Mar. 12th, 2017

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We dropped Cordelia off at her friend’s house at about 4:00. Then we picked up soup at Zoup and dropped off our library returns. We also did a small amount of Ingress.

Later in the evening, some folks from the other side in Ingress came through the neighborhood and knocked over most of the portals. I mourn the level 8 portal that was at the church down the street. We don’t get nearby level 8 portals very often.

Scott and I have spent most of our time listening the audiobook of The Daily Show book. It’s kind of fun and kind of sad to be reminded of all of this stuff. The book ends with the Zadroga bill business after Jon Stewart left the show. It’s almost all longish quotes from people who were involved in the Daily Show.

I’m not going to finish the DVD lecture series that I was hoping to return today. It’s not due yet, so that’s not terrible, but I’m only an hour and a half from finishing it and would like to be able to take it back. I have almost enough time. I think I’m going to be, at most, fifteen minutes from the end when we have to leave to pick up Cordelia and deal with errands and the library. If this were a book, I could finish it in the car, but DVDs are harder that way.

I wrote about fifty words last night on my pinch hit. I’m hoping to write more today, but who knows?

I’m a little annoyed with myself. I forgot to check off two things on my Habitica dailies, so my entire group took some damage. I just lost track of time and only remembered at about twenty minutes after midnight, too late.
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I am looking for a beta reader for my Small Fandom Big Bang story. It’s 10200 words, M rated, Chronicles of Amber, Merlin POV, Luke/Merlin, canon divergent AU (from when Merlin was imprisoned in the blue cave), and comes with a wall of warnings: gender fluid Merlin (due to shapeshifting); dubious consent (Merlin sets out to seduce Luke, but Merlin is Luke’s prisoner); threat of forced pregnancy; discussion of death and torture; angst; cousin/cousin sex; bondage; captivity; open ending; first person POV; unreliable narrator; technically adultery (Luke is married to someone he hasn’t seen since they were both children, an arranged marriage of alliance).

I am mostly looking for SPaG at this point, but I wouldn’t mind someone who’s willing to point out plot bobbles/contradictions. Canon knowledge would be a bonus but isn’t required. Scott (who does know the canon) has looked it over, and his only comment was that he thought Merlin was too uncertain about what his plans were.

I’m comfortable enough with what I’ve got that I’ll go forward with only Scott’s beta, but if this is a story that might appeal to anyone, I would appreciate a hand.

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