Jan. 12th, 2017

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I’m really physically worn out. I don’t expect this to get better any time soon, either, because it’s half stress and half scheduling problems that I can’t fix (I can’t go to bed earlier. I can’t sleep later. I can’t nap during the day). I want to finish some of my library books, but my brain starts shutting down when I open a book. I don’t fall asleep; I just stare stupidly at the text, unable to make it make sense.

Cordelia and I had lunch at Totoro today after her appointment. It was more expensive than I expected because she ordered two $9 sushi rolls. I was able to exchange the too small t-shirt that Scott gave me for Christmas for one the right size.

My left Achille’s tendon is really upset with me for walking the three blocks from the appointment to the restaurant and then to Cordelia’s school and back. It had already been cranky because I walked a bit more than a block when we went for bubble tea last night and rather a lot more than that a couple of days ago when we went to Target after some things Cordelia needed urgently.

Due to the appointment, Cordelia missed presentations by the various local high schools that she and her classmates might choose to attend. The school counselor promised to save copies of all the handouts for us, though. I’m sorry for her missing those presentations, but we really needed to get this appointment in as soon as we could manage.

The city has decided to do deer sterilization in an area that includes our neighborhood. We’re on the far edge of the area with parks where they plan to do lethal culling only a block away. Judging by the flyer we got, the sterilization program is considered less risky in areas where people live because the sedative darts don’t go as far. I kind of boggle at the idea of surgically sterilizing deer as it seems pretty time consuming and potentially iffy for the survival of the does that are sterilized. There’s a lot of time involved per doe, too, both surgery and transportation.

Of course, I’m weird according to local community standards by not minding a lethal deer cull (apart from the inconvenience of certain parks being closed from 3 p.m. to midnight for a couple of weeks). Meat from the animals killed in the cull will go to 'a local food bank,' and they’re not talking about wiping out the deer population. We’re in an area without predators big enough to take down a deer, so there are very few options for keeping the population controlled— starvation, disease, and human hunting are really it (well, there’re deer/car collisions, too, but those tend to be very, very bad for whoever’s in the car. Not recommended).

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