Jan. 30th, 2017

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We tried a new to us Japanese restaurant, Nagomi Sushi, yesterday for lunch. Cordelia and I both tried some sushi. Our conclusion was that even the things not labeled as spicy were too much for us. We ate everything anyway, but I definitely worried about reflux later on.

I ended up with a lot of CDs from the library yesterday. A bunch of things I’d had holds on for a while came in all at once. I have a bunch of DVDs I want to get through, too.

I need to run two loads of laundry today and change the sheets on our bed (which yields a third load of laundry). I’m not sure if I’ll manage any of that because I’ve got cramps that scream at me when I move. I have stuff I can take, but it effectively stops flow, too, so that I can’t get through my period unless I accept the cramps for a few days. This is new since I got rid of the IUD, and I am not at all pleased by it.

At any rate, I think most of what I’m going to do today is sitting around, reading, writing, and watching whatever takes my fancy. I’ve promised Cordelia that I’ll make her a list of light hearted movies that she might like, so I’m also going to be browsing the library site and Netflix and Hulu to see what I can find. I have no idea if screwball comedies will appeal, but I’m hopeful that she’ll like at least some of them.

I’ve started using Adium to get to AIM. There are things I don’t like about it, but they’re mostly small irritations that I’ll get used to. The one that’s bugging me most is that it puts an icon in the bar at the top of the screen. Every thirty seconds to a minute, the damned thing moves an inch to the left and then back. I catch just enough of that movement to think that something major has happened and then can’t figure out what.

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