Apr. 21st, 2017

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I still haven’t decided if I’m taking a cab to PT or not. I will be buying lunch out and did so yesterday and the day before, so saving that $11 may be a good thing. On the other hand, I’m probably going to be unhappy after the second appointment today even if all of the news is good. Less pain for my Achille’s tendon is likely to be a good thing.

The OT I saw yesterday was actually very helpful. She was completely focused on helping me figure out strategies for the activities I had on my list of things I need to do that I have trouble doing. She did conclude that the only thing to be done about my problems with writing by hand is to do it as little as possible. Everything we tried that was supposed to help amplified my hand tremor to the point that writing legibly was nearly impossible.

My doctor was glad that I came in because she wanted to be up to date on all of the things that the other folks I see have to say. She said she’d never heard of Tamoxifen causing the problems that I’ve had. It took a little discussion for me to realize that she wasn’t doubting that it had. She just had not run into it because she only has a handful of patients taking it and because it’s a rare-ish side effect in the literature (about 3%). She understands why I don’t feel like I can deal with Medequip right now but urged me to do it as soon as possible. She ordered a bunch of blood tests. Some of the results came in yesterday, and some aren’t in yet. Those that are in are all in normal range.

I got lucky on the blood draw and got someone who is really good at the process. It almost didn’t hurt at all even though we did like five vials.

The A-Ride got me to my OT appointment quite a bit early, but they didn’t have a later pick up time available in the schedule. I didn’t like the walk to Wolverine Tower much because it rained. I had an umbrella, but it was still annoying.

I had lunch at Totoro. That was good as always.

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