May. 7th, 2017

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I'm still frustrated with the c-PAP. It didn't burn last night, but it did hurt enough to keep me awake for hours. If I sit upright, the weight of the hose pulls things down enough that there isn't painful pressure on my nose and upper lip, but when I lie down, things get bad in both places. I think I can help the upper lip by wedging something between my lip and the apparatus. I have no idea what to do about the nose. Tugging very lightly on things relieves the painful pressure without breaking the seal, but it's not something I can do while I'm trying to fall asleep, and I'm kind of at a loss as to how to jury rig something that would do the job.

I have turned down the humidity from five to four and may take it down to a three. I feel pretty constantly like my nose is filling up at a five. A four is better but still not where I want to be.

I need to look at the manuals because the c-PAP turned itself off entirely two or three times early in the night. I hadn't touched it, so I really can't think what might have happened. I was both relieved and cranky when I figured out that that was why it very suddenly got really, really hard to breathe through my nose. The machine is so quiet that I can't rely on hearing any sort of change.

My mother will arrive in a little bit. We're planning to go to brunch/lunch. Cordelia needs to be back here by 1:00 because one of her friends will arrive then so that they can go to an orientation session together. That's at 2:00 and only a ten minute walk away from here, but I think they're worried about being late. Mom might stay for dinner after Cordelia comes back from orientation, but it will depend on the weather. She's not comfortable driving after dark or in bad weather. It's sunny now and is supposed to stay that way, but...

Scott and Cordelia both really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Scott said it might be his favorite MCU movie so far which is pretty high praise from him.

I did no writing or editing yesterday. I'm not sure I will today, either, because of my mother visiting and because I'm still exhausted and cranky due to poor sleep.

After I got up to take my thyroid medication this morning, I didn't put the c-PAP rig back on. I was hoping to get some normal-for-me sleep to balance out the terrible sleep I'd gotten earlier in the night. I don't think I managed much, but I did dream vividly about used book sales offering books I desperately want to read but that don't actually exist. This sort of dream is not particularly rare for me and goes back even to elementary school, but I always wake up wishing that I has those books.

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