Jan. 8th, 2017

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Cordelia was bored enough to go grocery shopping with Scott yesterday. Usually, she’s not willing to go even though Scott will buy food she wants but didn’t know she wanted.

Scott bought several different kinds of breakfast sausage with the idea that we’ll cook a package as needed and then I’ll eat 2-4 cold as part of my breakfasts. Past experience tells me that doing that will help me stay awake in a way that caffeine won’t. The drawback is that sausages are greasy enough that lying down after eating is a bad idea. Scott cooked three different kinds today. One is good. The other two are kind of acceptable but heavier on the seasoning than I like. (Why is it always black pepper?)

While Scott and Cordelia were out, I made banana bread, loaded and ran the dishwasher, and started taking down the Christmas tree. I managed to find and put away about 4/5 of the decorations before I hit the wall of not being able to stand up any longer. I also watched about half of a library DVD. I’m currently trying to decide if I want to go on or if I want to just return it. The movie’s not even vaguely good, so maybe I won’t go on. I don’t know.

Scott is taking Cordelia and at least one of her friends to the mall in the late afternoon, so I will have some time to myself then. I’m looking forward to that part. The timing may be kind of tight because we have an appointment downtown at 1:30 that will last at least an hour. We need to visit the library either before the appointment or immediately after, but Cordelia’s friend will be dropped off here around 3:30.

I will do laundry while they’re out and see if I can make either of the phone calls I need to make. I don’t want to argue with Aetna while Cordelia’s within earshot.

I started another damned WIP last night. I was trying to write for a prompt, but I kept pushing back the beginning of the story to the point that only one of the requested characters is there and that it will be years before he meets the other character. Because I really needed another WIP, didn’t I?

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