Jan. 14th, 2017

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Scott had to work late last night. They told him ten minutes before the end of his usual shift. More notice would have been nice.

Cordelia was able to take the bus out to her usual Friday evening gathering with friends. Fortunately, it wasn’t scheduled to be here and wasn’t at one of the houses that’s challenging to get to by bus. The friend who was hosting is about five minutes away by bus on a route that stops two blocks from our house and about the same distance from hers.

I ordered pizza. It arrived twenty five minutes after the estimated delivery time. I was on the phone with the store to find out where my food was when the doorbell rang. The guy I was talking to seemed very confused. He actually said that he didn’t know the local neighborhood/delivery area because he was a driver rather than someone who usually worked in the store. Shouldn’t a delivery driver be more likely to know the ins and outs of the delivery area? He tried to convince me that I was calling the wrong store, and I told him that it’s a two minute drive from our house to the store.

The pizza I ordered for me was supposed to have olive oil for sauce. I’m not big on that, so I asked for the minimum amount of sauce while still getting some at all. That’s not remotely what I got. There was enough olive oil that it leaked out and soaked the pad under the pizza. I shouldn’t have eaten it at all, but I was hungry and near the point in the day when I have to stop eating. I ended up awake past 3 a.m. due to reflux, and I’m pretty sure it was the olive oil.

I’m headachy now and really want to go back to bed, but I also have things that I need to get done as soon as I can.

I got about 1800 words written yesterday. Most of it was on chapter 3 of We Are Where We Began which I’m really hoping to finish soon. The rest was two ficlets for [community profile] fandom_stocking. I offered to try to write for some needy stockings. I’ve still got four from the list of six needy stockings I was given. I don’t know if I’ll manage more ficlets, but I do want to.

Cordelia says that she wants to 'go somewhere new' today. I have no ideas for this. If it weren’t winter, maybe we could go to the botanical gardens or the Arb (well, apart from me having trouble walking). She’s rejected the university’s art museum and archaeology museum. She’s been to the Hands-On Museum many times and the same with the natural history museum. I really don’t think we want to drive to another town today. We have so many other things we need to get done (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) that spending an hour or two driving somewhere seems like a bad idea.

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