Jan. 25th, 2017

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The local person who I thought might want the filk tapes responded to my email immediately and enthusiastically. She plans to digitize them if they’re still playable. I warned her that they’re second or even, in a couple of cases, third generation copies of things that weren’t great quality to begin with, but she’s not bothered by that. There are seventeen tapes that are, as far as I can tell, at least partially from live concerts and filksings. Well, one of them is the audio from a play performed at a con. There are other things on some of the tapes, but I’m sure she can sort that.

I found three tapes that have things on them that I can’t get anywhere else. One is recorded from the LP that my sister’s fifth grade best friend’s parents made in the 1970s. I’m going to dig around, but I’d be incredibly surprised if that’s available anywhere. I’m pretty sure it was a vanity project and never made it to stores anywhere at all. The second is Leslie Fish’s The Undertaker’s Horse which I have been searching for for a while. I keep checking back every so often to see if it’s been reissued. I’ll buy it immediately when/if it is, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The last has songs that I recorded off a radio show round about 1990. Some of them, I may be able to find, but some of them have hugely generic titles (and I have no idea who the artists were), things like 'The Fox' and 'Maggie,' or have been performed by so very many people that figuring out what I’ve got so I can reacquire it when I can’t easily play the dratted thing will be hard ('I’ll Fly Away').

There are some individual songs that I was sure I had but that don’t seem to be on any of the compilation tapes I made. My best guess is that I wedged them in at the end of various other things when I had space left over. If I recall correctly, I did that a lot. It’s not worth searching for them (and not possible now. We put all those tapes out with the trash last night, and they’ll have been picked up by now).

I’m hungry right now, but I don’t actually want any of the things that would be easy to prepare. I probably need a nap more than I need food, and I may well be feeling hungry because that’s my body’s reaction to being exhausted but fully alert. I’ve been getting about six hours of sleep a night the last three nights, and it’s really starting to be an issue. I don’t think there’s much I absolutely have to do between now and when Cordelia gets home from school. There are things that might be nice to do (baking, for example), but they’re not essential. Really, lunch and my lunch time medications are the only essentials.
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Damn it all. Apparently I do have sleep apnea. I didn’t think it was possible because I didn’t have it last time they checked and am sleeping infinitely better now than I was then. If I’m actually able to spend eight or nine hours in my own bed at night and am not sick, I feel pretty good (by my standards).

But I wasn’t even borderline, apparently.

They want me to go in for another overnight but haven’t told me when yet. Scheduling that will be a PITA because of needing Scott to be home or to have some other adult here to supervise Cordelia. Scott needs a month to be sure of getting a day off, and they’ll still say no if someone else is scheduled off. At least Scott does currently have three vacation days to spend because they told him he couldn’t have the time he asked for next December.

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