Jan. 22nd, 2017

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It’s my mother’s birthday and her and my step-father’s anniversary today. I need to call soon if I want to catch them at home.

I woke this morning with a headache and had a bout of IBS issues that started about twenty minutes after I got up and remains ongoing. This probably means I should have taken Ativan last night, before bed. I didn’t because taking it aggressively is hard for me. I keep debating whether or not I actually do need it.

We watched the first twenty minutes of Groundhog Day last night. Cordelia eventually decided that she wanted to shower, so we paused the movie. Then she didn’t come back after she was done. She does that a lot.

Scott and I have two Netflix DVDs to watch, but we never seem to have time. We’re also way behind on The Librarians. Scott has started watching Agents of SHIELD without me, and I find I’m not actually curious about what I’m missing.

I’m poking at my story for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandombang. I’m about thirty words over the minimum count, according to Gdocs, and I’m probably only two to five paragraphs from a potential ending point. If I stop there, however, I will be pretty much committing myself to a sequel. If I don’t, I expect that the finished story would end up at least twice as long as it is now and quite likely longer.

There’s a soft deadline for the story at the end of January. I can blow that off if I tell the mods I don’t want to participate in artist matching. The hard deadline is 31 March, and I might actually be able to finish the longer version by then. I don’t know. Artist matching looks very iffy anyway because the last time the mods talked to us about it, they had one artist for every five and a fraction stories. That’s completely not viable in terms of everyone who wants art getting it.

My feeling about art for this story is that it would be nice but not something I’d cry over if I don’t get it. Maybe I should bow out of art matching and just keep writing? I’m writing a book fandom from the 1970s/1980s, and I would expect that to be less likely to find a volunteer unless there’s someone who actually knows the canon.

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