Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I go back for the c-PAP titration on the 31st of March which is a Friday. I’ve asked Scott to schedule so that he has that night and the next morning off. Hopefully, this time, he won’t forget. The Sleep Disorders people sent me a kind of snotty letter through the patient portal about how they’d been utterly unable to reach me. The woman I talked to when I called said that they have the right phone number. It’s my cell, and that hasn’t been out of earshot for more than five minutes at a time in the last week. It’s also been consistently charged. Even if it wasn’t, they should have been able to leave a message asking me to call.

I posted the fourth part of We Are Where We Began last night. The stories in that arc are consistently getting 5-6 kudos, three logged in from the same people each time and two or three guests who could be anyone at all. I’m kind of assuming that the guest kudos are coming from the same people each time just because this is a very niche story. I’m about 1600 words into part five of the story.

I really wish we could afford to get me a new laptop. All of the checks I’ve run show that everything’s fine, but programs keep crashing, and everything slows down terribly a couple of times a day. Quitting almost everything seems to help the slow down, but I can’t pinpoint which program is the problem. It may well be more than one of them. Messages still doesn’t work (I’m using Adium now), and Calendar is crashing pretty regularly. I’m also getting periods where I can’t load any websites via Firefox but still can via Chrome.

I really don’t want to switch to another web browser if I can avoid it. I’ve had issues with Safari. I haven’t used it in many years, but having all of my bookmarks suddenly and irretrievably vanish is not something I’m likely to forget. Still, there are a lot of things I actually can’t do with Firefox right now— Neither Netflix nor Hulu will work, and YouTube is only sometimes functional.

I’ve found a way to test those unlabeled tapes. I got distracted from working on it yesterday, but I’m hoping to get through some today. Sadly, it requires wearing earbuds, which I loathe, because the tape player has no other sound outlet. It also makes doing anything else while I’m working on the tapes hard.

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