Feb. 4th, 2017

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I tried to nap a couple of times yesterday but failed each time. I had a heck of a headache by the time Cordelia came home. Applying heat to my head and neck helped a bit, and Scott brought me a bottle of Dr Pepper that also helped. My legs and hips ached, too, which generally means I’m very low on sleep.

I only wrote about 120 words yesterday because I couldn’t focus and couldn’t figure out what the characters might do next. I posted chapter five of We Are Where We Began. I think chapter six will take a lot longer.

I signed up for Facebook last night. It remains to be seen how much I’l do with it. The tipping factor was my realization that both of my senators and my representative post there regularly. Since they are currently doing things I approve of, this seemed like an easy way to give them an indication that I’m pleased and want them to continue. If they let me down, I’ll find some other method to communicate that.

Cordelia had friends over last night. They intended to watch Princess Mononoke but decided it was too boring. I’m not sure what they actually ended up watching. Scott and I retreated to our bedroom because the girls want the lights off everywhere that might light up the living room. Our bedroom, Cordelia’s bedroom, and the basement are the only indoor options for me and Scott to keep a light on.
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This is the list of stuff I'm willing to give away to anyone who's willing to pay shipping, four CDs, one DVD, and six books. I don't know that anyone will be interested because none of it is very exciting.

The list )
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I’m giving myself an amnesty on replying to comments from January and December, so if I haven’t replied by now, I’m probably (but not definitely) not going to. I had more than fifty comments stacked up that I ought to have answered, and I just can’t find the wherewithal to do it. Having them hanging over me made me have difficulty answering current comments.


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