Mar. 9th, 2017

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I was just fairly unwise. After I dropped Cordelia off at school, I looked at my Ingress map and decided that I would try to get to a portal I hadn’t ever hacked before. It didn’t look all that far away. And then there were two more portals close-ish, but they were in a cemetery, so I had to find the gate (which was open). By the time I got home, I’d been walking for an hour and fifteen minutes. My Achille’s tendon despises me, and my sinuses are very upset with me because it’s about 35F out there. My sinuses and lungs still consider that cold.

This was an especially foolish thing for me to do because I have a doctor appointment this afternoon and because our cleaning lady comes this afternoon. Oh, and I still have to pick Cordelia up after school. Fortunately, most of what I need to do in the next three hours, I can do sitting down.

But three new to me portals! Yea?

This morning, I pulled a bag down from the very top shelf of my closet. I’d been wondering what it was for quite some time, but I’m too short to put anything up there myself, so I knew it had to be something Scott had stored. It turned out to be a very old present intended for Cordelia. It has to have been up there at least six years because she hasn’t been interested in doll kitchen sorts of things in quite a long time. There was a Wii game in there, too, (an I Spy thing) and a DS game that Cordelia says she’s still interested in (some sort of Star Wars game).

Now I have to figure out who we know who’s between three and seven who might be interested in the doll kitchen set. The younger of our two nieces in Seattle might be, but shipping it would be expensive. There’s a little girl locally who’ll be three in May. That’s only two months. I’ll ask her parents. I haven’t seen them or her in quite some time, so I’m not sure if the gift is something she’d want or that they’d want her to have.

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