Jan. 19th, 2017

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I didn’t end up taking an Ativan last night. I slept better than I feared I would but not as well as I hoped (mostly because of being too warm, I think). Scott apparently slept really terribly, and Cordelia woke up with a crick in her neck.

Scott’s sister is coming down for lunch tomorrow. I need to pick a place to eat. I don’t want to go into town because of parking issues and because of me not being able to walk far. We went to Saica (Japanese) last time. There’s an Indian place in the same strip mall and a Syrian place that does carryout. There’s also a Thai fast food-ish sort of place, but the one time Scott and I looked at there menu, there was nothing that I both could eat and would want to. There’s a Panera and a Qdoba and a burger place across the street.

I’m rather wishing that I didn’t have an appointment this afternoon because today’s university e-newsletter contained an advertisement for a talk on queer manga by Erica Friedman. It’s from noon to 1:30, and my appointment is at 1:30 and a twenty minute walk away. I suppose I could go to the first hour and then leave, but a twenty minute walk would not be good for my tendinitis, and the buses aren’t convenient for that (the bus would require more time and about half of the walking that just walking would).

I mean, as a cis, het individual, this isn’t a personal topic of importance. It’s just something that I’d like to know more about. I also think that people like me need to seek out education on topics like this.

For right now, I’m going back and forth between getting things ready for the cleaning lady and doing mindless busywork, sorting lists of things into other lists. I ought to try to finish the two books that are due Sunday and can’t be renewed, but I’m not sure I have the brain for it right now.

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