Jan. 29th, 2017

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Cordelia bought three or four things at the Kiwanis sale yesterday, all articles of clothing. She texted me to ask what size she wears, and I texted back to tell her. There was apparently a changing room at the sale because she said, when she got home, that she had tried on the dress she got before buying it.

We all had lunch together downtown. I was not thrilled with the choice of restaurant because it’s one of those places where you fill a bowl with stuff and then someone cooks it while you stand there waiting. My tendinitis was seriously unhappy about that. They had a few menu items that you could order without all the walking, but not one of them was something I could eat without major alterations.

I tried to nap for about three hours yesterday. I’m pretty sure I slept some because I remember (vaguely) dreaming, but Cordelia came in four times to hug me which kind of made it impossible to really sleep.

Scott’s mother brought me a little bottle of some sort of horse liniment. She thinks the stuff is wonderful, but looking at the ingredients, it’s basically menthol with some other 'inactive' things. It doesn’t contain DMSO, at least, which is the big thing to look out for when considering applying horse liniment to human skin. I can’t say that I think the stuff actually does anything useful. It’s very watery, so I have to kind of splash it on. I think I’d be better off with tiger balm or something similar.

Scott had a fall at work on Friday. He’s pretty bruised up from it because he fell backward into a machine (that wasn’t running, thank goodness, because he’d been working on repairing it) after climbing off of it and stepping in some oil on the floor. He tried to convince me that this was a near miss instead of a real fall, but about a third of his back is scraped up. I suppose that for him 'real fall' equals hitting the floor and/or banging his head.

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