Feb. 8th, 2017

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I woke this morning with a migraine. I’ve been up for an hour and a half and have taken Amerge and had tea and eaten. The pain is receding, but now I’m getting a wallop of nausea. Fun. I took Ativan last night because I hoped it would head off the anxiety migraine. I don’t know if I’m just so hugely stressed out that it didn’t help or if this is some other sort of migraine, probably either menstrual or due to lack of sleep.

I didn’t manage either napping or getting to bed early yesterday, and I’m more than a little cranky with myself over it. I did, however, get bread made, the trash out (Scott took out the recycling), the dishwasher filled and run, and Cordelia’s laundry washed. Scott cut the bread, but I made the sandwiches.

I also wrote 3700 words. That’s a rather large amount for me. Naturally, it’s all on something that I have no idea what to do with because it’s fanfic that’s going sufficiently AU that I feel like it’s no longer properly connected while still being too grounded in the setting/character backstory to make sense with the serial numbers filed off. It’s also going to have a majorish OC (female) because I can’t come up with anyone from canon who would fit the space in the story without breaking it.

Scott is talking about trying to find a different way to shelve my books and such in the bedroom in order to make a wider nightstand feasible. He mentioned the possibility of building shelves to replace the bookcases I’m currently using. I’m not convinced. I have books double stacked and piled up in ways that are probably heavier than shelves built into the wall could handle. I’d need about half again as many shelves in order not to be putting stacks everywhere that I can squeeze them in. The current shelves are deep enough for a row of mass market paperbacks and stacks of standard sized hardcovers in front of those. These are all library books or books I own but haven’t yet read, so I don’t want to move them all to the basement.

He wants to move my current nightstand and lamp into the living room once we have replacements. My mother made the lamp out of a largish jug she found at a yard sale many, many years ago (I’m pretty sure it predates Cordelia). A new lamp might well have a smaller footprint on my nightstand; there’s no way we’d find something bigger.

Today is kind of packed. I have a nutritionist appointment at 11:00 that I really would rather not go to because she’s completely convinced that I’m seeing her for weight loss even though I keep telling her that no I really am not. Given that I seem to have gained about ten pounds since I last saw her… Yeah.

Cordelia has an appointment at 4:15. The current plan is for Scott to make sure he gets out of work right at 3:00 so that he can drive us into town. Then he’ll turn around and come back home to shower. He’ll pick up fast food of some sort and then get us so we can all drive to Skyline (the high school Cordelia will probably attend). We’ll be there until at least 7:30 and possibly as late as 8:30. Cordelia’s a little panicked about her homework because there’s just no time in there for her to do it, not with lights out at 10:00 and her needing a shower. Given the concert tomorrow night, she really has to shower tonight.
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Feminine TMI )

One bit of good news— Social Security just informed me that I’m still disabled. Not that being disable is good, but having Social Security accept that I am is a survival thing.

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