Apr. 4th, 2017

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The sleep disorders clinic overnight went okay. I had trouble finding a position to lie in that didn’t make my back hurt enough to keep me awake. The mattress was harder than I’m comfortable with, so it left my body in a much different configuration than I’m used to. I ended up starting on my right side (which is generally my third choice position after back and left side) then switching to on my back midway through the night when I woke.

I had reflux issues through the evening but was okay when I lay down. I took Tums around 7:30 and an Ativan about 8:40. The Ativan helped more.

The technician forgot to let me get up to take my thyroid medication. I didn’t demand it because I had no way to know what time it was. The forgetting was understandable. The other patient she was monitoring ended up needing an ambulance at about the time I should have taken my medication. I took it immediately on getting up, and the timing ended up working out for that because Scott and Cordelia didn’t arrive until an hour later.

Scott and Cordelia picked me up, and we went to breakfast at the Northside Grill which is a diner about a mile from home. Scott and Cordelia had omelets, and I had potato pancakes. Cordelia was very grumpy at having been dragged out of bed so early.

I suspect that my biggest problems with the c-PAP will be odor and temperature. That is, when I breathe warm air, I parse it as stale. I can’t pull covers over my head to sleep unless I make sure I have an opening where I can get cooler air. The c-PAP air was warmer than the surrounding air by enough that part of me kept thinking I wasn’t getting breathable air.

We still don’t have a bedside table for me to put a c-PAP. That’s really urgent now. I don’t have a c-PAP yet, but I’m likely to fairly soon (depending on how many delays MedEquip throws in. Their reputation is terrible in that direction).

I’m really exhausted, so I’m probably going to post this, set an alarm (we have to be somewhere at 2:30), and see if I can sleep.
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I'm going to be shutting down my journal here, but I don't want to lose touch with all of you. I've gone through and found as many people as I can on DW and/or Facebook, but there are nearly forty of you who I couldn't locate or who, although you have a DW, don't use it. Anyone who I think I did find, I unfriended because, otherwise, I was never going to be able to keep track.

I'm the_rck on DW.

If you're on DW and I haven't followed you there and/or given you access, please let me know so that I can do that. I'm willing to give access to open i.d. accounts, too. You can reach me at Gmail as theredck or on AIM as estetnaoko. I'm on Facebook, but that's under my wallet name which I'm not going to list here.

If you aren't on DW and want to keep in touch, email is viable for me. Just drop me a line.

Right now, I'm working on importing my LJ to DW to get copies of the comments. Once that's done, I'll start deleting really old entries and closing comments on anything, apart from this post, that I don't delete. I plan to keep this post up until at least the end of the month (I need to be here that long because of posting for the Small Fandom Bang). I have already stopped cross posting.
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I’m not going to do the WIP Big Bang this year. I couldn’t pick something to focus on that really pleased me, and I don’t think I want to stick around LJ just for that.

I’m also not signing up for Night on Fic Mountain because I couldn’t come up with enough things that I’d be enthusiastic about writing. I could do it. I only need to offer five fandoms, and I nominated four, but… I rather suspect that only one of my nominees will get a request from someone not-me. That would put it 50-50 as to getting that or getting whatever makeweight fifth fandom I came up with.

Running down the list of things I possibly could write for Night on Fic Mountain without specifying titles )

Maybe Not Prime Time will work better.

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