Jan. 23rd, 2017

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I didn’t manage to reach my mother yesterday. I left a message. She and my step-father likely went out for the day.

I’m trying to figure out if Scott’s parents would believe the research I’m finding online about reasons not to combine niacin with statins. I know that Scott’s father takes both and that Scott’s parents think that vitamin supplements are better medicine than any prescription. I mainly want to point them at it because diabetes is a known side effect of combining the two. Scott’s father developed diabetes two or three years ago. There’s also a good bit of recent research showing that there aren’t any benefits to taking niacin with statins, to the point that the FDA has withdrawn approval for medications already on the market that combined the two.

I wrote 951 words last night. I was tempted to stay up a bit in order to break 1000, but it seemed like a bad idea.

Given that I didn’t get back to sleep after Scott got up, I think I needed the extra sleep at the beginning of the night. I’m hoping I can nap this morning, but my track record in that direction is poor. I’m not feeling terrible yet, but it’s edging in. I’d really like to be functional later today.
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I can’t manage to log into LJ today. I keep getting '500 internal server error' messages when I try on my laptop. I can get to other parts of the site, all the things one can access without logging in, and my post earlier crossposted without problems. I’ve been trying off and on since about 7:00 (it’s noon now). I deleted all cookies and cleared my cache. I haven’t tried quitting my browser and coming back in yet, but I’ll likely get to that.

I’ve given up on accessing LJ from my phone at this point because of a different problem (one that worries me more). I use Chrome on my cell to access various things, including LJ. Now, about 1/3 of the time, when I try to log in on LJ, I get diverted to Facebook— specifically to a contest page— while I’m in the middle of typing my password. I don’t use Facebook, not at all. Never have.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with LJ or if there’s something nasty on my phone now. Any ideas? How would I go about looking for problematic things on my phone? I’ve been careful about apps, generally speaking.

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