes before. The easiest route would take twice as long because it would involve going to central campus (to a place she knows) in order to catch the second bus she needs. All of the other routes involve going the other direction, getting off at a stop she doesn’t know (there are two or three options), and walking 5-10 minutes to catch the second bus.

Right at the moment, she’s charging her cell phone (which is at 75%) and dithering.

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