Jan. 18th, 2017

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I’m finding both the Habitica website and the Habitica app very frustrating and buggy. The app is better than the website in terms of functioning at all, but there are things I can do from the website, if I can get it to load, that I can’t do from the app. I’ve tried the website in both Firefox and Chrome. I keep getting unresponsive scripts (Firefox) and notices that the entire page is unresponsive (Chrome) and things that ought to display and then disappear (streak achievement notices mostly. I can’t even get in far enough to disable those) that instead stay and cover the screen so that I can’t do anything at all or see anything at all.

I’ve been trying to get the website to behave for over an hour. I should probably give up, but… Part of me thinks that, if I can just manage to turn off the stupid streak achievement notices, I might actually be able to use the site.

The problems with the app are two fold— It keeps giving me 'communication errors' that lead to double posting of things I add to my to do list or tasks being marked as complete without me, as far as I can tell, getting any xp at all for them. This is all while I’m at home and using our wifi.

We ended up dropping by the downtown library last night. Cordelia wanted us each to pick out a movie for the family to watch later in the week. She got Disney’s Snow White, I got Groundhog Day, and Scott got the Green Lantern movie (he says he feels he shouldn’t be mocking a movie he hasn’t actually seen).

We went for gelato after visiting the library. I had sassafras, Cordelia had tiramisu, and Scott had… um… I can’t actually remember. Cordelia really, really wants to get out of the house every evening. We’re having trouble coming up with places to go at 7:30 at night that don’t cost money. She refuses parks because of the cold (and Scott and I don’t really want to go to parks in the dark in January anyway, but… It would be cheaper).

On Sunday, we drove out to Skyline just to take a look from the outside. It’s a pretty big building on a large lot with two sports fields (that we saw) and tennis courts. Cordelia was more boggled by the amount of parking than by the size of the building. Pointing out that some high school students drive to school helped explain the size of the lot to her. She had been thinking that the school just had that many employees.

I have just barely passed my minimum word count on the Small Fandom Big Bang story. I’m not sure where/how to end it. I think that I need to wrap it up close to where it is now because, if I go on much farther, I’ll probably be committed to another 20000 words before I find another stopping point.

Today’s to do list:

Bake bread.
Make two phone calls.
Change sheets.
Do my daily chores (dishes, sandwiches).
Write something.
Work on backlog of library books/CDs/DVDs.
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I’m finding my anxiety really frustrating right now because the point at which I realize I need an Ativan is generally several hours after when I needed to take it in order to get any benefit from it. When I wake with a migraine or get up after almost no sleep (and all of it anxiety dreams) or when I have massive anxiety related reflux, it’s too damned late for the Ativan to make me feel better.

The Ativan won’t help at all when I’m groping my way through my day due to having not slept worth anything. The Ativan also won’t help much when my body is responding to stress that is already past. That’s a common thing for me and often more disabling than the impact of the anxiety on my ability to do what has to be done because the physical impact accumulates, building up pain and brain fog and… It all makes doing the next thing that much harder and that much more likely to have worse effects on my body.

I’m about 85% sure that the reflux trouble I had Monday night/Tuesday morning was my body’s reaction to dealing with two appointments and all of the time outside the house between them during the preceding day. I’m currently debating taking an Ativan before bed. I don’t want to, but I have an appointment tomorrow. It’s not an appointment that would usually be all that hard, but it’s a week when I’m already thoroughly stressed out, and we have a meeting to go to tomorrow evening.

But I might actually need an Ativan more for the meeting (required informational thing for Community, one of the schools Cordelia is considering. There are later sessions, but putting it off will ratchet up my anxiety. Also, the others don’t fit our schedule nearly so well) in the evening. There are going to be a lot of people, and I’d be surprised if the space is particularly large. I don’t deal well with that at all. I’m not supposed to take more than one in twenty four hours. I don’t know— Maybe one now and then one tomorrow at bedtime to deal with some of the after effects of the appointment and the meeting?

I might actually be fine if I wait. I just also might not. I feel okay right now, but I might not realize there’s a problem until 2-4 hours after I go to bed. I’m terrible at acknowledging that I need help sleeping. And waking with a migraine isn’t something I’d know about until Scott’s alarm goes off.

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