Mar. 31st, 2017

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I started packing for my sleep clinic overnight tonight. Then the clinic called to ask if I could reschedule to Monday night and to a different location. I could, but it was sheer chance that it was possible. That is, if Scott weren’t on vacation all next week, it wouldn’t work at all. I’m hoping that the delay will give my back time to recover.

Expo was kind of tiring. I expected that, but I’d hoped there’d be ways of making it less so. Getting up and down the stairs was the hardest part. I wasn’t actually able to hear what Cordelia and the other two kids in her group were saying because there was a large table in the way of me getting closer and people in all the gaps where I might have gone around it.

The group had the battery they’d designed right next to their display about the Japanese internment during WWII. The bits of the presentation I heard didn’t go into the kind of depth that I’d expected. (I think my expectations were skewed by my having done a huge research paper on the topic during high school.) The kids didn’t address the fact that some of the internees weren’t US citizens and that that was because they weren’t allowed to naturalize. They didn’t talk about the internees losing all of their property or about several other things. I’m not sure if that’s because they had limited time or because they didn’t find that information.

On May 10th, the eighth graders will be visiting the high schools they expect to attend for about three hours of tours and what to expect talks. I can tell that I’m still cranky. I was irritated by the fact that the message about specifically mentions buses provided for the return trip but doesn’t say how the kids will get to the high schools. I’m also not happy that the plan is to have the kids eat lunch before they leave the school at 10:50 when their normal lunch period starts at 12:25. Cordelia’s usually very hungry by the time she gets home at 3:15, so I don’t much like adding an hour and a half to the time between opportunities to eat.

Scott had his annual check up today. He also has osteoarthritis in his hand. Right now, it’s only giving him trouble when he bumps it, but we’re not counting on that lasting.

I’m having persistent headache problems from spending so much time in bed. I thinks it’s part anxiety and part positional. It gets better when I sit or stand, but that makes my back worse.

iCal is still giving me problems. It crashes when I edit events. It eats events. Right now, it’s refusing to display any events at all and won’t let me click on anything or otherwise add events. I’ve quit and restarted the program twice. Restarting my entire laptop is the next option. Beyond that, I’ve lost a ton of information, some of it hard to replace.

ETA: Restarting worked. I'm just frustrated to have to do it so often.

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