Jan. 13th, 2017

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I talked a bit with the mother of Cordelia’s best friend. She wants her daughter to go to Huron, and the difficulty of the commute to anywhere else is a huge factor in that. If the daughter goes to Huron, she can reliably be home to look after her younger brother before and after school and will only have about a five minute bus ride. Going anywhere else would be a much longer bus ride with at least one transfer (and quite possibly more). Her daughter is no longer interested in Skyline but still likes the idea of Community.

I have similar issues with the idea of Cordelia going to Huron. Getting to Skyline would take fifteen to twenty minutes, but it would be direct by school bus, and she’d get on in front of her current school, just a block away. Community would be a shorter bus ride, just by city bus instead of a school bus. The stop she’d need is about two blocks away from here, and she’d get off right behind the school with no transfers needed. The same bus returns along the street on the other side of the school, and the stop is less than half a block from the school.

Right now, I’m debating whether or not I can manage a walk down to the church. The other Ingress team took that portal last night. The hesitation is that it’s about 20F outside and that my left heel hurts a lot after even that short a walk. On the other hand, the heel has been hurting like this since the beginning of November. I’m not sure I can afford to keep coddling it. If I didn’t have six zillion other things that are higher priority in terms of appointments, I’d try to see my doctor about it again. It’s been almost ten weeks now.

Of course, her suggestion for exercise last time was an exercise bike. We have one, but I don’t use it because I can only manage about two minutes before my knees hurt too much to continue. Getting on and off of the bike is pretty challenging as I need some sort of step stool even when the seat’s adjusted to the right height for me. If one or the other of those things weren’t true, I’d likely use the damned thing.

She’ll likely suggest swimming next, but that’s worse. Getting anywhere with a pool by cab would be prohibitive, and getting there by bus would require crossing busy streets without lights and transferring from one bus line to another. Plus, getting to the bus stops requires more walking than I would normally be doing for my daily walks if I could do them. Oh, and it’s expensive to get access to a pool. I’d need to go at least twice a week (and probably more) for a membership to pay for itself. I don’t see being able to do that from an anxiety point of view, especially not when I’ve generally got medical appointments every week.

Upper body stuff is difficult because of not wanting to make my hands hurt. Hand weights and exercise bands are going to do a real number on the part of my hands that’s giving me issues, and that’s not going to get better.

And there’s also the issue of me needing to reserve some portion of my energy in case of an emergency. That’s a big reason (though there are others) that I much prefer doing my exercise during the last hour or two of the day. Of course, the sleep disorders people tell me that I should never, ever exercise during the last couple of hours before bed because it will mean I won’t sleep.

I feel like my physical body is a gigantic catch-22.

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