Mar. 10th, 2017

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My legs hurt a lot today, but the only thing I absolutely have to do today is going to pick Cordelia up from school.

The oncology appointment yesterday was pretty quick. The nurse practitioner I see is a little odd in that she wants to hug me hello and goodbye. It doesn’t bother me particularly; it just strikes me as a little weird because I’ve never had a medical professional who did that before.

Apparently Tamoxifen frequently causes muscle cramps that can result in tendinitis and also makes arthritis pain worse. The nurse practitioner said I need to stretch and massage my legs several times a day. She also said that the odd bleeding I’ve had is something that I ought to see my gynecologist about because it might be a symptom of a uterine polyp or of fibroids that will need to be dealt with. She thought that waiting until my scheduled appointment in late April might be okay, but that I should call the office and ask if they want me in sooner.

Cordelia has an appointment with the sports medicine people on Monday afternoon. Either Scott’s sister or her husband will come down to give us a ride. ([ profile] evalerie, the appointment is too late in the day for me to ask you.) I don’t want to do a cab because it would mean Cordelia having to put her bad leg in my lap which she says is very uncomfortable.

I’m still trying to pick a prompt to work with for that pinch hit. I’ve narrowed it down to three options, two prompts in one particular fandom and one original story prompt. Weirdly, I think the fanfic prompts will take more set up/world building than the original prompt would. I’m avoiding saying which exchange I’m writing for because anyone who knows me and looks at the pinch hits list will have a pretty good idea which one I grabbed. I’m almost completely certain that my recipient doesn’t read my journal or know me from Adam, but…
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Grrr. The sports medicine people just called to say that, oops!, they hadn’t actually looked at the referral from orthopedics and that Cordelia needs to see a surgeon rather than a regular doctor and that we can’t do that until the 30th. I feel like banging my head on something.

The 30th is a Thursday which, from Cordelia’s point of view, is the absolute worst day to have an appointment because of GSA.

Oh, and that’s Expo night, too, I think. Damn it. I may have to reschedule the appointment because, if surgery is the verdict, Cordelia’s not going to be capable of going to Expo. I’ve emailed her teachers to explain the situation. I’m not sure I actually care one way or another about Expo.

And my gynecologist does want to see me ASAP. She says some time on the 20th and that someone will call me to schedule more specifically. I really hope that that ends up at a time when I can get a friend or relative to go with me for moral support. I want to get that nailed down before I arrange for Cordelia’s PT, but I don’t know that I should wait on the PT.

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