Mar. 4th, 2017

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Cordelia dislocated her knee again tonight, so we're in the ER. She's terrified. She banged her knee on a chair while she was getting ready for bed.
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I think they're sending us home soon. Crutches, brace, follow up with orthopedics, probably PT.

She'll miss out on a birthday party laser tag thing tomorrow.
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We got out of the ER a bit before 3:00 this morning. Cordelia was hungry, so we went to IHOP and got carry out. I couldn’t eat it then because of needing to take my thyroid medication and because of needing to be able to lie down and sleep.

Cordelia slept on the side of our bed where I normally do. Scott slept on the couch. I slept where Scott normally does. Having Cordelia sleep on Scott’s side of the bed isn’t an option because the space between the bed and the dresser is far too narrow for crutches (I can only get in and out sideways). I don’t think this will work well once the work/school week starts, but it was okay for last night.

Cordelia seems to be able to put weight on the bad leg without problems. She’s using crutches so that it’s not her full weight.

We don’t have an orthopedics appointment for her yet. I’m hoping we can get one quickly because pretty much everything is on hold until then. I will have to walk her too and from school for as long as she’s on crutches because she can’t manage her viola on her own. Leaving the instrument at school might be an option once in a while, but she needs to practice.

The only up side that Cordelia can currently see is that she’s scheduled to start gym a week from Monday. This makes it very unlikely that she’ll have to participate this year, either.

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