Jan. 21st, 2017

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Yesterday around 3:00, the sleep disorders people called to say they had a last minute opening and could do my sleep study last night. I was the last person on their list of people to call, so they gave me until 5:00 to decide. I didn’t hear from Scott until about 3:50, and we went back and forth about it because Cordelia was planning to have friends over. Going to the sleep study would require Scott driving and the girls being unsupervised for at least forty minutes. They’re all old enough, but a group of kids is sometimes less trustworthy than a single child. Cordelia told me that some of the other girls’ parents leave when movie night is at their houses, so we decided that this was something we could do.

Scott had completely lost track of my request that he schedule a day off after the night I’d been originally scheduled to do the sleep study, so we had no way of guaranteeing that he wouldn’t have to work and leave Cordelia alone for hours. I also thought that just getting the dratted thing out of the way was a good idea.

The opening was at a different facility than the one I’d originally scheduled for, one quite a lot farther away. That didn’t matter so much once I was actually there, but it meant that I really couldn’t reasonably have gotten there (or home again) by cab.

The tech (whose name I’ve already forgotten because I’m terrible that way) got all the wires taped to me by 9:00. I wasn’t actually connected to anything, so I could still walk around. They required that I turn my phone off completely at bedtime because they wanted me to estimate when I slept and didn’t without having any time referents (taking my levothyroxine was an exception because that’s 'medically necessary'), and they tech told me that he’d be waking me at 6:00, so I had some framework.

The bed was too hard, and the pillow was too thick. The pillow was okay when I lay on my side, but with all the wires and such, it was easier to lie on my back, so I mostly didn’t use a pillow under my head at all. I was hurting rather a lot by the time I finished the night because, even with a pillow under my knees, lying on my back on a mattress that firm does nasty things to my lower back.

The tech told me that he got plenty of good information about my sleep so that there wasn’t much chance of needing to come back to redo things. I don’t currently have an appointment to go in to talk about the results, so who knows what will happen with that.

The instructions had not told me that the rooms had shower facilities, so I hadn’t brought shampoo and had to use the stuff they supplied. The bottle said 'lightly scented,' but it reeks. I’m not sneezing from it, but I don’t like it at all. I may wash my hair again later today (which will make three times in twenty four hours) just to get rid of the smell.

Scott and Cordelia picked me up a little after 7:00, and we went out for breakfast at a place called Nick’s House of Pancakes. When we got home, Scott and I went back to bed. I’m not actually sure what Cordelia did. She said she’d been awake too long to be able to sleep again.

The girls watched Pom Poko last night and were (as expected) both giggly and appalled by the tanuki testicles.

Scott’s sister came down for lunch yesterday. We went to the Syrian place. It’s small, but our timing was such that there were empty tables, so we ate there. I think I spent more on food to take home than I did on my meal. I got baba ghanouj, three pieces of pistachio baklava, and a medium sized container of cauliflower salad.

Scott’s sister asked my advice about whether or not to let her fifteen year old daughter join Tumblr. I am, apparently, from her point of view, an expert on fannish spaces. Our concerns about such things don’t entirely overlap. I think Scott’s sister is primarily concerned about internet predators of the sexual sort and, possibly, a bit about sexually explicit material (my feelings on my niece and sexually explicit material are that she’s fifteen and has been in fannish spaces for three or four years now. If she hasn’t seen porn, it’s because she’s not interested). I’m more concerned about flame wars and people treating each other horribly. I had to explain the term 'doxxing' to her and why it was a concern.

Our niece is, from what her mother said, big into Sherlock fandom right now, and that made me really hesitate about Tumblr for her because everything I’ve heard says that Sherlock fandom on Tumblr is a cesspit. Scott’s sister mentioned that her daughter ships (not using that word because Scott’s sister hadn’t heard it previously) John and Sherlock. I know there are good people in the fandom, even in the fandom on Tumblr, but I worry about our niece either getting bullied or ending up as part of one of the groups doing the terrible things.

Scott’s sister told me that she and her sister-in-law were going to one of the protests today. She offered to take me along, but I knew that I really couldn’t manage it. I can’t walk far or stand for very long, and my ability to deal with the cold weather is iffy. She was completely boggled when I told her some of the suggested precautions for protesters. I think the idea that she could be arrested had never occurred to her. She also mentioned trying to get her daughter to go but that her daughter thought it was too boring, too much a 'parent thing.'

I am planning to sign up for the Disability March which is a virtual protest for folks who can’t physically/emotionally manage an in person protest. I haven’t done it yet because, when I first looked at the website, they were asking for a photo. I’m hesitant to provide one, partly because I have no idea how to do it and partly because I’m not quite ready to put my photo online. They said it could be a photo of only part of one’s body (not face, in other words) or of something symbolic. I think that part of the desire for photos is to show that the participants are real people rather than a gazillion socks, but…

At this point, though, the site says that, due to the volume of response, they’re not going to deal with photos that aren’t easy to process and will just post those entries without a photo.

Our nephew is on the last steps of his Eagle Scout. What’s left is an assessment from a leader who is familiar with him, his history, and all the stuff he’s done to meet the requirements. That has been a sticking point because the troop he had been with dissolved over the summer. He joined a new troop because the leader promised to help, and then the leader said our nephew needed to do all of the requirements again because the troop leader hadn’t personally seen him doing them. At this point, he’s working with yet a third troop because the leader of his former troop is a volunteer there. The leader of that troop said he’d be happy to take the word of the former troop leader as to what our nephew has done, so we’re all hoping this is largely a formality. It has to be settled before his birthday in early March, and he’s worked hard for this.

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