Feb. 24th, 2017

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I slept badly last night. I definitely have a cold of some sort. I’m keeping the symptoms under control with Sudafed, but it affected my sleep. I spent a good portion of the night rapidly cycling between being too warm and being too cold. By 'rapidly,' I mean no more than a few seconds at a time in either state. I didn’t have a fever (and still don’t), so I have no idea what that was about. I went in and out of dreaming that I could make myself feel better if I could just get through this list of— Well, I don’t remember what it was a list of. I just remember that I kept having to backtrack and do things over again.

I didn’t get Scott’s presents wrapped. I feel bad about that. He says it’s okay, but I know he likes opening things. I also didn’t get to answering emails. I’m not sure what I’m going to get done today because Scott’s home. I want to be adaptable to whatever he wants to do.

I didn’t feel like I could go forward with any of my current writing projects last night, so I wrote something that I don’t actually intend to finish for an ancient Weiss Kreuz prompt (it might be from the now vanished anonymous kink meme, but I don’t remember for sure). I’ve got about 2500 words of very nasty villain POV that doesn’t actually go anywhere and may or may not be in character for anyone involved.

The big difficulty I run into is wanting to write in the evenings and not being able to because Cordelia wants to cuddle. If she didn’t read everything on my screen, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I really don’t want her reading my darkfic rough drafts. I don’t want to lose the cuddling time. I really don’t. But I find myself itching to open a document and start typing.

I think I need to weed my list of prompts/things I might write some day. I’ve got 117 things on there, and I’m not going to write most of them. A lot of them are requests for exchanges where I’m interested in writing the fandom but don’t have any definite ideas and don’t know the potential recipients. I think I’m going to cut back to just the ones that are more definite in my head or that are for people I actually know. That’s likely to at least cut the list in half. Which will still mean that the list is full of things I’ll never write, but there will be things that I actually might start some day.
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Hm. Twice in the last week, things I’ve posted to DW have failed to crosspost to LJ. My most recent entry didn’t.

It’s not that DW is trying to crosspost and failing; when I go to edit those posts, the crosspost box isn’t checked even though it’s supposed to be the default for my posts and usually isn’t something I need to pay attention to. I’ve been able to edit the posts to get them to crosspost, but that’s something I shouldn’t have to do. I worry that I won’t notice something not crossposting.

Is anyone else having a similar problem?

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