Jan. 28th, 2017

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I really wanted to sleep in this morning, but it’s a good thing I didn’t because Scott’s parents came half an hour earlier than they’d said they would. Scott and his father are currently in the basement, making building things noises. Scott’s mother just left with Cordelia, Scott’s sister, and our niece to go to the local Kiwanis sale. They took a small bag of books and CDs that I want to get rid of.

I’m thinking that I may lie down and see if I can ignore the noise from the basement and nap. Scott keeps implying that I shouldn’t complain about lack of sleep because that’s just how he lives. It makes me want to shake him because I actually get sick after four or five days of limited sleep (4-6 hours a night).

Scott and I watched the first DVD of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures last night. The season is two DVDs, and I got it from the library. It’s due tomorrow and can’t be renewed. We actually enjoyed it. It’s got the right blend of goofy and serious to fit with the other LEGO Star Wars stuff.

Cordelia stayed out quite late last night. She didn’t want Scott to pick her up until 11:15. I’m debating whether or not we should tell her she can’t stay out that late, but she’s with friends we know, and they’re not leaving the house or doing anything stupider than jumping on the couch. But it might be a bad precedent for when she’s wanting to go out with friends who can drive in a couple of years or for when she can drive herself.

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