Feb. 1st, 2017

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I wrote 14538 words in January. Plus or minus a bit for me making errors in the count. I tried to keep careful track, but I often write right at bedtime (I wish I could stay up later and keep writing, but getting up at 6:30 every week day makes that a terrible, terrible idea) and don’t want to take the time right then to get a word count.

I’m still mostly writing terrible things happening to the characters. I’m not sure why that helps me deal with anxiety/stress, but it does. I’m setting two goals for February, writing-wise. I want to finish We Are Where We Began and One More Folded Sunset. I’m not sure how long either of them will end up being, but I’m pretty sure that One More Folded Sunset won’t go over 5000 words and probably won’t be that long. We Are Where We Began keeps growing as I discover that each new chapter isn’t the end. I’m working on the fifth chapter now (and letting the fourth sit for a while so that I can try to spot typos and such).

I keep intending to nap after Cordelia goes to school at 7:50 and then, by the time I otherwise could, being too awake to manage it. I start to crash around the time Cordelia gets home. She doesn’t like it when I’m in bed and keeps coming in to make sure I’m okay. I need to be up and doing family things from about 6:30 until 10:00. At 10:00, I’m generally wide awake again, right as I need to wind down and go to sleep.

The sleep disorders people still haven’t called to set up an appointment for the C-PAP test. I’m trying to decide if I should call them to ask what’s up. Calling just feels like something huge to try to deal with, and really, if I’m going to call anyone, I ought to call Aetna. I’ve been putting that off for weeks now.

Cordelia’s class (the entire eighth grade, I mean) is taking a field trip to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills today. They should have left by now. Cordelia was looking forward to getting away from the classroom but was aware that she’s going to end up very sad. They’re reading the play of The Diary of Anne Frank in class, and she says it’s really hard to read it, knowing what happens after. (This is why she’s looking for fluffy TV shows and movies she can watch.)
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Drat. I apparently can’t use the tape player in the basement to check these unlabeled tapes. I tried it with one that I was sure had something on it and couldn’t get any sound even though the player was moving the tape along. I’m not sure that I was doing everything correctly. I haven’t used the player in a decade. It’s a combination tape player, CD player, and radio, and I couldn’t find anything on the box itself that would let me switch between modes. That might have been the problem. There’s a remote that could change modes, but it hadn’t been touched in so long that the batteries in it burst. I’m not sure it’s salvageable.

I might have one more option for this, but I’m not certain it will work or that I’m willing to try to find the device I’d need. Maybe my friend will take these mystery tapes as is? Several of them are in the middle of the spool, so there must be something there. I just haven’t the slightest clue what. Finding out seems like it could be fun.

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