Mar. 18th, 2017

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And we have more snow today. There’s not a lot of it, just enough to coat everything. At least, Cordelia doesn’t need to walk to school today. If there’s ice on the sidewalks, it mostly shouldn’t affect her.

Cordelia was out for about four hours last night. She says they only watched about half an hour of the movie (the Studio Ghibli Earthsea adaptation) because it was boring. There were only three of them there because the others all had scheduling conflicts. Well, no. One of the girls had to stay home because her parents were worried that the (small amount of) snow would combine badly with drunk drivers due to St Patrick’s Day.

I haven’t made any progress on my Fandom5K story this week, and I’m starting to worry. I know I have enough time to do it; I just can’t seem to focus and find a way into the story.

I’ve been using loops of duct tape, sticky side out, to hold my laptop on place on the old stand. That’s actually working well enough that I’m not going to keep looking for a replacement. Everything I looked at was focused on the ergonomics of viewing rather than the ergonomics of typing, and I am vastly more interested in the typing side.

I tried to nap this morning but couldn’t get my mind to shut down. I was completely relaxed physically, though, so maybe those two hours weren’t entirely wasted.

Cordelia has gone to see Beauty and the Beast with her friends. Scott is going to drop them off and go do the grocery shopping nearby. It means he probably won’t pick up my prescription today, but I’ve got enough left to get through tomorrow, so that should be okay.

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