Feb. 11th, 2017

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Cordelia and I are both sick, her moreso than me. She got me up at 6:30 this morning because her head hurt and her throat hurt and she was too warm. I gave her some ibuprofen and sent her back to bed. We both slept until almost noon. She’s due for more ibuprofen now and complaining about the headache, but she refuses to consider more ibuprofen. She’d rather have the headache and sore throat because the liquid ibuprofen tastes bad. I suggested tea, but she doesn’t want that either.

I probably should insist, but I feel really exhausted and kind of headachy myself.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon feeling like I couldn’t possibly move or think. I managed to order pizza for Cordelia and her friends, and I ate a bit, but that was about it. Right now, I feel okay if I stay still and mostly lying down. When I get up and move around, I start sneezing again. I think the only pressing thing I have today is laundry, and I’ll muddle through that somehow.

Scott and I stayed in our bedroom while Cordelia’s friends were over. They watched bits of three different movies, according to Cordelia. They were quite loud for the first three hours and then suddenly went quiet. Scott and I weren’t sure if we should go out and see what was going on because we have years of parental training that says that silence is bad, but we figured that the girls are all thirteen. They’re not likely to be emptying the contents of the refrigerator onto the floor or stuffing toilet paper down the sink or… Well, silent toddler mischief. As it turns out, the silence was because the loudest member of the group fell asleep. Without her, the others started actually watching the movie.

I should probably email the other parents to let them know that Cordelia has a cold. I stayed far enough away from all the girls that me having one shouldn’t be an issue, but she might well have infected someone.

I’m currently browsing the library’s online catalog in the section for CDs, and part of me is itching to fix the classification system which seems very arbitrary. My best guess for why certain albums are classified as they are is that it’s determined by what acquisitions fund paid for the album. It’s possible that these are manufacturer imposed categories, but I’m not sure. For the online catalog, it doesn’t matter quite so much because keyword searching is a thing, but browsing online or in the physical collection is pretty frustrating. There are a lot of categories of music, and they’re shelved separately from each other. Certain artists (Linda Ronstadt and Bob Dylan are good examples) have work spread over half a dozen different categories. For example, Folk, Bluegrass, and Country overlap hugely, and which category certain things fall into seems to be chance as is whether non-US folk music is categorized as Folk or as World.

I know they have to be categorized somehow, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a logic to the decisions. There are some similar problems in categorizing DVDs, but those bother me less, possibly because the collections are smaller and shelved differently and so easier to browse without narrowing things down to a category.

I have a library CD that I’m going to have to return without listening to it. Every player I’ve tried it in claims to be playing it, with the time counter ticking forward and all, but fails to produce sufficient sound, even at the highest volume settings, for me to actually hear anything. I can tell that something is playing, but I can’t get it beyond that very vague something playing a couple of blocks away sound.

I’m doing fairly well in terms of keeping up with my word count goals for my writing. I’ve averaged 900 words a day this month and wrote about 15000 last month. This makes the goal of 75000 by the end of the year seem quite possible. I wasn’t really expecting that. I’m not sure I’ll have enough focus to write fiction today. Who knows?

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