Feb. 9th, 2017

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I ended up not making it to the Skyline open house/presentation last night. Scott and Cordelia went, but by the time we got through the appointment beforehand, my migraine was back and fairly nasty. I had nausea and photosensitivity more than pain. I didn’t want to take an Amerge because I only have one left and am likely to need it desperately tomorrow.

I thought I had a refill left on the Amerge, but Kroger says I don’t. I’ve sent a message to my doctor asking for a renewal, but I haven’t heard back yet. It could be days.

We got dinner at Plum Market’s buffet, and while I was trying to eat, I realized that I was too done in to be able to manage the open house. Scott tells me that it’s just as well— There are a lot of stairs in the building, and I’d have had a very hard time with them.

The nutritionist didn’t actually try to give me any nutritional advice. She recognized that I’m just barely keeping my head above water to be able to function at all. She made some other suggestions that I’m going to explore, but all of them require various doctors to help me out. Seeing an occupational therapist about my hands might or might not help, but I need something. She had the same sort of tendinitis that I do for a while and was majorly helped by a removable fiberglass walking cast. I’m not sure that that could hurt, and it might let me walk for exercise again. Medical marijuana might well help me, but I’m not sure that I fit into one of the legally approved categories under state law, and, unless my psychiatrist is willing to consider it, I don’t think any of my current doctors will prescribe that. I’m decidedly not up to looking for someone new who will talk to me about it and how it might interact with my current meds.

I wrote 1600 words yesterday in spite of feeling rotten. My laptop didn’t make the migraine worse, but I kept the light off in the living room all day. Sitting there with the light off, I thought the migraine had gone, but it was definitely there when I went out to the nutritionist appointment.
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I’m doing better this afternoon than I was this morning. I think I’ll get through the concert tonight okay. Tomorrow will likely be a write off, but how many times am I going to get to see my daughter play at Hill Auditorium? She’s quitting orchestra at the end of this year, so I really don’t expect another opportunity. She keeps telling me that it will be fine if I can’t come, that I can watch on the local access channel, but I want to go.

I kind of napped this morning and kind of didn’t. My body sort of shut down while my brain kept running in circles. I’m still tired enough that coming home when Scott’s parents leave seems like the wisest course.

Scott will have to work on Sunday because of a large quality control problem involving them having sent out twelve trucks filled with bad bottles. It’s not ideal, but everyone’s working. I’ve got my fingers crossed because we really need him off work next weekend for a family thing.

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