Mar. 15th, 2017

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I bought a new podium thingy for my laptop because my old one has gotten to the point that my laptop keeps slipping slowly off the front (I can still leave it overnight without it falling, but I worry), but the one I got (from Amazon) turned out to be too steep even at the lowest. The blurb said it started at 12 degrees of angle, and I’m terrible at judging angles, so I thought that would be close to what I’ve currently got. Sadly, it’s at least twice as steep in the lowest tilt position (I’m not absolutely convinced that it was really 12 degrees). What I’ve got now is exactly right for me to type without hurting my hands/wrist and without resting my wrists/arms on anything.

It’s also got protruding bits of metal to hold the laptop at the front to keep it from sliding off. Those stick out a good centimeter past the surface of my laptop and are right where my wrists want to be.

So I’m going to have to send back the new one. I’m a bit cranky about that. I’ve talked to Scott about the problem, but he’s kind of not interested in brainstorming solutions. I feel like it ought to be possible to keep using the old one if I can somehow increase friction between the pads and the bottom of the laptop because the problem seems to be that the plastic of those pads has gotten too smooth. Maybe duct tape?

Almost all of the podiums I saw online were flat and included fans that need to be plugged into the USB port in order to cool things at all. My current podium (which is no longer manufactured and out of stock) just lets air in under the laptop, and I think that works well enough. It’s also quiet and doesn’t drain my battery. So.

ETA: Amazon says they're refunding my $20 and that I don't need to return the stupid thing. I don't particularly want to pay postage to return it, but what on earth am I going to do with it? I suppose it's probably recyclable.

Scott agrees with me, though, that the thing I bought has a much steeper minimum angle than the advertised twelve degrees.
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It was very cold this morning, cold enough that I wasn’t willing to go a few yards out of my way to hack a portal on the way home. I wore my scarf and was very glad to have it. It was cold enough that the school let the kids inside to wait for the bell, something they very rarely do. It’s ten degrees warmer now, so I hacked a portal on the way to the school to pick Cordelia up.

There was only one large icy patch between here and the school. It ran a couple of yards, so I’m not sure I should call it large, but it covered the sidewalk from one edge to the other. On the way home, there was a fair amount of slush and puddles, so I’m a bit worried there will be more ice tomorrow. We’ve got about two and a half more hours of light, so some of it will dry up, but I worry that things will be nasty in the morning.

Scott went out to get pie last night at about 7:30 and ended up with a frozen French silk pie. He hadn’t thought things through well enough to realize that there wouldn’t be any pie left in the bakery section at the grocery store, and he wanted to be home in time to watch The Flash, so he couldn’t keep looking. I gave him the library bag just in case he had time to drop the books off, but he didn’t end up having time. At least he can drop the stuff off on his way home.

I napped for nearly three hours this morning. I was just draggingly exhausted. Sometimes, that’s still not enough for me to actually sleep, but it was this morning. I think there must have been a fair amount of wind because I kept hearing rattling sounds. It’s either wind or something living inside our walls which seems unlikely given that they’re quite thin and filled with blown insulation. My suspicion is that the wind was rattling the siding or some of the wires that come down the side of the house before they come inside.

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