Apr. 7th, 2017

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It snowed yesterday and is still quite cold today. I don’t think any snow stuck, but it was kind of disconcerting for April. Also, the folks two houses down were having a very, very tall tree taken down yesterday, and I really felt sorry for the crew doing it because it was rotten weather for it.

Of course, the noise of the tree removal started well before Scott and I had planned to get up, so we were a little cranky about that.

The next three weeks look really unpleasant. Four medical appointments next week, four the following week, and three the week after that. And that assumes nothing else has to be scheduled. Of course, if I cancel the PT for my back, two appointments a week go away, and my back is a good bit better. I just want to make sure it doesn’t get bad again, and maybe I can get them to address my hands and my tendinitis. It’s still two weeks before I can see my doctor about those last two. I just don’t know if the PT people can address problems that aren’t part of the actual referral or if insurance won’t pay for that.

Scott, Cordelia, and Cordelia’s best friend are making the rounds of the local thrift stores. Scott has texted me that the girls are buying a lot of stuff. He’s looking mostly at furniture, but he also found me a replacement laptop cooling stand that might well work.

I got the dishes done and baked a carrot cake (from a mix) while they’ve been out, but I didn’t get to the DVD I wanted to finish. I’ve got about half an hour left on that one, and I’m pretty sure Scott and Cordelia will be against me having it on while they’re in the living room.

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