Mar. 1st, 2017

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Scott texted me around noon yesterday to say that he expected to end up working late. He didn’t, fortunately, but I was more than a little worried because, by noon, I’d expended almost all of my physical energy on household chores and wasn’t even sure I’d be awake at dinner time.

I dealt with the dishes. I got the trash and recycling out. I did two loads of laundry.

I got a comment the other day on an old fic from someone who wants to use part of it as backstory for a fic in another fandom. I have nothing against that at all. I have a transformative works permission statement that very definitely includes that sort of thing, but the request makes me wonder if the person actually looked at my AO3 profile. Or does fannish etiquette require asking even when the author has a permission statement posted?

My transformative works permission policy has gotten too long for my AO3 profile, so I’ve posted it on my secondary DW account with a link from the AO3 profile. I really wish that the AO3 profiles allowed a little more text than they do.

My fanfic word count for February was 19128 which makes my year to date total 33666.

Last night involved more broken sleep. Part of that was coughing, and part of it was ongoing thunderstorms. I’m probably going to try to nap after I post this. I’m not sure I’ll manage a nap because I didn’t think about it when I had breakfast and had French onion soup which is fine if I’m going to be up and about but not so good for lying down.

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