Jan. 24th, 2017

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I wrote a bit more than 1000 words yesterday. That was spread across three stories, though, so nothing got completed. There’s a fourth story that I want to give some time to, but one of the three from yesterday might actually be near to done, so I’m tempted to focus on that if it’s willing to move forward.

Scott repaired the toilet last weekend. It now no longer runs and runs, but it’s not flushing right any more. I’m not sure how the repair could cause the current problem which is things that ought to go down the drain not doing so even when the tank empties completely. It’s not that the thing is backed up, so using the plunger doesn’t help at all. The timing indicates that there’s likely a connection, but neither Scott nor I can figure out what.

I tried to nap yesterday morning, but I got two phone calls (one from my sister and one from Scott’s mother), and timing just didn’t work out. By the time I got to lunch, I was starting to dehydrate and really needed to drink a good bit of water more urgently than I needed sleep. (When I’m up and about, I can drink a great deal of water and only need to pee every couple of hours. If I lie down, that changes to every twenty minutes. Not conducive to sleep.)
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Anyone know how to save as plain text from either Pages (5.6.2) or TextEdit (1.11)? There’s no obvious way to do it from the menus, and searching help topics hasn’t turned anything up, either. Google is my next stop, but I thought I’d ask in case someone here knows off the top of their head.

I know there’s a more recent version of Pages, but it requires an OS upgrade that my laptop can’t support.
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I’m throwing out a lot of cassette tapes that I haven’t listened to in at least fifteen years. I could try to convert them to mp3 files, but really, if I haven’t cared about not having access in that long, I don’t care enough to do the work of conversion. (Scott asked me to 'do something' with those tapes because he’s trying to clear space in the basement for a work area so that he won’t have to do everything on the kitchen table. The containers holding the tapes are on a shelf on one side of the laundry room. I’m not convinced that getting rid of them opens up much space, but there’s really no point in keeping them.)

I’ve set aside anything where I’m not sure what’s on the tape, anything that I think is Scott’s, anything that is a compilation of my old 45s or of things taped off the radio (mostly so I can see if I can find those songs elsewhere), and anything labeled 'filk.'

When I was in college, 1985-1989, I went to a number of local conventions with friends, and one or two of them would tape the filksings on hand held recorders and then share the tapes around. We had no idea who the musicians were or what the actual names of the songs were. What I’ve got is copied from the originals with mediocre sound quality and is only the songs I liked enough to keep, but I’m not sure if those recordings exist elsewhere. Some of them are labeled as to which convention they come from, but others aren’t. I wasn’t thinking of anything but how to fit as much as possible onto each cassette.

I’m wondering if there might be someone who would be interested in these tapes, even with the utter lack of documentation. I know there are people who make a study of SF fandom history. I just haven’t been to an SF convention since Cordelia was about two. Scott’s work schedule makes it pretty difficult, and for many years, Cordelia’s sports commitments meant we couldn’t be away from town on a Saturday. We considered going to ConFusion, just for the day, this last weekend, but they weren’t doing day passes, so we’d have had to pay $60 each. That was not going to happen.

I have one local person who I’m going to ask who might have an idea about what to do with the tapes. After that, I’ll be in unknown territory.

I think the sets of drawers that I’ve been using to hold the tapes will have to go in the trash, too. They’re designed to hold cassette tapes and probably can’t be adapted for anything else. More importantly, they’re also starting to fall apart. They were things I bought cheap and not remotely good quality. They won’t fit in the bin this week, but next week, we should have space. Well, they’d fit in the recycling bin, but I have no idea if that sort of plastic is even remotely recyclable.

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