Feb. 10th, 2017

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I woke this morning with a headache. I think it’s gone now, after a meal and some tea, but it wasn’t fun. I’ve been sneezing off and on all morning, and it’s now more on than off. I wish I could figure out what was going on with that. It does mean that I’m not even going to attempt to nap this morning.

Scott will be working Saturday, not Sunday. I’m not sure why I read his text as saying 'Sunday' because it quite clearly says ’Saturday.' Right now, it’s scheduled as a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. day, and we’re hopeful that it will stay that way. Cordelia is having friends over this evening, and it would be beyond inconvenient if Scott needed to go to bed at 8:00 given that they like to stay past 10:00.

We all survived the concert. Scott’s parents and I left after Cordelia’s school performed, so we were only there about half an hour after the music began. Students weren’t supposed to leave until after the entire thing was over, so Scott stayed.

The main floor of the auditorium was reserved for the students and teachers. There are two upper levels, the mezzanine and the balcony. I went to the balcony, the third floor, to find four seats together for us while Scott was looking for parking. I suspected that the mezzanine, being lower down, would fill faster, and when I got to the third floor, there were only a scattering of people. The balcony filled to about 3/4 full by the time the event started, so I think getting there early was a good idea.

The balcony is extremely steep and decidedly not a good place for someone with vertigo. I don’t have that, and I still felt a bit like it would be extraordinarily easy to fall (in spite of sitting halfway up). The seats are high backs, higher than the top of my head (I’m 5’2"). There wasn’t a lot of leg room at all.

I spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling in an effort to pretend that I wasn’t surrounded by people. This kind of underlines for me why I don’t tend to go to plays or concerts even though Ann Arbor has many opportunities for each. I had taken an Ativan, but I still felt trapped and tense and not at all happy to be there. Leaving was an immense relief.

They brought the house lights up in between each performance so that the kids could safely get off and on the stage. The two intermissions we saw were about five minutes long, quite enough time for leaving or for finding a seat.

Cordelia’s school went second. The school that went first was the one she would have attended if we hadn’t kept her at her current school. The Clague orchestra quite filled the stage and sounded pretty good (I’m sure that, if I knew anything about this sort of music, I’d find nits to pick, but I don’t, so I didn’t).

Cordelia’s school was second and performed with the orchestra from the other small middle school in the district, and together, they had between half as many and two thirds as many kids as Clague had. They played two pieces. I think the first one was a poor choice because it sounded… weak? Maybe that’s the right word. The sound wasn’t enough to fill the performance space or to make us feel drawn into a smaller space. I felt that the second piece worked better for the space.

Both schools had guests from their school bands, a handful of brasses and woodwinds and a drummer or two. Oddly, one of the pieces that Clague played was on the program later by one of the high schools. I couldn’t help wondering who thought that was a good idea. There were five schools in between, but it’s still comparing a middle school orchestra to a high school orchestra.

My goals for today are a bit of cooking, some laundry, and answering or deleting a lot of email. There’s a library book I would really like to finish (and I think I can) and some library DVDs I’d like to get through (unlikely). I think, though, I might start with a shower and see if that helps the sneezing any. Sometimes, it does.
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Sadly, showering has not helped my sneezing. I hope I haven’t caught something. It feels more like allergies than a cold, but who knows? And now I’m suddenly feeling really, really tired.

I have dealt with about twenty five things from my email inbox so far this morning, mostly by deciding not to answer them and deleting them.

The pork is in the pressure cooker. My intention is to have it cooled and put away and some other scent replacing it in the air before Cordelia’s friends come over in about seven hours. That seems entirely doable. I mainly want to clear the odor because none of the three friends eat pork for religious reasons. That we do isn’t a big deal (though I wouldn’t while any of them was here), but I feel like it would be rude to have a potentially appealing smell of something they can’t eat filling the house when they arrive. I’ll probably simmer some cinnamon teabags on the stove after I put away the cooked pork.

I’ve got the dishwasher almost ready to run. I’m debating whether or not I can rearrange things to make the pressure cooker pot fit. If I can, I should wait and do the dishes after the pork’s done. If I can’t, I might as well run the dratted thing now.

I have one more pair of trousers still clean than I thought did. That means that, as long as I don’t spill teriyaki sauce on myself or something today, I can put off laundry until tomorrow. I don’t think there’s any other compelling reason to deal with it today. I just thought, earlier, that, if I didn’t, I’d have nothing to wear tomorrow.

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