Feb. 17th, 2017

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I keep thinking today is Thursday. I think it’s my brain’s way of denying that yesterday happened at all.

I’m feeling better, physically, today, but I’m worried about Cordelia. I guess we’ll see how the day goes for her.

I wrote maybe thirty words yesterday (I haven’t counted yet) across two different projects. It was mostly the headache that did me in on that front. At this point, I have nine WIP that I think I could make good progress (and another half dozen that I’d like to go back to but don’t actually know what to do with). I also have nine plotbunnies and/or sequels that I haven’t started and really want to.

Scott has suggested that, if he’s not working tomorrow, we try a trip to the big used book store in Detroit. Cordelia’s enthusiastic, and I’ve wanted to go for years. My main hesitation is that it’s going to hurt like hell to do the necessary walking. I’m working on a list of things I specifically want to look for. Not knowing how the place is organized (the website doesn’t give any indication, just says that they give out maps), I’m not sure how to divide up the list.

And working on the list has brought it to my attention that I have somehow deleted the document where I was tracking manga series I was reading from the library so that I knew what volumes I’d read already. That document also had a long list of books that I wanted to read but that the library didn’t own. I’m cranky about that because reconstructing it really isn’t possible. I can probably manage the manga part, but the other part… not so much.

I need to buy a new water bottle. Scott’s sister gave me one in the fall of 2015, and it’s been slowly failing for months in terms of leaking. I can’t figure out how it can be half full and upright and still wick water up to cover the top of the bottle with a layer of water. I muddled along by putting it in a large ziploc when I needed to carry it with me in a backpack or totebag. Then, last week, I dropped the water bottle. I’d done that before, but this time, the outer case came off entirely. I couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to put things back together. The lid still attaches to the inner cylinder, so I can still use it, but it’s no longer attractive or insulated.

I want to shower today and to take out the recycling. I need to make a grocery list. If I can change our sheets, that would be very, very nice. I feel like there are more things that ought to be on my chore list, but I can’t think of them right now.

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