Apr. 9th, 2017

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I wrote about 250 words last night, all on the Fandom5K story.

Scott apparently left a bag of groceries either at the store or in the trunk of the car yesterday. He noticed it because he was looking for the breakfast sausages he was sure he had bought. I actually asked him about it yesterday, but because of my wording, he assumed I was talking about something else. I don’t know why he’d think that sausages weren’t included when I asked why he hadn’t bought any meat, but he didn’t make the connection. We have no idea what else might have been in that bag. (Scott’s not yet dressed, so he hasn’t gone to look in the car. It’s been warm enough that anything needing freezing or refrigeration is a lost cause entirely, so there’s no hurry.)

I need to remind Scott that the bathroom sink badly needs its drain cleaned. I’ve mentioned it several times, but our cleaning lady seems to have thrown out the thing that we used to use for that, so we need to buy a new one. At this point, it takes five to ten minutes for even a relatively small amount of water to drain. This happens regularly, and it’s always hair caught in the drain.

I’ve got about half an hour left to watch of a movie due today. It’s just not something I can watch with Scott or Cordelia in the room, so I’m hoping that Scott will take his time showering because I would like to see the end before I have to take the dratted thing back. I’m also halfway through another movie that I’ve renewed several times, but I was able to renew it again, so that’s less urgent.

I’m trying to decide what I want to nominate for Not Prime Time. I’ve been watching the tag set to see how many things turn up that I actually could write. I think there are enough things at present for me to feel comfortable signing up, but I haven’t made a formal list, so I’m not absolutely sure. I made a list of things that qualify that I might consider nominating. I’m not vastly passionate about any of them, but they’re all solidly things that I enjoy. I think I need to separate out the things I would write but not request and the things I would request but couldn’t write from the things I could both write and request. But that feels like cat waxing just now.

We tried a new to us Japanese place last night, Umi Sushi. I didn’t really like my meal, but possibly if I’d ordered something else, it would have been better. I got a chicken teriyaki bento. The teriyaki sauce was gelatinous, and several items in the box turned out to be things I couldn’t safely eat. There was also a lot less in the box than I expected, based on the price. I considered sushi, but pretty much everything that I’d have been willing to eat otherwise contained cucumber which makes me quite sick, so… Not doing that.

I wanted to try their ginger ice cream, but Scott forgot that by the time we were at a point when we might have asked for it. He asked for boxes and the bill without consulting me even though I had been quite clear earlier that I wanted to try the ginger ice cream (I don’t think that me pointing to that part of the menu and saying, “Ooh! I want that!” is in any way unclear). There didn’t seem to be a way to point that out without being rude, and it left me cranky afterward.

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