Jan. 9th, 2017

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Drat. This book on CD that I got from the library today is fine up until the last three tracks on the final CD. I tried my scratch removal thing, but I still can’t read those last three tracks. The library has other copies, so I had Scott put a hold on one and see if that works better. I can’t put a hold on the title while I have a copy checked out.

We made it to the library before Cordelia’s appointment. The two are close together, and we had twenty five minutes before the appointment when we got downtown, so Scott suggested just going to the library then so as not to have to worry about it after.

I had asked that we go for bubble tea after the appointment, but Scott completely forgot, and I didn’t realize we were going the wrong way until it was too late to go back. (We were at an intersection with only one direction we could go.) I asked Scott to pick me up some on his way back from Briarwood with the girls, but the timing didn’t work out, so I didn’t get bubble tea yesterday. I’m still peeved about that.

Scott took Cordelia and two friends to the mall for a couple of hours. He says they ran around and around a couple of stores, trying things on and trying to figure out what they actually wanted to do apart from being out together. I think the girls had fun at any rate.

My to do list for today:

Call for prescription refill.
Call for insurance pre-approval.
Call genetic testing people.
Two loads of laundry.

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